Penske: It's been couple years. You hit on me at gas station getting coffee. I wasn't available then but now I am. You're probably gone but will put this out there. I hope to hear from you.

Cupcake angels: Last Friday I was working a case outside HOC that took a few hours. In that time I observed a few lovely smiling ladies who work for Catholic Charities handing out hundreds of cupcakes to Spokane's most needy individuals. For hours, boxes of delicious treats were passed out with smiles to people who are struggling in unimaginable ways. I asked the ladies if the treats were donated or leftover and where they came from. The ladies told me Sweet Frostings Bakery bakes 1,800 cupcakes a week to donate to Spokane's homeless population. This made me extremely proud to live in Spokane. Way to be awesome everyone.

Caught eyes at Muv North: Wednesday the 6th, I started my workout. You were two treadmills away and you looked over at me. I smiled but looked away, not wanting you to think I was some perv trying to watch you. You finished your treadmill and moved to the stair stepper in front of me. You turned around and we caught eyes three times. Not sure if you thought I was staring or if you simply noticed me too. You finished and went to the weights. I saw you once more then you were gone. I finished my workout and went to the sauna. To my surprise, there you were. Now you're in a bikini and believe me, I noticed, but tried again not to stare. We caught eyes again. You were listening to some political thing in your headphones and you left, leaving a towel and a jar behind. The guy next to me stopped you and you said you'd be back, which made me very happy. I couldn't get up the nerve to talk to you but hope I meet you again sometime. I think you're amazing and would do anything to meet you.

It's Been Two Decades: I saw you as I was running by the Manito duck pond on Friday June 8. You were walking your bike as you leisurely strolled with an older woman. Our eyes met briefly and I recognized you immediately. I wish I would've stopped to say hello. You've crossed my mind occasionally throughout the years, but it's strange because I saw someone yesterday who reminded me of you, so I feel as though I conjured this sighting of you. If you want to catch up email me at

Taco Bell Babe: I saw you at the Taco Bell up North on Sunday 6/10. You were wearing sage green and seemed to be enjoying your weekend with gusto! I loved your smile and curls. Next time time, the chalupas are on me ;)

The Missing Silver Spoon: Dear Marie. Your birth record silver spoon was found a while ago against the south curb of the 1700 block East 57th Avenue. It must have fallen from a vehicle. Etched on the handle is: birth record of Marie, March 11, 1965. Maybe you or a relative with proper identification may retrieve it at the Inlander.

Wait!!!!!: I miss you! I read your notes with teary eyes hoping some day I will get a reply. Not a day goes by where my thoughts don't drift to you. In many ways you were my dream come true. I dream of location, of life, of joy, of shopping and the Opera, of laundry and toys. I miss you so much it still pains me to this day. One moment you were next to me and the next you went away. I reread out notes and envision our thoughts. Love never forgotten is not for naught.

Dimples: Watching you giggle at the predictable stupid parts of movies and deeply enjoy hastily bought treats are two of my favourite things in the whole world. Your smile, dimples and eye crinkles are what I live for.

Sushi Date: I really enjoyed our faux sushi and Hawaiian date last night. Sushi, Historical Comedy TV and time spent with one of my favourite people is the best way to head into a week. I love you more.

Bus Seat Hoggers: To the bus riders who are not seniors, not disabled, yet take up the front seats of the bus reserved for such people. Worse, they fill other seats with their backpacks so no can sit there. One woman refused to move her bag so I could sit. I pointed out the seniors rule. She said she was 55. I said was 65 and why are you giving me attitude? I just want to sit down. She grabbed her bag and clutched it to her chest like she was afraid I was going to rip it off and turned her back to me til I reached my stop. Another time, a white dude, 40ish, was sitting up front, had his electric guitar (no case) on one seat and a bag of stuff on another, sitting in the middle with his legs splayed wide, arms crossed, taking up three seats. He gave me that arrogant, f-ck you look as I stood and stared at him. I'm Latino. Some of us have fought too long and hard not to sit at the back of bus. These are just two examples of many I encounter daily. My message to them is if you're so damn anti-social don't use public transportation.

Jeers to All the Transplants and Infrastructure Planners: Spokane Traffic Should Not Be Like Seattle's Yes, our area population is rapidly exploding into a massive ball of poop. For the past several months we've experienced that the 3:30-7:30pm eastbound traffic on I-90 holds similar characteristics to Seattle's core-outward phenomena. This involves massive jamming, which stretches all the way westward past the Grove Rd. exit; sometimes as far as the Medical Lake exit. Stupid!!! The origin of the jam is a combination of: 1) Terribly incompetent traffic control in the Spokane Valley, 2) the infiltration of smartphone-addicted Liberty Lake millennials who cannot understand the concept of carpooling, and 3) Idiot, inattentive drivers colliding with other buttholes who are otherwise distracted. We drive from Cheney to the GU neighborhood every afternoon around 4 or 5 pm. In the mornings to Cheney, our commute is no more than 35 minutes. Coming back, the drive takes over an hour. People, get the Valley shit figured out, especially out in Liberty Lake. Don't move to our area hoping to bring your huge city crap with you and "accepting" that highway jams are normal. Besides this... Learn to carpool!! ♦

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