I Saw You

Week of July 12

Mulch buyer at Home Depot: I saw you as you were checking out on Monday. Turned out I was parked next to you and I kept glancing at you as you unloaded your shopping cart. I should have offered to help you with the bags of mulch. You were driving a gray Acura SUV... or maybe a Lexus? I'm not too good with car emblems and I didn't want to stare more than I already was. I'd love to have a cup of coffee with you. Hoping you see this and post a message in response.

To the babe at the Bartlett: To the buzzcut babe enjoying the Posies at the Bartlett: I love your look. Your utilitarian hairstyle combined with that sleek, snug dress is such a great look for you. Your smile was the frosting on the beater. You're beautiful.

Beauty at Valley Fred Meyer: You were wearing a black and white sleeveless button up top and had long dark hair. I was wearing a long black skirt and black T-shirt musing over the cheese case when you walked in and took my breath away. I thought you were just so stunning! I would love to talk to you! poetcrzy@gmail.com

I saw you in the aisles: I saw you wandering the aisles of the north Trader Joes on Sunday July 8. You were leaning against a structure pole holding a single tomato. You sarcastically asked if I "come here often." Well, the answer is no, but I would visit the store more if it meant spending time with you. I was wearing the floral summer dress, getting margarita and nacho supplies. Maybe we can grab drinks after a shopping trip sometime?

Hoopfest to Poopfest: This is a Cheer and a Jeer. I love Hoopfest. It is a family event that crosses all generations, racial divides and brings the community together. This event succeeds because Business owners and operators are willing to shutdown the streets of the core on the second largest city in Washington. Yes, for many, the two days of Hoopfest is a financial bonus. And yes, a few find that access prevents them from benefiting. We all can be proud to claim Spokane home, location of the Worlds Largest 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. However... I work at a Spokane parking garage. I have been yelled at, cussed and even assaulted. I have been in this city for 27 years. In that time it has become obvious that many of you HATE having to pay for parking. Whether at a meter, outdoor or enclosed parking lot. Grow up. This is the second largest city in the state. Get it? If you do not want to pay for parking, live in the city of Tekoa. Either accept it, take a bus, or don't participate. Follow and read signs designed to keep you and your family safe. Don't be stupid. If you and your children are standing on an active garage exit ramp and staff asks you to move, move. Don't flip a lot of crap to the employee. We are trying to protect our jobs, employers, ownership and mostly you. If you have small children, prepare. Don't tell the child to drop and poop on the sidewalk where people are watching the game. (This actually happened.) Walk the 20 feet to the Port-a-Potty.

How to Change Congress: Cheers to all the folks who have their Lisa Brown yard signs on display. But if you really want to support her campaign to change our ineffective Congress, you'll have to do more than put out a sign. Lisa isn't taking any money from corporate PACs, so she's depending on contributions from people like you and me to get her message out. You can also volunteer in many different ways, from writing postcards to making phone calls to knocking on doors. Go to lisabrownforcongress.com, or visit campaign headquarters at 1507 E. Sprague. Thanks for being a concerned citizen and getting involved!

Law Breakers: I've only lived in Spokane for a few years but I've already become aware that there seem to be few penalties for breaking the law. One of many examples is the law breakers on Upriver Drive. Although the speed limit is either 30 or 35 mph, many low life scumbag fools pass cars that are obeying the laws. Sometimes they pass illegally on double lines or even on the right side (motorcycles) and often they give the typical obscene finger sign that bespeaks their low IQ. So, where is law enforcement? Where are the tickets? Let's make this great city some money. Please step up law enforcement and issue tickets to these low lifes. Look for the illegal mufflers also that these tiny penis boys operate.

Getting hot in here: July 1st: Bus fares went up and on most Spokane Transit buses, it seems, the AC has been turned off. Calling to inquire about this, the response by STA has been: "The use of the AC is up to the individual discretion of each bus driver." Seriously?! Bus drivers have their own very large window and a small circulating fan for their personal comfort, while the bus windows and the roof exhaust vents are being kept closed. What is this, punishment to the riders who are paying their salaries? For those riders who may have complained about it being too cold on buses, you can always add layers. Public Decency Laws only allow us to strip down so far — and thank Heaven for that, as some things just can't go unseen! Come on STA. Have a heart for those of us faithful patrons who have breathing and other health situations which need AC in enclosed spaces. Thanks to fellow passengers for their tolerance and understanding.

Jaywalker at Sprague: & Browne Jeers to me for losing my temper and honking at you, but double jeers to you for leisurely strolling across Sprague when the crosswalk signal clearly said "Don't Walk." Traffic signals are not open for interpretation. "Don't Walk" means just that. It means "don't walk now because the automobiles currently have the right of way." Hey, I get it that sometimes it's not your turn to cross but you're in a rush and can't wait. Well then, hustle your ass across the street! Sauntering across the road like it's a lazy Sunday afternoon at Manito Park is not OK.

RE: Shameful tipping: I agree servers should make a living wage like the rest of us and not be dependent on tips but until they happens, they are. The way the law is set up at the moment, we the customers are responsible for a majority of the server's wage. You said if the servers don't like it, they can go to college and "get a career like the rest if us." What makes you assume they aren't in college? Even if they weren't, who would serve us our food if all the servers quit their jobs for careers? Go lobby for servers to make a living wage, but don't blame them for the law and certainly do not blame them for their depencence on tips to be able to eat and have a roof over their head. ♦

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