I Saw You

Week of July 19

Sommelier at Crave Event: I've never done this and wouldn't know how you'd get in touch, even if you happened to see it, but I was the guy with long hair and a bandana at Crave on Sunday. I apologized for my friend's behavior and I asked you what the difference between sparkling wine and Chardonnay was. I wish I asked for your number.

RE: hoopfest to poopfest: Dear 27-year Spokanite. Thanks for your insight on the subject of lack of parking for "the second largest city on WA". I have lived in Spokane more than twice your presence here. And no we don't like paying for parking. We shouldn't have to pay for parking. Except big business/ and Diamond Parking have changed all that. Because you CAN make money on parking, you should. This is definitely BIG CITY thinking. Spokane is the largest little city you will ever experience. Although we have the size, thanks to all the transplants, we don't have the jobs, or the capacity, or the amenities a city with all the voters, say Seattle, has. I bet if you chance to encounter parking in Seattle, you'll lighten up on those of us tired of seeing growth with no benefits in Spokane.

Cheers to the Wilson Team: Kudos to Dave Wilson and his team of volunteers for doorbelling every night and afternoon to spread the word on his running for State Representative 6th District! Dave is out there every night also after days filled with meetings and fund raising activities. I have not had anyone else (especially the candidate) knock on my door. Keep up the good work, you Wilson Warriors! And good luck to a great team!

Brave woman that works at the car lot on Ruby: A huge cheers to the woman that ran out into traffic with me to try and save two very scared chihuahuas that were darting in, out and under cars monday afternoon. You were awesome! I'm so glad you were able to catch the one. You are also very brave reaching under that car to grab a scared chihuahua of all things (it would of been less scary to pull a pit bull out from there)...Im really sorry you got bit. I hope it wasnt too bad. A huge thank you for going out of your way to save that little girl. I'm so glad you were there.

Love U Miss U Want U: I never wanted you to stop loving missing you and wanting. I'm sorry I pushed you away I am so scared with everything going wrong. I knew I was losing you too. And it hurts knowing that everything is going to be gone and it was just easier to make them be gone by choosing it than accepting it. We have our ups and downs but I will always love you, miss you, want you. Forever and always yours A.N.W. Yes, i know that's s long time but time has stopped without you.

Landlord: Jeers to the landlord who has given me walking papers because I'm not the best housekeeper. You kicked 3 others for the same reason but you will not get rid of the meth dealer in the building who has traffic every day. Can you say HYPOCRISY?

No Lions Beer Garden: Thanks to the powers that be at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Board and the County Commisioners, 38 years of serving beer to raise money for Spokane Central Lions community service projects (scholarships, glasses, hearing aids, holiday food baskets, diabetes, etc.) has come to an end. The booth is being run by an out of state beverage business for profit to themselves. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years!

Spokanites, Unite! Jeers to all those transplants, from say California, Idaho, Alaska that move, yes MOVE to specifically Spokane, purchase a vehicle HERE, then when it comes time to license your vehicle, you license it in the state you're from originally. But...you LIVE in Spokane. But your vehicle license says otherwise. This...for whatever excuse you've chosen to adopt, is illegal. If you are gonna live here, and drive the roads, pay the price, or go home.

Divisive ads won't help, Cathy: Jeers to Cathy McMorris-Rodgers for her most recent attack ad in which she disparages her opponent using the most disgusting slur one can imagine: Liberal. When did this word become an insult? It's unfortunate that you've chosen to use the word as a slur, when it's anything but. We're proud of our desire for justice and accountability from our government, especially in the face of the most corrupt administration since the early 1900s. You have smeared Lisa Brown for raising taxes when you just recently supported awarding corporations with our tax dollars. At least we got something when Lisa did it! On women's issues you're stunningly silent, but you're supposed to be some kind of leader in the GOP? Give me a break. I'm not even going to mention how the tariffs hurt your district, I'll let Lisa slam you if you ever find the guts to debate her.

A Humble Collection of Very Important Jeers...: 1) People in line at the supermarket: be kind — and friendly — to the employees, they deserve it. They don't need to hear how shitty your day has been, nor your opinion on food prices or politics. 2) Millennial parents: get off your screens and spend time with your kids. They need it. 3) Overly fast and excruciatingly slow drivers: do us all a favor and travel, at least close to, the posted speed limit. 4) Snobs: shut up about less fortunate people, hippies and liberals; we put on our pants the same way you do. 5) Ageists: This is a free country. We can visit any business we want to, even if the customer base is 99 percent "young professionals." Lastly, 6) Dear Stupid People: quit using your goddamned dumbphones while driving. You can pull over or wait until you arrive at your destination. The lives of innocent people are far more precious than your Kardashian news stories

CMR Team Trying hard to win?: Jeers to the CMR team for taking down other people's political signs along Hatch Road. The signs are not even Lisa Brown's or the same race! Yet, the team takes all the signs down in prime areas and plasters around 7 signs in a short area. Does no one want them in their yards? Is this the only thing you can do with all the signs you made? One to three signs up that road are enough. Give it up, CMR!

Bartender Behaving Badly: Jeers to the blonde bartender on July 14. When I politely tried to let you know that my friend had ordered chicken strips and not the cheeseburger you had served her, you cut me off and began yelling at me. You insisted that you knew what she ordered, accused me of lying, and ultimately made us leave. Never in my life have I been treated or seen any paying customer treated that way. The rest of my afternoon I spent in shock at your behavior. Now I feel a bit sorry for you that you publicly displayed what a hateful snatch you are to a bar full of people. My advice to you, learn some class!

Bogus Politicians: Jeers to Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her new ads targeting "Liberal" Lisa Brown. Can't you highlight your qualities, goals, plans and community involvement instead of bashing your opposition? You use the word "Liberal" multiple times, sounds like Trump talking, which is obviously not good. The only thing I take away from your ads is that you grew up in a small town, good for you. Honestly, the Saved by the Bell-themed hate ad against Lisa actually makes me want to vote for her more, nice job with that, good production on that ad for sure. You've been in office way too long with minimal impact, please leave Eastern Washington alone and put it back in the hands of somebody who cares. ♦

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