I Saw You

Week of August 9

Left Leg Tattoos: You were with your son at Home Depot in Liberty Lake on Sunday. He was having a hard time steering a shopping cart and you commented to me about it. I love the tats. If you see this, let me know if you're interested in getting together for a cup of coffee or a drink. You can find me on CL missed connections :).

Beautiful at Pride CDA: I saw you sitting on a picnic table at CdA Pride over near the booth with all the purple. I was with my kid pushing his stroller, probably wearing a black shirt. Why has it taken me this long? I can't get that smile out of my head, and I should have offered to take you to do — anything really! If you're out there, if you're single, I'd love a shot to see that smile again. Let me try to put it there.

Let's play the game honestly: You called for a rally to have a voice against hate. I applaud you for that. I rallied with you! But handing out fliers with scripts based on lies to the crowd to strike fear in the elected you want to force out is as cowardly as the hate you rally against. Don't emulate the problem, be the solution!

Looking for Carolyn Sue?: RGS, I'm sure that I am not the only person with the name Carolyn Sue. It is true that I will soon be moving out of state. I regret that I do not recognize your initials. Solve the mystery for me. I need more information regarding your identity. gcountry@yahoo.com.

Man child in love you: The most beautiful young lady sweating to pho and pizza and still having the prettiest eyes and kindest smile. Me: The handsome man-child hanging on every word and knowing I will always buy you chocolate covered almonds. I cant believe how lucky I am to have met you.

Turtle hermit: We met at Crave on Saturday the 4th. I noticed your DBZ fillers you were wearing and said the symbols' name. You bowed to my knowledge of the anime and I met your "brother." We should get together and talk more. butterpopcorn8@yahoo.com

My wonderful neighbor: The biggest cheer ever to my wonderful neighbor, Molly, who so generously steps up to help the most unfortunate dogs — the latest being Otis, who was an abandoned, wild and crazy dog living on the streets of Los Angeles and who was brought to Spokane in hopes of finding him a home. Well, he's still wild and crazy, only now he's loved by Molly. As your neighbor, I love him from afar and love to watch the two of you interact. Thank you, Molly, for your kindness and generosity to Otis (and Emmett and Murray).

Thank YOU: I am struggling. This week has been one of the worst of my life. Illness, lies, betrayal and more. You put up with my antics and have helped me through the mess despite your own stress. I love you. I owe you the world and more.

To Bubbers: I love our Sunday noodle dates. Your tipsy giggles as you try to maneuver chopsticks after too much wine are my favourite. I love your excitement about eggs in ramen and your devilish grin when you are giddy with drink and laughter. And even though we have had a rough weekend... I love you, bubbers.

Thanks for not hitting me: On my way to work going across Monroe heading east on Everett this morning, sun in my eyes, tears in my eyes thinking of my daughter passing. I looked but in my blind-spot between the windshield and the door frame there you were. Thank you so much for honking your horn at me. I apologize, I truly didn't see you. I pulled over to regain my composure, after a crying fit and a lot of prayers; I was on my way. Thank you!

Thanks again: I walked into Safeway on market street awkwardly lugging 20 lbs worth of baby and car seat. You noticed and decided to grab me a shopping cart. Your simple act of compassion honestly blew me away. That is the first time anyone has done that for me. The fact that you even thought of doing that was awesome. So, cheers to you and thank you again. You made my world a little brighter.

Shade where it's needed: Sunday, July 29, 1 pm Northwest Blvd Safeway, white GMC pickup with a black bed liner parked on the far west slot in front of the store. 91 degrees with no shade in sight and your sweet brown dog in the back of the pickup. I went into the store and when I came out he was panting as hard as a dog can pant. I wrote down your license and reported it to Safeway. I had to leave as I was picking up my mother at Walgreens. I came back and the information lady was verifying the info I had written down. I told her time was of the essence and she needed to get on the microphone soon. What is wrong with a person who would leave an animal in 91 degree heat with no shade? At least he wasn't in the truck... I would have broken a window to get him out. Are you really that clueless? PLEASE for the sake of all things holy. Do not leave your animals to suffer in this heat... NO WHERE, NO HOW. He was a sweet little dog who was needlessly suffering because you left him to suffer. I hope you see this jeers and learn something.

Re: Jaywalkers need tickets too: Learn how to walk. It's a shame that Washington state was incompetent enough to give a bad driver like you a license to drive and as you say, potentially cause "injury or death." Put down your smartphone dumbass! What does purple or plaid people have to do with physics? You mention two different locations where you have a problem. Why aren't you more alert at these places? "Throwing yourself across the street"? Get out of your car and learn how to walk.

Microwaving bagels: Coffee stands. I'm really not sure when it become socially acceptable to microwave bagels instead of toasting them in a toaster. But I am here to say that it is not. Please stop with this soggy/stale madness. Eating a bagel that has been microwaved is like chewing on a wad of wet paper towels. Basic cooking chemistry is that when you toast bread it releases sugars inside if the bread which is why toast is so awesome in the first place. ♦

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