I Saw You

Week of August 16

Big chances at Big Lots: I saw you in Big Lots on Monday afternoon. You were shopping with a friend. I came around a corner and caught you off guard and you gave me an awkward smile. We met again at the register and you explain the awkward smile and I offered to buy you a drink we laughed and I left. The offer still stands if you are interested. Meet you at Big Lots next Tuesday afternoon about 4 and we can go from there.

Northpointe flat tire: Big cheers to Josh from R'nR who helped out with a flat tire at Northpointe Plaza this Sunday, the 12th! Your kindness is much appreciated. Hope it comes back your way!

Doggy booties: Cheers to the young woman at the Garland Street Fair who had so thoughtfully put booties on her dog's feet to protect them from the searingly hot pavement that day. Ah, that the numerous others I saw being pulled along in the hot sun, at the mercy of their preoccupied and clueless owners, might have been so fortunate.

Who You Gonna Call?: To the awesome Silverwood employee who found my phone I left on a bench in a harried hurry: Thank you so much! I was so upset I had left it, thinking someone had stolen it since it was tracked to Aftershock, where I knew I had not been. My father in law passed last year and I have a lot of irreplaceable photos and videos on there of him that made me heartbroken to lose. Thank you so much! You rock!

Yea Voters: Cheers to all the primary voters! Oh no, you're not ready for the Nov. 6 general election? Get registered pronto, it's easy. Bring ID or WA Driver's License to a fire station or public library before Oct 8 or google "Spokane County register to vote" for other easy options. Your vote counts!

Wasting donations?: Over the past week, I have received THREE Jenny Graham flyers in my mail. Do Republicans think this is a good use of donations? It is a waste of money! She is never out doorbelling and has called in sick to several meetings to meet with other candidates and constituents. Where are her volunteers? Other candidates doorbell and wave signs — but not Jenny Graham. She just mails out the same flyer three times! Ridiculous! It is a waste of voters' donations.

Supporting racism: You were kneeling in your "Stand for the Anthem, Kneel for the Cross" T-shirt in the front row of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral. A catchy phrase, but self-contradicting. Kneeling, by the phrase's own admission, is respectful. The athletes who kneel for the anthem carefully chose this most respectful pose to highlight the devastating effects of ongoing racism in our country. By wearing that shirt, you fell for a distraction to shift our attention from racism to respect for veterans. Veterans are not disrespected by kneeling during the anthem, but they are by the NFL's response. Veterans upheld our freedoms to express our views peacefully and the NFL owners' response shows that they lack the same courage as our veterans. While your shirt is also a peaceful protest of athletes who kneel, by wearing it you disrespect those who continue to be victimized by racism, and now by being silenced.

Ugliest tat in the world: Thanks to the man who completely ruined my self esteem, who made my worst nightmares come true by giving me the most horrific tattoo. It was so beautiful to begin with and then you went back over your old work and completely ruined it because you lost my original work, and you appeared intoxicated. You've blocked me off all social media and won't contact me or respond to my messages. You know you messed up and won't admit to your actions. So unprofessional and it's honestly sad how much $$ I poured into you, all the business I brought to you and you just destroyed me when I trusted you. I hope karma hits you hard you steamy dog turd. You know who you are...

CMR Smears Out Again: Isn't it just a miracle! that out of all the millions needing healthcare, Cathy McMorris Rodgers managed to find one person who would get on camera in time for an election to claim that by some random event she managed to arrange a face-to-face meeting and get an instant OK for life-saving treatments, when before that treatment was being denied by her insurance company... Hmmmm, looks like what we call here in the hood sus-pi-cious. That said, your TV ads calling your more-than-qualified-than-you opponent "Dangerously Liberal" is more Trump Speak, which, by the way makes it obvious that you side with party over your own countrymen. Be gone sooner rather than later for the good of all of us and book a flight to Moscow. I hear the ice fishing and vodka are pretty OK.

Cinder Parking Lot Wheel: Chair Jeers to me. I was backing out of the Cinder parking lot downtown only looking over one shoulder, you were in a wheel chair and I backed into you. I am so grateful that I didn't injure you. I pulled the rubber tire back over your wheel and you said that you were fine and that your chair was too, gave you some cash and watched you wheel away and all seemed okay. I feel so terrible and I would like to buy you a new chair if it starts to not work properly. Please, please email me at cinderparkinglot@gmail.com and I will meet with you to take you to buy a new one, or bring you a new one whatever is easiest for you. My deepest condolences.

Library vandalism: I borrowed a newly published book after waiting on the reserves list. A previous borrower had folded the upper corner of almost every page, rather than use a bookmark. This is vandalism! You can easily make a bookmark from an old envelope, a grocery receipt, a postcard! Don't abuse the privilege of borrowing free. Other people don't have the good system we have.

Rules for dummies: Spokane seems to have many bad (and dumb) drivers. Many seem to enjoy honking and showing the middle finger to those who actually respect the laws provided for safety. Here is one example for those of you who have a driver's license but are too stupid to understand the laws. When at a red light, it's legal to turn right. However, this can only be accomplished if one has come to a complete stop behind the white line and ascertained there is nobody driving through the intersection or a pedestrian crossing the street prior to beginning the turn. If the driver deems it unsafe, he/she isn't required to turn right on red. In fact, doing so and causing injury to another person may be a criminal offense. To the impatient assholes who don't understand this rule and insist on honking and providing their inferior middle finger to the driver who doesn't want to get into an accident, please let it be only you that gets into the accident and is arrested for criminal recklessness. Also, your obscene gestures are lame. ♦

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