I Saw You

Week of September 6

Summer has gone: Saw you at Snoops and I know it's a long shot, but I know we connected all I wanted to hear (from you not your blocker friends ) is your not interested in me. Single? Carson. Real. Not an alias.

Hey, Creep: You: Small man syndrome, driving your mom's (grandma's?) red Subaru Forester down Ash past Northwest while you were beating her up. I heard her screams, so did everyone in the other cars around us. I called you out on it then, loudly, and I want you to know, you waste of skin, that you were witnessed. And I want her to know that we saw and heard everything and she is not alone. Karma is a harsh mistress, little boy; you'll get yours.

Pigout Knockout: I saw you at Pig Out in the Park on the 1st. You were pushing a preschooler and wearing a toddler. Your muscles were bulging out from the rolled sleeves of your dress shirt and you were navigating the crowd with ease. I was hypnotized by your brown curls and sly smile. Talk about a hot dad bod!

Good Samaritan Fountain: I'd love to send a BIG CHEERS to the house near 39th and Manito for their refreshing water fountain installment. That little watering hole has been my saving grace for my run up the bluffs and down the boulevard all summer. Seriously some of the best sips from a spigot I've ever tasted. Also, nice touch with the dog dish drain catcher. Double cheers from my dog Ruby!

A hero for recovery: The truth is, there is a girl that is a good friend of mine who I just have to say is heroic because to recover from drugs is not an easy thing. Friday August 31st marks 12 months of recovery for her. The attributes that define a hero are to be hopeful, serious and to have a strong act of faith. And this girl is a single mom with two children and another one on the way. After she has been addicted for the longest time, she has continued to heal everywhere along the way even when others did not want to help themselves. She also found herself a job which all in a 12 month preceding a felony is not easy. I will not tag her and I will not say her name here because I want to respect her feelings about being in the spotlight on public media. But what I do wanna say to her is that after all she has been through, in the end she is a superstar because the odds work against you if you make a mistake in life. This defines a hero. And when you struggle the way she has to get back up on your feet, you begin to appreciate the challenges life presents you. At this point, she's maybe even more than just a friend to me because there is one thing I like about her and it is that she is strong and she is willing to seize anything difficult that comes her way.

Hero of the Day: Shout out to my buddy Megan at Mullen branch Dutch Bros, she's the shizz nizzle from whizzletown!

2 Cheese Please: Thank you for traipsing all over town to find me that fancy cheese and the Reese's ice cream. You are my favourite forever.

5th Street Saint: To the Saint on Fifth Street who stepped up big time to help two total random strangers. Due to my idiocy of not strapping items down in my pickup truck, I lost some furniture on the side of I-90 (jeers to me for being a bozo). My wife and I were freaking out, not sure if we would be able to retrieve said furniture when a fellow approached us offering assistance in terms of ladders and an extra pair of hands. With his help, we did recover our furniture from the side of the freeway. I tried to pay the gentleman for his help, but he refused. He looked me in the eye and said "pay it forward, man." I'll do my best to do hold up my end of the deal, sir, thank you.

Smokin' Hot: Thanks to the folks on I-90 westbound, between Pines and Argonne exits, who told me my engine was "smokin' really bad!" You probably saved my Subaru's motor... thank you so much!

Not My Republican Party: As a Republican, I am appalled that our candidate for the 6th Legislative District has aligned herself with the Patriot Prayer band (a scary alt-right group) and Matt Shea. I do not believe this represents my values as a GOP member and as a citizen of Eastern Washington. I urge all my fellow Republicans to consider voting Democrat in this particular race. This is NOT my Republican Party anymore if we align ourselves with such groups.

Woman issues: To the grown man who called me a "stupid effing B" and continued to yell at me and give me driving lessons (making sure not to avoid the fact I am a woman) on the Maple Street exit after swerving to avoid an accident; You disgust me. I hope your mother never hears you speaking to women like that, and may you find peace with whatever is making you truly that angry inside. It will not get you far. Try respect.

You Can Do Better!: Property Managers of Medium & Small Malls! You Can Do Better! 10:30 on Monday morning my purse was ripped out of my car as I parked the cart 20 feet away. I turned. I saw the thief with my fanny pack walking determinedly to his girlfriend's car — ready to pull out! I went up to the car and only because I stepped back quickly did not get run over! Police were immediate and thorough! Very helpful. But only a few cameras mounted in this busy little mall, and only some working! WHAT?? Credit cards. Subaru key. Licenses: All gone. But for me a bit of luck as the credit union camera was on, right where thieves were parked... Luck. How about some of your PR ad money gets spent on customer safety with MORE working cameras!!!

Nonsense: I try to be reasonable. But you Americans just insist on dragging me down. Why? Next time you're out, lighten up and if you want protect a friend, at least keep their opinion in mind. ♦

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