I Saw You

Week of September 13

When Green Met Blue: I saw you at the North Sonic on Friday the 7th. I was wearing a green get-up and you looked fantastic in pale blue. You picked up some of my favourites and we made jokes about how awful LaCroix is. I think you have great taste. Maybe we share some other interests too? Maybe I will see you next shopping trip? I can't get your smile and those dimples off my mind.

The star with Starmix: I saw you at the Hamilton Safeway on Sunday the 9th around 8:30 pm. You were picking up Margarita supplies and Starmix. Thanks for laughing about the packages of Hot Nuts with me and helping me pick mixers. You made my night.

About time!: After six long years, you finally revealed a crush that was mutual! Sparks flew and here we are today, crazy in love. Thanks for your patience, kindness and for sharing a life with me I never imagined was possible. You're the best, Roo! All my love. - Chief

The Thirstiest Thursday: I was taking a stroll 'round the witching hour. You were on your back, passed out, in the doorway of a coffee shop on Sprague; using the entrance as a pillow. My plan was to keep going but, with the police precinct in spitting distance, I stopped and turned around. It took two taps with a shoe before you're coming to. While you might not have seen me, I watched as both your eyes rolled back into place, as though from out of the blue. Was it English you mumbled in the process of sitting-up? I don't know... I'm not even sure they were words, really. Either way, I patted you on the shoulder only to wander off into the night. Carry on my drunkward son!

Dogs at Pig Out In The Park: Why oh why do you dog people think your pet wants to go listen to loud music and try to make their way through the sea of feet they encountered at Pig Out In The Park. Dog's hearing is very sensitive. The people standing right in front of me very close to the stage were holding their dog on their shoulders. The poor thing looked incredibly miserable! Another dog was trying to get through a crowd of people while you appeared unaware of it's distress. Please leave your dogs at home or, if it's cool at night, in your car rather than subject them to something that scares them! I have also been made aware that there are signs all over the park stating No Dogs!

South Hill scumbags: After three soul sucking weeks working like a dog on your bathroom remodel, you left all my tools and equipment outside your house and locked all the doors and hid inside like cowards. You paid me less than half of what you owed me. At first you said you were going to get someone else to finish the job. Really? One day before it's done? I call BS. Shame on you for taking the food out of my baby's mouth. Shame on you for wasting a working mom's time while you sat on your fat butt watching. Good luck with that karma, and your self involved, entitled little world. What goes around comes around.

Haters: To all those who rag on the homeless, you cry because you see the homeless but you stupid landlords ask us to make three times the rent to qualify for a place. To all those businesses who yell about the new Catholic Charities apartments, where do you want the homeless to go? Auschwitz? To all these cities who send their homeless to Spokane, Stop it! Do what Catholic Charities is doing and build them homes. You are all one to two paychecks away to being out there. Remember that.

Traffic Jam Lane Hogs —— ARGH!: Okay. We all understand the daily Spokane Valley traffic on eastbound I-90 causes a massive jam that often backs up all the way to Sunset Hill. And, yes, we all analyze the interstate for open slots to move along quicker. Yet, everyday, rain or shine, starting at around 3:30pm, eastbound assholes use the Hamilton EXIT lanes to rapidly move ahead of other vehicles, often causing near or actual accidents while slowing down to re-enter the main lanes. People, the exit lanes are for drivers exiting onto Hamilton for points north. It is illegal for you to block those lanes just so you can get ahead of the Smiths and the Joneses! Yes!!! That's me in the silver Legacy crazily honking at you stupid, selfish idiots. Here is my new plan: to further prevent you from injuring or killing me and my kid, I'm going to *slow down* in front of you when I see your turn signal, so you cannot enter the main lanes. Then I'll memorize your plate number. Then I'll honk, then flip you off, go home, and call the police (usually Idaho). If you want to help cure the shitty traffic problems along the interstate and in the valley, then learn the concepts of public transportation and/or carpooling. Until the idiots in the DOT fix the situation, this is life now. Just STOP placing mine and my family's in danger every day.

Preachers and teachers: Anybody who is upset that teachers salaries are being raised because of increased taxes needs to move to a remote island. Personally, I'm more than willing to pay more taxes for social programs - and no, I'm not rich; I'm middle class with kids, but I know we are responsible for taking care of each other. I know some of you need more tax cuts so you can buy a bigger house to prove you're better than your neighbors, but in the end, we all have to pay for our sins. Greed is a sin, and not taking care of your neighbors is an even bigger sin.

Church group Kicks Out Disabled Veteran: I was invited to attend a Christian church. I went there a few times and started to volunteer there. I am a disabled veteran with three combat tours overseas. I have PTSD and Paranoid Schizophrenia and was looking for somewhere I could go to re-socialize and reintegrate back into the community. I was invited to the church. After a few weeks I was told to leave and never come back. Not even for Men's Prayer. I was not given a reason why other than some people don't like me as a veteran for some reason. This church does not deserve to have any members going to it. It is unbelievable that a church would remove a disabled veteran because ONE member does not like them.

Shame On You: My friend is a disabled veteran in this community and suffers from schizophrenia, PTSD and TBI. He was attending a church as a part of his healing process and finding a support group. The church he was at rudely asked him to leave and not come back after two Sundays because of his mental health issues. Shame on you! That is not how a church should operate and it is not how we treat our disabled veterans that are trying to re-integrate back into society after war. ♦

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