Good thing I did: I saw you blow through the intersection at Third and Cannon... just like I do every day. Living in Brownes, I am aware that the people who venture into our eateries and bars are not aware of the two huge "Yield" signs staring at them in the face on Cannon. Seeing as they've been there for years yet still seem to be invisible. I wait for the day the city of Spokane does something to improve this intersection.

Rascal Flatts concert: You, blue hoodie. Me, on your right, in Gray sweatshirt. I kept bumping into you, said "sorry" a couple of times, what I am most sorry about is that I didn't get your name. Would like to know you!

Lookin Pretty at Pete's: I saw you at Pete's on Thursday the 20th... you ordered a pesto and garlic and had an Inlander in hand. You looked amazing in sage green and you were so kind to the servers. I'd love to buy you a meal sometime.

Worth the candlewax: I saw you at the North Walmart on the 23rd. You were getting Moscato and ingredients for Alfredo. We both were lost and couldn't find the fresh packaged pastas. We made small talk about the broken coolers and seasonal items. You seemed pretty excited about Vanilla Coke making a return to shelves. I would love to grab one with you sometime, even if they do taste like candle wax. Your company would be worth the sacrifice.

Thank you City of Spokane: Thank you city of Spokane, Park Operations, for saving the signage with information on the history of Peaceful Valley, the Basalt benches and the city benches in Peaceful Valley "Redband" Riverwalk. It is coming together and looks good. Thank you, from a resident in Peaceful Valley.

So many accomplishments!: Alicebamboosly, you have accomplished so much in such a short time. Its so crazy to think you will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in May. I am oh-so proud of you, as well as many others who love you. I know your daddy is looking down from heaven with such a big smile on his face. You are so amazing my love. Words can't express just how proud I am of you for all you've conquered in the past three years! I love you so much boobear! <3 Kris

Freeway Merging: To the person who complained last week about the way people merge onto the freeway at the Division onramp (before the Hamilton off ramp): The most efficient way to merge is to "zipper" into moving traffic. Please do some research and you will find that the people doing what you are complaining about are the ones doing it right. This method results in less traffic jams and last-minute lane changes.

People who don't stop at stop signs: To the people that almost hit me and my dog by Lewis and Clark on 9/20. Stop signs means STOP. You need to look before you drive through the intersection. Saying sorry will not absolve you if you hit someone or kill someone because you could't be bothered to follow the law. As a pedestrian I always stop at intersections because it's the law and too many drivers aren't paying attention. Please, as drivers, do the same.

Spokane Fools: To the unsafe total idiot motorcyclists who pass others while speeding. Please be the only one who is hurt when an accident occurs. You need to learn to obey the Spokane speed limit you stupid fools. Please, law enforcement, arrest them when they jeopardize the safety of others. Another jeers to the fools who plan roads in this town. The traffic lights at Ermina & Greene on the west side of Spokane Community College was a stupid idea. Traffic backs up far north on Greene. Stupid people try to weave in and out of traffic in an attempt to move faster. Students turning left onto campus back up traffic. This is just a huge accident waiting to happen. Hopefully when it does, the families of those killed will sue. What amazingly stupid planning.

Oblivious Bicyclists: In response to last week's cheers for drivers who see bicyclists post. I have to say... it can be really hard for drivers to see bicyclists. Particularly in the early morning or early evening, when the sun is in our eyes. This week I've had to slam on my brakes two different times, narrowly avoiding bicyclists that assumed I saw them. One even rode off while cussing and flicking me a rude gesture as I sat shocked and nearly crying in my car. News flash dude... I couldn't see you! What happened to wearing helmets and reflective gear, using available bike lanes, crossing at the light and looking both ways? Ride responsibly and don't assume drivers can see you if you're crossing whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Making the Disabled Citizens Wait: Jeers to Spokane public transit or whoever decided that the Paratransit service is not allowed to wait a few minutes for their patrons. I work downtown and I have multiple elderly and disabled customers that have to wait hours for another Paratransit van to pick them up after they complete their business. If the drivers could wait just a couple minutes these wonderful customers could efficiently live their lives like the rest of us. (This is absolutely not directed at the drivers, but rather the system itself.) ♦

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