Gothy Beauty @ Starbucks: I saw you in a red car at the drive-thru. You had dark hair that looked very vampire-esque (to me). Me: head to toe black clothing, bangs, w/leg tat walking away. I couldn't help but keep turning back to get another look at you — you're gore-geous! Let's have some dark brew together:

Borracho Nascar Man: You approached me at Borracho's where I sat alone, waiting for my dad to join me as we both had meetings downtown. I have brown hair, green eyes, and was wearing a yellow sweater. You were wearing a white shirt, had tattoos on at least one arm and a beard. You asked if I was into Nascar, as I sat awkwardly staring at the television, which happened to be on the Nascar channel. (Is there a channel for that?) We had a moment of witty-ish banter. Anyway you introduced yourself, which is so rare in this day of online dating. I was impressed. My dad arrived before I could talk to you more. I saw you again as we were leaving the bar. If you are single, I would love to meet up sometime. Even just to be friends. Your name started with a J. If you remember or even see this you can email me at

Tattooed Lady at Maple McDs: You're always busy, so I have no time to make small talk with you. You used to have blue-ish hair, but you've dyed it darker, recently. If you're interested, I'm the guy with the most interesting tattoo on his left forearm.

Balloon Rally Babe: It's a long shot that you'll read this but, I saw you at the Balloon Rally morning lift off in Prosser, Washington. You were wearing a gray sweater and carrying a large quantity of cinnamon rolls. I have never seen a smile so beautiful or enchanting. You made everyone I was with happier and more at ease. Thank you for helping our morning run smoothly. Maybe I will see you there next year? I was in a lighter gray sweater, stationed by the purple green and yellow balloon.

Fall Shopping Fun: I saw you at the Shadle Wal-Mart last Thursday. You were equally excited about the caramel apple oatmeal pies and getting new shoes. That's the kind of life I want to live forever. Your friends seemed tired but you were really kind nonetheless. See you next shopping trip?

Your boyfriend's a lucky guy...: To the tall blonde "straight" gal at nYne last Saturday, I wanted to thank you again for the Stella and the kiss. I was in party mode and ran off and I wish I had talked to you longer. I owe you a beer. Love, CH.

Anonymous burgersnob: I'm a burger snob. I've searched the Inland Northwest for over 30 years trying to find that perfect blend and balance of veg, bread and meat... not to mention a properly cooked one. I never did like all the fancy types though. Sure they can be creative but the standard lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and mayo are by far superior to any other combination. A small brewery in Montana held the title of "Best Burger" in my mind for quite some time now. Spokane has come close a few times but not close enough, until 7 pm Wednesday, September 26th. It was a long day for me that evening and decided to hit JJ's for a burger and a beer on a solo eating adventure. I've been to this establishment before a few times, always a delicious meal was served with good service and a great atmosphere. That evening I decided to get the Signature Burger... BEST BURGER I HAVE EVERY HAD, JJ'S NOW HOLDS THE TITLE!!! Thanks to the crew at JJ's for making such a delicious feast for me that night. 'll be back for sure so keep up the great work!

Registered voters: Cheers to registered voters — Not in that category? Register by mail or on-line at WEIAPPLETS.SOS.WA.GOV/MYVOTE by Oct. 8, Saturday. Or register in person by Oct, 29 at Fire Stations or Public Libraries. Just do it, your vote counts.

Thanks to Mary: Thanks to the remarkable cast and crew of Mary Poppins. It was a delightful couple of hours and a nice break from my TV news. If you have only seen the movie I suggest you and yours see the play. You may even be able to spell out the the SUPERCALIFRA... song, although the dancing is a bit tricky.

Monroe Street Redesign: Looks good but it sucks to try to drive thru. What a total waste of taxpayer's money. I'll be driving up Wall from now on, and that will cause people on Wall to complain about traffic flow. Instead of street traffic flow reductions, how about getting traffic cops out, you never see cops pulling over speeders anymore.

Courtesy is dead?: While the idea of easily accessible bicycles and scooters seems like a great idea, the mentality of the users needs a bit of re-programming. Since these Lime toys have recently descended on the Spokane scene a not-so-funny thing has been happening: They are being left anywhere the rider feels like dropping them. This includes corners/crosswalks, blocking entrances and stairs to apartment buildings and businesses and even just right there in the middle of a sidewalk! What are these inconsiderate users thinking people in wheelchairs, the elderly and the blind, people with children and strollers and those with walkers be expected to do? As people with common sense are apparently already an endangered species, you are not even bothering to think about others, either? So you may have to park your toy a few feet away from your intended destination and walk a little. Come on, folks, be a little more thoughtful, please, when using these convenience devices. Also: bicycle locking racks are NOT for these Lime scooters and bicycles, as they are already self-locking. Thanks to those users who are already being mindful, and thanks in advance to those of you who become so. ♦

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