I Saw You

Week of October 16th

I saw you in 3rd grade...: For almost 17 years I have had the privilege of having you in my life, one way or another. Through you trying to get rid of me as I followed you around as kids. To the 6 months I once again followed you through all the bars, this time attempting to catch you in my arms. In November it will be 3 years I've gotten to hold you close and call you my man. Though some times are hard with no end in sight, i don't care because I'm going through them with you. The feeling I get when you look into my eyes, or when you want nothing more than to hold me close will forever be the most amazing feeling I've experienced. You are truly one of a kind, supporting both of us through my illness, never asking for credit... Instead you ask how else you can help me. I love our tiny family more than I thought possible, the only thing missing... Would be the ring you have carried in your pack for the last few months waiting for the perfect moment... Finally being placed on to my finger. But I honestly want you to know that there is no rush, but with you every moment, is that perfect moment. I thank the spirits every day for the privilege of having you in my life. I truly could never feel the way I feel for you towards any other soul. Thank you for always loving me, even when I might not exactly love myself. You're an amazing man, chef, friend, lover and hopefully one day husband.

That one time at nYne: I saw you at nYne on Saturday night. You were snapping a photo of the giant Lisa Brown sign and sipping a rum and coke. You looked fantastic in that all black suit. I was the one also in black, sitting with the birthday girl, nervous to get out and dance and drinking a whiskey sour. Maybe I will see you there again?

Swooning & Cheese Sticks: I saw you at the Division Ferraro's last Monday. You were with a birthday group and seemed really excited about the happy hour mozzarella sticks. We made flirtatious eye contact a few times. Your radiant smile and genuine dedication to those you brought with you made me swoon. I need someone as appreciative of cheese sticks and fellow humans as you are in my life. Let's meet there for that 23 buck couples deal soon?!

Fall Attire or Workout Attire: We walked out of Rockwood Bakery last week at the same time. The whole time I was trying to remember where I recognized you from. Sorry I didn't remember until we were both in our cars next to each other-out of context. You looked great in your fall colors! I use to see you occasionally early morning workouts, but haven't seen you in a while. Coffee or a workout? :)

Thank You to Fire Station 11: I want to say a big thank you to the firefighters at station 11 on the South Hill! Friday morning I was in our front yard and pointed to our kiddos that there was a fire truck driving down our street... The next thing I know, the truck came to a complete stop and two firefighters got out. The guys stopped, turned on their lights, and decided just to say hello to my son and daughter and give them stickers. Thank you station 11 you made my children's day!

Re: Political Dumbasses: My sentiments exactly! Friends on opposite ends of the political spectrum and their non-stop political posts on social media are exhausting! We know your stance and you're not changing anyone's minds. But haven't enough of us figured out the Dem vs. Rep argument is nothing more than a mind game to keep us divided? In my 40+ years, I've witnessed this blame game, finger pointing, mudslinging antics and wonder if I will live to see the day when party names are no longer relevant and people simply vote for the best applicant. Lately, it seems many people can't see past the party they support. Example: Of the people I know, all Republicans said Kavanaugh was wrongly accused and all Democrats said he did it. Have we lost our critical thinking ability or are we just sheep following a "leader"? I agree with the late George Carlin's political views, yet will continue to "waste" my vote on 3rd parties because apathy solves nothing and if enough people joined me, maybe we could make real change.

Huppins Repair Center: I am so thankful that there is a place in Spokane where you can take your stereo equipment to for diagnosis and fixing. All music lovers know that when your receiver or speakers or record player or needle isn't working and you can't enjoy your vinyl, tapes or CDs (yes, physical music) to the full potential, how unfortunate and disheartening that becomes. In an era of shitty customer service, soul-sucking technology and incompetence everywhere you turn, just knowing that a brick and mortar place exists in the Spokane Valley, staffed with competent, amazing professionals who truly are experts in stereo equipment repair fills me with appreciation and I hope this business will be here forever! I want to say thank you to everyone at Huppins Repair Center.

Credit Card Hero: I want to thank the person who found my credit card at Joann's Fabric and turned it in. I appreciate your honesty and wish you a bright future!

TACO BELL ON 3RD. SO KIND: This AM while waiting for an appt. at CHASE, I walked over to Taco Bell for a burrito and was taken by the interest the training manager gave in giving me just what I wanted. They don't normally serve coffee but this young man went out of his way to make me a delicious cup w/ cream. I applauded these wonderful employees for their consideration for seniors. Go there, they are great!

Dear Mr. MAGA!: Funny thing about progress, it is inevitable. Kinda like rot, try what you will, it will happen anyway. You are exactly what is wrong with the deplorable sheep drunk on mob mentality and petty insults. Pre-Expo 74', huh? Something else is inevitable too: You and those like you won't be around long and the youth will be repairing the damage you have done.

Roundabouts: A woman slammed on her breaks in the roundabout for no reason. Causing the people behind her to almost rear end her. Maybe the city of Spokane can make some commercials on how to use an roundabout? Tired of people saying "we aren't from England." Roundabouts are everywhere in the U.S. Be proactive. If you don't understand them, look up a YouTube video.

Uninformed college student: Initiative 1631 is NOT a solution to our smoky summers. Jeers to the Inlander for printing such ignorant nonsense. The increase in smoke is from wildfires which are due in large part to lack of forest management. The initiative will not only cost consumers at the gas pumps but throughout the economy as large companies raise prices to pay their new taxes. As an S.C.C. student I can say that the vast majority of us would prefer a parking garage to more STA services (which we are already forced to pay for whether we use them or not). Although serious attention needs to be paid to clean sustainable energy voting in Initiative 1631 is not the answer. ♦

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