Fall Drinks and Winks: I saw you at the Northtown Square Starbucks. You ordered a Carmel Apple Cider while singing along to cheesy '80s tunes. You made me smile. You have the most gorgeous blue eyes.

October 7: angels at The Sportsman cafe On October 7 we reluctantly and lovingly said goodbye to our nearly 19 year old pug terrier mix, Ricky Ricardo. After leaving the Pet Emergency Clinic we stopped at the Sportsman for some relief, coffee and a little breakfast. Upon leaving we were informed that someone who had snuck out already had purchased our breakfast. I want to say that your act of kindness and a BIG effect on our morning of grief. Whoever you are, bless you with all my heart and soul, you helped two very sad adults feel enveloped by our little community even if we don't know who you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you receive the same kindness you exhibited, my faith in humankind has been rekindled because of your action.

I couldn't ask for more: Thank you for running to get me special juice at 8 PM and for waking up to help me every 45 minutes... for putting up with my complaint and for listening to my woes. You are my hero. You are more than I could ever ask for.

Calm in our Chaos: It's a blessing that we have been able to find each other because I am not sure I would have been able to make it through the Denny's debacle without you. You are my constant support, comfort and calming being — you are strength and persistence — you are resilience and diligence personified.

It's the Little Things: I find myself feeling the most joy when you are happy too — finding our happiness in the little things, long cuddles, strong drinks, amazing food, hilarious internet jokes and goofs made by our kiddos. You make every moment better when you are near. I cannot imagine a life without you now that you are in it — and I dont want to. I love everything about you. I love all of you, and all of us, our mishmash of all the happy little things.

Unmarked Intersections Exist: To the maniacs speeding through unmarked intersections especially on the lower South Hill, You need to slow your roll and observe your damn surroundings. Drive more safely, there is always another fool flying through the neighborhood just like you. I've seen crashes multiple times and I laugh every time. Until I find out someone is injured, then I get sad. When two vehicles approach or enter an intersection from different streets at approximately the same time, the driver of the vehicle on the left shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the RIGHT. For those who don't know one from the other: for most people right is in the direction of the hand write with. For left handers, right is in the direction away from the hand you slaughter with.

What's your point?: To the woman holding the 'build the wall' sign in the middle of the day Monday on Division Street while jabbering on her smartphone, why weren't you at work? I'd gladly build a wall if it separated me from lazy, ignorant people like you. I doubt you've worked hard labor at less than minimum wage a day in your life. That's a job for someone else right? Vote, everyone!!!!!!!

No spanking: How dare a principal spank the bottom of a future progressive Liberal. That kindergarten student could grow up doing something important in his life, like clawing the supreme court doors with his fingernails and screaming at the top of his lungs. Just give him a participation trophy and all will be OK with the world.

Politicians PROVE Their Interests: Cathy McMorris Rogers and Lisa Brown, you've definitely proven your interests. Every day I get batch after batch of your slick campaign literature in the mail. (How many trees were lost in this project?) The media published a tally of just how much each of you took from your political war chests, and it was thousands and thousands of dollars ... spent solely on you, to seduce your voters. I do disabled veteran advocacy; do you know that currently in Washington state, there are disabled veterans, some decorated, living on the street for no other reason than that their VA benefits ran out, or that they have serious mental health problems that have not been treated? Think some of that campaign money might help them? Similarly, every day for reasons yet unknown, 20 returned vets of all ranks and wars, are killing themselves, day in, day out. This number has improved, thank goodness, from what it was, but no number of deaths is acceptable. Clearly, that political money could make a difference, as VA funds continue to be cut; also this has a special for the Palouse, as our area has a higher-than-average rate of VET SUICIDES. So, sorry, Lisa Brown and Cathy McMorris Rogers, I do not want either of you to represent my war-related disabled veteran family; Lisa, Cathy, I firmly believe that you have clearly shown your true values — which have nothing to do with veterans, veteran families, disabled veterans, your regular constituents and their needs; in fact, your singular focus is, and will always be YOU.

RE: NON-VOTERS: I would rather people not vote rather than be uninformed voters.♦

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