I Saw You

Week of Nov. 15

Tuesday night Dick's: I saw you at Dick's on Tuesday night. We both were dressed well and following up election party drinks with a late night snack, I suppose. I found comfort in the fact that we both were attempting to heal sorrows of the night's wins and losses by stuffing our mouths full of a local favourite. I hope you enjoyed that Whammy. Maybe next time we can get shakes together?

Turkey Fest Romance: I saw you, also braving the Friday night FREE turkey crowds at the Northside Winco. You were diligent and collected. I was impressed because by no means was I any bit of either. I noticed your smile and contagious laugh from a few aisles away. Can you finish that whole turkey on your own? Maybe you need help prepping it?

Perfection... continued: Me, still a short lady, you, still a tall gentleman. I submitted an "I Saw You" this time last year, and as I requested, we synced up to meet at Perfection Tires to celebrate one year of FUN! (And to get our snow tires on.) Since then you've not only built a special rack in your garage to keep my tires, you've continued to build and carve out a space in your life and your home for my heart (and my stuff.) I thank God every day for our chance meeting at a tire store, and for the wonderful man you are. I love our partnership, in everything from our bumbling attempts at learning Ballroom Dancing to updating your kitchen. (I love the countertops, but not as much as I love you... and I REALLY love the countertops. 2019 is looking to be an exciting year for us, my love. So, dear Inlander readers, stay tuned for the next installment of "Perfection . . . " in the "I Saw You" section.

Great American read: You were at the Great American Read party at the downtown library on October 23, in a costume featuring a pet dragon (NOT daenerys of Game of the Thrones: you were in leather, or brown) and I wished I had caught who you dressed up as, if only because I am in need of more dragon literature, and kind of I hoped you were dressed up as a character from my favorite dragon novels by Naomi Novik. I was not in costume; but had purple hair and was nonetheless passionate about books. either way find me at spokanedragonfans@gmx.com

Walgreens NW Blvd, Nov. 7: You: Larger blonde woman in an older car. I was stopped behind you and watched you freak out on someone pulling out of their parking space and made you wait a full 30 seconds for them. News flash: this is a parking lot and you will have to wait for people! Cheers to the other driver who flipped you off and made you go even more crazy. Made my day.

Goldilocks at Valley MUV: I've seen you at the Muv in the Valley a few times, and I can't lie, you get my heart rate up before I even step on the elliptical. I can't stop staring at your perfect hair flowing out from under your hat while you lift. This may seem a little stalkerish, but I've seen you in the parking lot and I LOVE your red Tacoma! I'm pretty shy and you are always so into your workout, I haven't built up the courage to talk to you. I'll keep admiring you from afar while you relentlessly crush the stair climber, but one day I hope ride shotgun in your truck to see my reflection in your Oakleys.

Propane at Chevron 11/9 around 5:30: I was short on brain power this evening when trying to checkout following a very stressful day of responding to divorce court filings. I didn't see who you were, and couldn't find you after the cashier told me what you were wearing. I would very much like to take you out for lunch or coffee if you would oblige me - no strings attached. Like I said, I didn't even get a chance to put a face with the name, but would like to chat with, and meet this kind hearted soul - we might just be cut from the same cloth. Please consider sending me an email to say hi - j_v_z@hotmail.com. I won't smother you with "thank yous", but we are the company we keep, and I like your style. Tell me which Chevron and either your sweater color, hair style, or what type of visible piercing(s) you may have had. These are the only clues I was given to work with.

Downtown Starbucks: Recently I was meeting a client at the downtown Starbucks on W. Main. I noticed right away a street kid folding paper cranes at the table next to me. The manager on duty knew his name and made sure to return a couple of dollars he said the kid "dropped." I am assuming this probably came from his tip jar. Later, another teenager seeming to be troubled came in from the cold to warm up and the manager addressed him by name and had no issue with him taking up a table without making a purchase. I found this to be an incredibly uncommon kindness. To top it off, the client I was meeting left her purse behind and the manager went above and beyond making sure it got back to her. Cheers to the staff at Starbucks for reminding me there are kind people wherever you go!

You guys ROCK!!: Thank you to the adorable EMTS that helped me up after I fell in the parking lot of the Valley Regal Cinemas on Tuesday, November 6th. You two are truly great!!

Boy Scout(s) Disappointment: I am disappointed with the Boy Scout(s) who left a "Scouting For Food" bag on my porch for me to fill with non-perishables for the Food Bank, which I gladly did do, but no one came to pick it up on the second Saturday of November as they said they would. Scouting is supposed to be about showing responsibility in the community.

Stop Hitting Your Pets: Seriously. The only thing you re going to manage is to get that animal to be terrified of you. When you yell or strike an animal, it doesn't correct the behaviour you are trying to stop, but it can make the animal scared and mean. And seeing as in this case, the animal you are beating (yes, I do in fact hear it and I do make the calls) is a dog, he might turn and defend himself. But here's one of the biggest tragedies in this; if that dog turns and bites you, he will be labelled a dangerous animal and put to sleep. But if he does nothing, he may very well be beaten to death one day. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If you harm your animals just because they won't do exactly what you want, then you are a horrible person that should never own animals or have children. People reading this; if you hear abuse, CALL someone. Please. ♦

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