Hearth: Seeing you in any space is like coming in from the cold. Aches like fingers thawing and the cavity of my chest remembering what it's like to breathe. I want to come home to you every day for the rest of my life.

Rx for Love Sir: Hey, I want you to know you're super dead sexy (that's an understatement)! I have to admit you're definitely, I don't know, THE SHIT!!!! If you would like to call me, you know my number. You're the cure for my addiction! Love, Your Prescription for Love

Peak fitness financial! OMG! Sharon! The incredible information I received from being stuck with you in the dry sauna was fabulous. Josh from Axiom was so great at getting back with you and explaining how your accounts had to be turned to "cash" in order to make them more fluid for transferring to bonds. Sorry I had to help you out with the word "fluid" when chatting with your husband. His advice was terrific. Those kinds of conversations should be done in person. Seemed only fair as you stuttered over what Josh has said. Nice kid. Sorry you feel as though no one has been monitoring your accounts. The best part was when Axiom called you back and you gave not only your full name and birthday...also your account number... Oh and your passcode. I get it. Folks from Texas conduct business all the time in the gym sauna, but as I was getting my sweat on, you were oblivious to just how much you shared. Lucky for you, I'm an honest person. Most of us are, here in Idaho. It's too bad you're so damn busy that people have the audacity to bother you at the gym, but that phone of yours has an off switch. Try using it at least in the women's locker room next time. Judging by the eye rolls around you, I know I wasn't the only one who was grateful when you FINALLY hung up. That talk to text feature really messes you up. No wonder your man couldn't understand a damn word you said. Maybe it was the accent. Dallas area, right? I'm cheating... you told us all that too. Do yourself and those around you a favor girl. Do the gym thing and put the phone on airplane mode. You could use a little you time, to reflect on where to put all that cash. I hope Josh makes a good commission.

Don't look back: I've been thru some rough times in life, who hasn't, right? Sometimes we take a wrong turn and end up in hell. Some say it's choices, others say bad luck. My question: is this a lesson? I can look back and think, could've done this or tried that. I didn't. I needed you. Came to you, bowed down and asked for help. You know how hard that was! If I had some where else to go - I would have went! Never once did I place blame and never asked for more than I had given. You made sure every day was misery! If you saw hope in my eyes you ripped my heart out and crammed in down my throat. I'm at the end of this journey and still not a shred of compassion, understanding, empathy or encouragement. Not for a second, did you show love. Seven years, you invaded my space, my privacy, my home. You forced your way in. Yet, no matter how bad it got, I never said no when you needed me. It wasn't you who let me in. It wasn't you who held me up. Hey, I am still standing. I am still strong. I will love again. You can't take that from me. I will be happy with and without you! You lose because you lost me. You won't see it as I'm walking away but I'm still smiling! I know EXACTLY what I wished for!

Happy Holidays! I am so incredibly thankful to all of the wonderful friends and family I have in my life as well as our incredible community! I see so many kind gestures and wonderful people while walking around Spokane! Keep up the good work, remember to be kind and stay warm this holiday season!

Chicken nuggets forever: I love chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets make the world go round. The story of how I met nugget was when I went to a place where they sold chicken nuggets. Oh how I love chicken nuggets. Love, breadstick. LKLYCDRP

Making Thanksgiving memories: You mentioned last week, amidst our chaos of prepping that we'd look back on this day when we are 65 and smile at our grandbabies, laughing about "our first Thanksgiving at our place" ... I cannot wait for that moment with you. You make every second better and you know just what to say and do to take the weight off of my shoulders. I love you.

Promises kept? Trump demands that Congress fund construction of "The Wall". Is he threatening the Mexican Congress? News flash Trump voters, funding by our Congress is out of your pocket. Is this another of his promises made, promises kept? Jeers to you if you do not hold him to his adamant promise that Mexico pays for The Great Wall of Trump.

Cud Chewers: To the dumb retail cashiers who look like cows chewing their cud most of the time, learn some social skills. Here are a few tips cows. First, greet your customer. Make eye contact and say anything intelligent. Second, ring up the sale. Next, tell the customer the total. Don't point to the register and expect your customer to see the total. Use your words. Also, be sure to politely end the transaction. Remember, your customer doesn't have to shop with you. She can go elsewhere. For those fools who think "do that", may your employer fire you because you really do suck. Go back to chewing your cud.

Vagina police: How dare you send your 6 year old up to demand why I went from being a man to a woman. Just because you are 5'4" and fat as you are tall and I am 5'11"' does not automatically make me a man. You are rude and ignorant. I hope your daughter realizes you are a narrow minded, uneducated runt and doesn't grow up to be just like you.

Guns vs Violence: OK, boys and girls, grow up and figure it out. A gun is not violent. Law abiding citizens who own guns are not violent. Criminals with guns are violent. Place blame on the criminals, not the gun. Never heard of a violent gun, only criminal violence. Lawmakers pick on the law abiding cause they can't stop the criminals. I'll continue to bear arms to perhaps stop the violent criminals or die trying, rather than be a victim. ♦

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