I Saw You

Week of Dec. 13

Ramen king of my heart: I saw you at King of Ramen on Thursday. We both got their new King Ramen and you completed their amazing eggs. I would love to enjoy a bowl with you again, sometime soon.

My King: From the moment we met, we have had some rare attraction. Over the years life has brought us together and pulled us apart several times. But to be here now with you today together, starting the rest of our lives together, this is my dream come true. I'm going to love you forever babe. Your Queen.

J-AMAZING...! J-AMAZING... We said goodbye in Sandpoint... and I still have the shimmering stones and shell from your beautiful, loving hands... I miss you, and think of you every day, and wonder if you ever talk to me, or say the same words to the Universe, or pray that Spirit will reunite us... My heart still dreams of growing old with you, of spending Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and your birthday together... and that, just like in "Serendipity," we'll find each other again, same time, next year... save me a dance! Je prie pour toi, je t'aime toujours, et je rêve encore de Paris, avec toi...!

Spokane cops: Cheers to the Spokane cop on Crestline and Francis 12/4 11 am who helped an old black guy with groceries coming from a food pantry. And cheers to the guy that followed us in the cop car to stop the cop and thank him for doing that for me. "Spokane Nice" is not a myth, y'all.

You love me anyway: Thank you for taking care of me while I have been sick and tolerating my frantic and stresses behavior as of late. I love you.

Spiral notebook save... ..at Fred Meyer on Thor. Many thanks to the individual who returned the blue hardcover notebook (brilliantly left in my cart) to the customer service desk on Dec 4. I have memory issues (duh) and ADHD and keep all tasks, thoughts and needed groceries inside that 'bullet journal' notebook. What may have looked like crazy stuff to you was/is invaluable to me. Sincere thanks again for taking the time to walk it back inside the store.

RE: Guns vs Violence: An awful lot of law abiding gun owners unwittingly supply violent criminals with guns through lack of things like proper storage and oversight. And the whole "good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns" trope happens so rarely that I can safely assume the opportunity will never arise for any given individual. Even if I'm wrong and the opportunity did present itself to someone, it will be exceedingly rarer still that anything beside ducking for cover will happen. Because reality is not the movies.

To businesses that can't get it right: We ask a question. You give us an answer, only to find out your answer was WRONG, whether it be about a promotion, product, arrival of a person with whom we need to speak, etc. This is SO IRRITATING. All of you will NEVER have our business again! Give wrong information. Lose customers. End of story.

Re: Cud Chewers: I really enjoyed the response to "cud chewers". It was amazingly stupid & so perfect from a typical person the writer was talking about. I totally agree with the initial comments. Customer service in Spokane is more often terrible than it is good. Regardless, the fool who commented on the response indicated that the comments about taking business elsewhere because of bad service was laughable because of low wages for those in the customer service business. I doubt the owners of the company feel that way, dumbshit! In a competitive economy, owners want good employees rather than those who drive customers away. Then again, you wouldn't know because you're not smart enough or ambitious enough to ever be in that position. So, go back to chewing your cud, cow! Meanwhile, the economy of Spokane will tank again because of people like you & the other cud chewers. But, go ahead & blame the customer, who doesn't need you. Why don't you do your employer a favor & quit. I'm sure they can find a replacement from the streets. So stupid, but not surprising. Duh!

Package Porch Lowlifes: Notice to Thieves. Please come to my house to steal my packages, for I have placed my dog and/or cat poop in the package, along with my garbage, leftovers and whatever foul household waste for you to enjoy and dispose of. To potential victims, remove labels from your amazon boxes and replace your items with anything you no longer want or need. Merry Xmas. ♦

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