Not so lucky St. Patrick's Day: didn't turn out to be so lucky. I saw you in my life forever. Held you on a pedestal like no one else I've ever encountered in my life. I loved you like no other person... gave you a piece of myself I've never shared in my adult life. All you had to say is "I really do wish you the best." What if you were supposed to be part of my best? I'm hurt and I'm sad, but I know this ending will just open up opportunities for me to find the person who wants to love me the way I want to be loved... something you couldn't offer me.

Red head man of all traits: I remember seeing you at Riverfront Park and knew we were in trouble. You put a spell on me and love me every minute we get to spend together. We have had lots of adventures but this last one, me lying in the hospital bed for months preparing for my last breath, YOU were by my side every time I woke up. I would just look at you and feel safe... we didn't have to say anything... words will never really say how I feel.

History Nerds: I saw you at the Sunday night showing of Mary Queen of Scots. You were one of the only other people in the theatre that knew the history behind the film and we enjoyed the hilarious commentary of the youth in front of us. Popcorn on me, next time?

Lost hat — found! I saw you on Saturday in your snowshoes as you were coming down the trail. You said you had lost your special hand-knit hat that your friend had made you in blues and greens. I told you I would watch for it. I had you dial my phone number so my cell would have a record of how to reach you but we didn't realize my phone didn't get reception up there on Mt. Spokane. I never got your number and don't know how to return your beautiful hat to you. Call me. I have it.

Re: Breaking the cycle of homelessness: Yes, Spokane has a huge homelessness problem. You are right, giving cash handouts to homeless addicts is probably not going to do much good. In fact, it may enable a homeless addict to continue the destructive path of substance abuse. However, it's completely contradictory to discourage the generosity of our compassionate community and support the work of the Union Gospel Mission. UGM, as you stated, does not receive any federal or state funding and depends SOLEY on the generous contributions from our community. UGM provides emergency shelter for men, women and children in our community and provides life recovery programs for people willing to submit to strict guidelines. Without the generosity of the community, hundreds or women, children, and men would be left without a safe and healing environment to find refuge. Through revenue from UGM's thrift stores, countless lives are being healed and families are being reunited and strengthened. As a resident of UGM's Center for Women and Children in CDA, I can personally attest to the huge impact UGM has had on my life, and want to thank all of the generous members in our community for supporting the mission, whether it be through volunteering, donating goods, or donating money. Without our generous community, my complete recovery would not be possible. Best wishes.

New Year Angel: You were dancing the night away at Fizzie Mulligans on New Year's Eve, then the countdown started into the New Year and you noticed I was alone. You came over to me, a complete stranger, kissed me on the cheek and wished me a happy new year. At that moment I realized that I didn't ring in the New Year alone, but had an angel by my side for at least a moment. Thank you for being that angel that warmed my heart.

My sickness fighting superhero: You are my hero. Thank you for being a pillar of strength, compassion and patience in my life and that of our kids. You have been so supportive and helpful as we have been battling this horrible flu. I couldn't do this without you. I love you more.

KXLY Weekend Crew: Been thinking for a long time why I always tune in to KXLY weekends. Today, Saturday 12:30, I realized that it is because of the professional, informative yet friendly attitude of the three ladies. All of them set a perfect example for all other local TV reporters.

Guns vs violence: I'm glad you're prepared but I hope I never run into you in a crowd where a balloon pops.

Jeers to Jeers: Who gets to use this a personal column for a diatribe on guns? Three columns allowed to go on ad nauseam!?!? Come on Inlander don't be so stupid.

Not a seat cushion: Jeers to the members of a local fitness club that use the swimming kick boards as seat cushions in the dry and steam saunas. Keep in mind where a person's face is when they use the kick boards for their intended purpose. And news flash - you don't need the extra cushion back there.

The American Government: Shame on all politicians that play with people's lives just to feed their egos. Since the government is not fully running, we as the people should only have to pay limited taxes. For every day that the parts of the government are closed we should deduct $50 off of our taxes. If the loss of revenue does not wake up the politicians, then noting will. NO TAXES for Limited Government.

Why waste the meat? Jeers to "twelve good men and true" in Franklin County who equate being ill and torn to pieces before an audience of teenagers as the equivalent of euthanasia. Clearly there was more than one sick puppy in that classroom.

Why I'm Not Leaving the Closet: Why do I stay in my closet? The LGBT community, guys. That's why. Oh, I get that they're fighting for equality. And in many ways, they've won. Same-sex marriage is legal. Brokeback Mountain isn't the only gay romance movie anymore (and some even have happy endings!). I can walk down the street in a Pride shirt and get little more than eye-rolls and maybe a snide comment or two, which will be balanced out by smiles and encouraging nods. But that's not enough for my fellow LGBT folks. Pastors preach about how those anti-homosexuality passages were a product of their time and can be ignored? LGBT community bitches about the pastors who don't. Bakers happily make cakes for gay weddings? Couples find a baker who says no, tell them to bake a cake, whine to the media when baker says no, take baker to court, and force them to begrudgingly make a cake — when they could have just gone to a different baker who would have put their heart and soul into a cake for them. "But they're fighting for acceptance!" you say. "They have a right to be angry! They need to call out bigotry where they see it!" Bull. If they were really interested in acceptance, they'd work on getting people within their ranks to accept bi and ace people. Instead, bi people are told they don't belong because they have the "ultimate passing privilege" and asexuals are told their suffering doesn't count because trans and gay people have it worse. How can you say the LGBT community is fighting for acceptance when they can't even accept each other? ♦

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