I Saw You

Week of Feb. 14

Magic Boy: You should be a superhero called "Magic Boy," the way you wowed my parents tantalized my soul. I see you all of the time walking by the plaza. We should put parmesan on each other's Pizza Rita someday if you know what I mean, and then catch some tunes at the piano bar.

A heart for those in need: To the young woman (tall with long, blond, braided pigtails, and stocking cap) at the Nevada & Francis Dutch Bros on Saturday, 2-2-19, at 10 am. You brought some liquid refreshment out to a woman at the street corner who was sitting on a walker with cardboard sign in hand. I'm not sure if you are an employee or patron, but your act of kindness didn't go unnoticed. Thanks for your shining example of empathy to which we should all aspire.

Republic Pi Star*: I came in late dinner time on Wednesday (2/6) to meet a friend. You were by yourself, finishing dinner and glass of wine. I sat next table over (we were back to back). We exchanged smiles a time or two. You left after a little while. I wish I had introduced myself/started a conversation. I would like the opportunity!

Steak & Smiles: I saw you at Outback Steakhouse on Sunday the 10th. You kept laughing at the AFV playing in the background while thoroughly enjoying your steak and margaritas. I hope to live my life with the gusto and enthusiasm you showed.

She makes my coffee and my day: So, I would like to shoutout to one of the girls who works the Sodexo coffee stand at SCC. On a couple of occasions, she has made my coffee. She has been there for me on a personal level. So they have a saying with coffee stands that coffee will make your day. But it's not the coffee I get that makes my day, she makes my day. As you go through Spokane everyday, it is just like having to travel through the fires of hell. Lately I have been depressed and under a lot of stress. But in the end, as I sit in the desert and feel all hope is gone; she is the voice of an angel guiding me to see there is hope. And in the end, I cannot ask for more. The term is tough on all of us, even enough that I have dropped my classes. Everytime I talk to her, I see hope in myself to look past everything that is on my crazy mind. I have been sleepless lately too because of the fact that life has gotten more hostile. When others add to the problems I have, she is the only person I can trust no matter how personal what I'm saying is. The reason I point it out is because this is what I want to see more of in Spokane. And at the end of day, she is there for me. This I really appreciate too much. This is why sometimes I feel rich.

Honesty is still alive: Big Cheers to the wonderful woman that gave me my $200 casino slip when she saw it fall out of my pocket at N. Quest on 2-10-19. Honest decent people still exist. Thank God.

"Tired of giving in:" "No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in". Quote from Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat in a part of a bus unjustly designated for "whites only." Among us are women from all races who are still beaten down by insecure men. Men positioned with a minute amount of power who hate themselves for not "standing up". If I, a white woman, am to be labeled, then label me "Rosa Parks."

Cheers to the Spokane bus drivers: Cheers to the bus drivers in Spokane. I had an experience where there was a full bus of students and people trying to get home safely. There was a firetruck, an ambulance, and a few police vehicles, I don't know what happened but this cool bus driver carefully took a detour and got us all to the plaza safely. It takes 4 to 5 weeks to become one. I have deep respect for them — thank you to all.

If you love something... "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be." I've read this section of the Inlander religiously for over 10 years; mostly for entertainment. Recently I've scanned every column in the hope you'd come back to me with a special written message, professing your love and apologizing for your actions over the past six years. Jeers to me for giving you that much of my life and jeers again to me for having faith you'd love me as genuinely as I love you. Now all I can hope for is that you go out and find happiness, find love so deep and genuine that you never want to let go. Share yourself, don't be guarded and keep growing; make the last six years mean something. I know that time meant something very special to me.

KISS this! To the man and woman in row V on the floor behind us, at the KISS concert. I know it was you who stole my stuff from my chair! So kiss my ass you f---ing losers!

Have some compassion: So, someone was having an emotional break down on the phone at the library computer while trying desperately to deal with a government agency over a crisis and all you can do is have the librarian tell the person "there was a complaint." I hope if you ever have a major mental health problem or are trying to deal with run-around after run-around on a situation that can impact a person's entire life, that you get as much compassion as you gave that person NONE! and Cheers to the one who did show care.

RE: BOO HOO! Government Employee Average means that those in the middle of the entire range of government employees are making $80K. Average TSA salary is $38k and they had to work through this. Our military members did not get paid during the shut down either with many of them earning less than $38K as well. That's not a lot of money especially considering many of them were either sole breadwinners or had spouses that were government employees as well. Take into consideration we just came off Christmas season, I could see how many would have depleted savings. Please research before you mouth off and make a fool of yourself.

For the Sake of the Children: It's a Thursday night. I'm working, delivering for UberEats and DoorDash with my 9-year-old child traveling with me, some of our favorite time to spend together because it means audiobooks, singing and reading on my tablet for my kid. It's getting late in the evening, and after deciding some Panda Express would be enough to satisfy our hunger, I order through the app, expecting to pick up some food within half an hour. Unfortunately, it's only when I arrive that I find out the app malfunctioned and the order was never placed. So I run in, expecting to be out within a few minutes because Panda is normally pretty fast with food and our food choices had already been decided. I keep an eye on my car, still running after I told my kiddo to lock the doors behind me because I didn't want the heat to be turned off in this horrendous cold snap. Theres an issue with my only card, so I check the app on my phone, discover there was a pending charge from the online order that was never placed, making it difficult for me to get the food my child so desperately need, and I didn't have enough cash to cover even her portion of the order. So, frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling defeated, I go back out to the car, to be greeted by this note in my drivers window: "We called the police. You are a horrible mother leaving your child in a running car, doors unlocked while you look at your phone and pay no attention to your child." At first, I was upset. I cried. I was frustrated. And after having my daughter unlock the doors, she told me that there were people looking in the car while I was inside Panda. But now, I just want to tell the author of that note: I hope you did call the police. I hope you called DCFS as well, to report suspected neglect. I hope you recorded video of my car running and my child in the back seat and me looking at my phone and paying no attention to my child for, at most, five minutes so that you could send it in to the police and DCFS to back up your claim. And next time, I hope you have the courage to confront a parent and ask for their information to include with your report instead of hiding behind vague threats and passive notes attacking single working mothers. ♦

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