I Saw You

Week of Feb. 21


At the dentist:
Yep, I saw you, at the dentist in Liberty Lake. You: Tall, handsome, blue goose down coat. Me: Short, long curly dark hair, giant smile. You kept looking at me like you thought you knew me. Would love to bump into you again. If you're interested? Dr. C can give you my contact info. I'm his neighbor.

Beats Antique: You were the first woman I saw, and the last one on my mind. None other compare to your aura that night. You were wearing a beautiful pancho when you entered, and a thin gold top. I was the gentleman in the black hoodie, big beard, glasses. I would love to take you out and see what you are about. fixedonflow@gmail.com

White SUV: You waved. I honked. Hope to see you again friendly girl.

Magic Boy: You did it again Magic Boy!!! You were doing tricks for a table next to me, but little did you know you were actually doing it for me... and to add to your mystique I could swear I saw you playing at the Pin. Where did you come from Magic Boy? Do you have roller skates? Once the snow melts I have a trick I want to show you.

COSTCO IN THE SNOW: I saw you at the new Costco after we had both made the amazing harrowing trek in the snow. I admired your control in the road and you complimented my ability to quickly grab necessities. That was only likely due to the lack of samples and the impending snowpocalypse. I am glad we both needed muffins and plastic bags. Chicken Bake on me next time?

To you.. Cheers to the new generation. I AM PROUD of you!

To all the recent jeers: They have all been well written but lack one thing. None of you stepped in to intervene. This is what we need today folks. So step up and speak up.

All Work and No Play: Another company going bust, another vacant building. I keep hoping something better will develop in these buildings, especially on the South Hill. A movie theater (yes, again), a roller skating rink (yes, again), go-cart speed racing, or perhaps a place to learn line dancing. The south hill needs more options for fun. Just please, not another church. If you need more God in your life, volunteer at the homeless shelter. Or better yet, help turn one of the many vacant buildings into a new shelter.


Thanks for serving beers every night, and always making work a fun place to be. You like, definitely rock, and I appreciate you!!

Hillyard Imbecile: To the man at the intersection of Wesley and Market on Wednesday the 13th at about 6:45 am. Just because the crosswalk sign says walk doesn't mean you should walk without looking. As I tried to slow down at the light, I began to slide towards the crosswalk, you were not in front of me yet so I tapped on the horn (yes tapped) to warn you. Instead of stopping to make sure you didn't get hit you continued to walk. You then turned towards me, said what I am sure were some great words of wisdom, and flipped me off. Maybe next time you won't be such an imbecile and pay attention to the surroundings around you. Next time be a mature man and think of others as well as yourself.

Person who plowed Post Street: North of Francis To the person who plowed Post Street from Holyoke to Wedgewood: Though there were some benefits for the person who did this, you covered plowed sidewalks and blocked people in pretty much the entire block. There is now a mini Mt. Everest on the corner of Post and Wedgewood. I realize the county is fairly slow in getting the side streets, but that doesn't mean you can plow a whole street and move snow down to another street and make it twice as much for people to move. I spent about an hour and a half moving the snow you moved down the hill. If you have gripes about streets not being plowed call Spokane County.

Happy Valentine's Day Yoda! As the old saying goes "if you love something let it go. If it comes back it is ment to be. If it doesn't then it was never Ment to be in the first place." I have wrote in here and on Craigslist missed connections waiting for you to realize I am the one you want to love for the rest of your life. I've written about you here three times in the last six years and yet no response, Yoda. I came back and I saw it in your eyes and as much as you want to say different, I know who I saw at the park that day while I was running and thought I knew why. Maybe I am mistaken in my thoughts? I guess after those attempts I figured you never felt the way I did. I'm sorry for causing you pain, I'm sorry for everything that happened that day at my door after you so kindly took me to lunch. I remember everything from almost 20 years ago. I'm so sorry I was a stupid 18 year old young scared woman. What did I know about dating, love and men? I am older and wiser now I've found myself now. I'm just waiting for the man that takes me for who I am not what I look like, or what I can do for them. I hope that some day you can forgive me and talk to me in person about how you feel. I love you. Find it in your heart to see it.


Reply to Boo Hoo Govt. Employees: You think we make $80,000 a year? I make approx $20K A year... the same as yours. Now imagine showing up and working every day for over 30 days and not getting paid. Not sitting at home, or trying to find another job. Still working and not getting paid. Child care? Not where I work. Full health insurance? Yes, that we pay for out of our checks we did not receive. Student loans payback? What government job are you quoting? Certainly not mine. You call me and those that work for the government whiney ingrates? We swore an oath of service, work everyday, and we're not getting paid. Where do you work? I'll go apply there on the next shutdown.

For the sake of the children: You sound like a caring mom trying to take care of her daughter. That said, is it wise to take a child with you when you are out delivering food to strangers' homes? Don't you watch the news, the world is full of sick people looking to kidnap, kill or do other terrible things to a single woman out at night. If something were to happen to you, then where would your child be?

Spokan't: Spokane is officially Spokan't. Spokan't change lanes. Spokan't drive the speed limit. Spokan't drive in the snow. Spokan't match the speed of the cars on the freeways on the on ramps. Spokan't merge. Spokan't go on the green light because they are busy looking at their phone. Spokan't go around because they are all turning 5 miles ahead. Spokan't use roundabouts. Spokan't plow or spray the roads. I Spokan't stand it anymore!

Yes you... A$$hole: To the Aqualung-like dude, wearing the college professor, khaki-colored, London Fog trench coat demanding respect. I learned as a child not to touch things that weren't mine. So the next time you're in line at Costco and decide to molest other people's items on the conveyor belt... don't!! and you'll have plenty of time to get back to your park bench. Sincerely, the 58 year-old 'Asshole.'

RE: Tired of giving in: That Rosa Parks quote was also directed toward the white women who had the PRIVILEGE of sitting in the "whites only" section of the bus. I don't know why some white women want so desperately to equate their struggle to that of black women, but I've been seeing a lot of it lately, and let me inform you that it's not the same. You will never experience anything close to what Rosa Parks experienced so calm down, Rachel Dolezal. ♦

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