Buttermilk Man: To the man I saw drinking a pint of buttermilk in the north WinCo Saturday night. I can't stop thinking about you. I have to know if I saw what I think I saw.

You saw and didn't care: It is that I'm being forced to move to an unsuitable apartment, of course, but more importantly it is because I'm being treated unlike all other tenants on floors above me. During renovations in this building all tenants above me are moving back into their renovated apartments. After volunteering as a foster grandparent for 12 years under the administration of this charity, but not asking to be treated with any more consideration than anyone else, I am not allowed to go back to the renovated apartment I have payed rent for, for the last 13 years. I watched happily as Kendall Yards was built and have watched the beautiful fireworks from my north facing balcony over these years. I have friends in this building who had tears in their eyes when I told them that I had to move. Helping the homeless as much as this particular charity has is commendable but would a truly compassionate entity treat an 83 year old this unfairly? So, without transportation nor a friend who has a car, I have 2 months to find a lovely place for myself. To all my fellow "I Saw You" readers, please wish me luck.


IHOP generous strangers: It was my son's birthday and he said he wanted to go to IHOP for dinner. My children were unusually well behaved that evening, as they tend to be a bit rambunctious at restaurants. Our waiter repeatedly kept coming back to our table to check on us and chat with my kiddos. You were sitting at the next booth over, and right after you left our waiter came by asking us if their was anything else we needed, I asked him for the check and he informed me that not only had you purchased our dinner, but had also paid for sundaes if we were so inclined. I realized our waiter kept checking on us to see when you had left so he could inform me the bill had been paid in full. Thank you for your kindness, it's nice to know their are still generous people out their willing to pay it forward. BTW, we did get the sundaes and my children were very pleased.

I will always love you: I love you Mr. B. We now know you were protecting us. Forever and For Always, your Kitten.

Oh how I love thee: Let me count the ways. Alicebamboosly, you and Ryguy are my everything! I love you both so much. I am so proud of how far you've made it in school already baby! May 5 Alissa will be graduating with bachelors in social work!!! I am so proud of you baby! You're going to do great things in this world. I love you more than you'll ever know!

Thank you: You have been my superhero this week. You have helped with weekly stressors, little kid parties, grabbing soup and helping and caring for me while I try to beat this illness. You are patient, prioritizing and kind. You remember the little things even focus on me when distracted by your own struggles and wishes. I would not be able to do this without you. I love you.

Birthday Wish Came True: Even if I saw you picking up those sequin slippers and bathbomb, the attempt to surprise and spoil our little wasn't lost on me. Thank you for helping me make her day so very special from sushi to icecream to singing in the car. We love you.

Snow Angel: I want to THANK the amazing gentleman that saved me as my car was stuck in the lower parking lot of St. Stephen's Church off Hatch Road. He jumped out of his truck, had all the ropes and tools necessary to have me out of that snow bank, in a flash. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

To the handsome couple: Dressed to the nines in their Zegna suits. I was at a conference at Northern Quest and got to talking with these two young businessmen after I mentioned how much I loved all things Italian. They asked if I was going to the Masselow's upcoming event. When I told them I believed in paying cash for everything and that wasn't within my means, they said they were impressed and decided to pay for me and let me sit with them. Wow. I have always heard and read about people receiving such gifts but I never realized or thought I would ever be the recipient of such generosity. Thank you! So looking forward to the event and spending time with you two wonderful young gentlemen! - The lady in the red Zac Posen gown (I was impressed when one of you knew the designer I was wearing)


Money Tree Onlookers: To the two different sets of people who took up multiple parking spaces at Money Tree on Division on 03/01, one couple in a white Dodge Magnum and one guy in a silver SUV. You were both parked terribly and then you sat and watched from your cars as someone with nowhere to park got in someone else's way and got in a fight with him as he demanded she move. Rather than move yourselves as you were blatantly parked in multiple spots, you just sat there and watched! You are human garbage and should be ashamed of yourselves, karma is coming for you and I hope it's gnarly because you people are DISGUSTING. If you would have been decent enough to be considerate of other people in the first place, nothing would have happened. That poor girl got totally bitched out on your behalf and you know it. COWARDS.

I was a self-righteous bully: Dear Ferris mom driving a light colored minivan, leaving Ferris about 3:30 pm approximately 10 days ago, going south on Regal Street. You performed a move on the road that scared me, but after things were fine, I behaved like the Driving God, deciding I had a right to judge you and teach you a lesson. I only really had the right to mind my own business, but instead, I followed you, honked my horn and flashed my lights. Once you stopped your van, I called you a very, very mean, third grade name, just because you were younger and much smaller than I. I was bullying you and being very nasty and I am ashamed at how I treated you. I apologize for what I said and how I acted; you did not deserve it and your friend didn't deserve to have to hear it. You seemed like happy, engaged moms and I'm sincerely sorry for ruining an otherwise lovely day. I am so sincerely sorry. ♦

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