Walking: I see you walking the South Hill daily with a BFF and a flat coat retriever named Sadie.

Or Rather Don't See You: Anymore. Period. It's liberating. Not that I don't still think about you, just that I feel I can breathe again. I hope you got your kids back, I hope you found that man you were always looking for. I'm glad it wasn't me. I hope life is going well for you and your family. We were always better apart than together, no amount of delusion can make that untrue. I just hope you are doing well my friend and I am so happy that I haven't seen you.

St Patrick's Day w/out you: I thought I gave you everything I could. I think that over time we both took each other for granted and let our doubts interfere with what should have been. Throughout all of our triumphs, happiness, and joy to our aggravations, losses and injuries, I've wanted nothing more than to be the one you really wanted. I thought we were doing better, even though things have become rocky a little before and after I moved out. I thought we finally got to the point in which we would be able to move towards our shared happiness again, but again we were dealing with a lot of relationship doubts. I've always thought of you as a 10 in personality and beauty, and that should tell you that you mean more to me than just the number on your RED soccer jersey. I'll always be thankful/grateful for you and most importantly, I'm still in love with you and I will always love you!

Reading and writing are still cool: I saw you at the Shadle Library. You helped me sign up for a library card. You also signed up to of your friends before mailing out a handwritten letter. Thank you for helping to keep the joys of reading and writing alive.

Clog dancer: I saw you in VV shopping for wool sweaters, are you cold? Then I saw you shopping for tap dance shoes. Are you a dancer? Let's meet up over coffee and try out a few steps.

Diane From Spokane via Schweitzer: I saw you dancing at Schweitzer's Passholder party and finally got the nerve to introduce myself, only to be interrupted by your long-lost friend. I was the tall guy with long hair (imagineifcreations@gmail), you were incredibly sexy in your jeans and white shirt. I'd love to talk more!


Jared (Jarett?) at Brownes Rosauers: Kudos to Jared at the B.A. Rosaures Saturday eve 3/30/19 for being an outstanding employee. The guy in front of us in line was having trouble paying for his items and after his second time back with still not enough money, I decided to just pay for it myself. Pay it forward, right? That night I got a call from Rosauers saying there was something at the store for me. I get there and you, out of the kindness of your heart, and with your own hard earned money, bought me a gift card for being so nice to that man. Something you didn't have to do, but you did it anyway. That generosity goes above and beyond what your employee duties are and for that I applaud you. I thought I was paying it forward, but you were a perfect example of showing kindness when others would've turned the other way. So cheers to you Jared for having integrity and being an exemplary employee of Rosauers. :)

You are the best: While watching three little people excitedly down sandwiches and chips, saying "this is the best day ever" — followed by picking up educational materials and games to share... I coukdn't help but be thankful that I have you by my side as someone you wants to approach raising these little humans the same way that I do. I am lucky to have you there with me. I appreciate you and I respect you.... but most of all, I love you.


Civil War in Cheney:
Why oh why was a local Civil War Reenactment group (with their Confederate flags always flying) given a permit to host their pro-slavery promotion in Cheney for Memorial Day weekend? Is Cheney pro-slavery in 2019?!

To Me: Jeers to me for not being happy for my friends' incredible weight loss and physical betterment (you rock TJB). Jeers to me for not being able to be happy for his positive change in attitude on life and positive desire to date again. Jeers to me for not seeing the blessings in my life or, better yet, for seeing them but crying woe is me nonetheless. Maybe I'm just a miserable person. Jeers to me for wanting to run away and live in the woods. A successful hermit is still a failed human. Thank you so much to the people in my life for listening to me and my miles long complaint list. I want to pull myself back from the edge but I've been there so long I'm not sure how. Maybe a change of scenery, maybe a change of vocation, maybe a change of mentality. Jeers to me for thinking the grass is always greener someplace else.

Mean John: Dear John, the voicemail you left my friend after her recent loss was meanhearted and cruel. I think so much less of you now. To you, and people like you, who have so much yet go thru life angry and miserable, I say "Pull your head out." Seek anger management help. Your toxic behaviour poisons your relationships. Others are not responsible for your happiness. Karma can be a bitch and she's coming for you.

Volunteer if you really care: One Tuesday in February, I went into the Cheney Safeway and returned to my car to find a note. "Cool dog. Too bad he can't breathe. Crack a window. Have a nice day." It was 13 degrees out and I was only in the store 5 minutes, purchasing just 4 items. Get a life and if you are so concerned, perhaps you might volunteer at one of the dog shelters. An open window could have allowed you to steal or hurt my dog. P.S. He's a she and summer is another story. Have a good day.

LOCAL weed shop: You made a crack about my bicycle helmet. I wear one every time I ride and it really effects no one else beside me. What affects everyone around you is your choice not to shower. You smell like a whorehouse hamper, so maybe work on yourself first. Kay? Kay. ♦

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