I Saw You

Week of April 25


In passing: I saw you crossing the parking lot at Rosauers in Brown's Addition. Neatly dressed, perhaps 16, you shambled toward the door. Your hands fidgeted with your pockets. As we passed each other, you dropped you crack pipe at my feet. I went home and you? You broke my heart, child.

2 for Arbys? I saw you at the Division Arbys last Friday. I love seeing others who compliment restaurant workers and clean up after themselves and those around them. You were equally excited about the 2 for $6 gyro deal and helped many clean up messes with a smile. Your laugh and charisma impressed me. I'd love to share the deal with you sometime?


"Release the hounds!" I yelled that at Deaconess ER on April 6 while having a small stroke as I was worried about my dogs. The ER staff were incredible! Within a half hour I was hooked up to "everything" and had four or five doctors. Excellent job and thank you for saving my life. The hospital staff were just as wonderful especially the nurse in recovery who listened to my innane chatter! Just a suggestion to nurses, please say you are leaving before your shift ends. I missed thanking many of you. Born in Deaconess 56 years ago. You rock!

School Cuts: Cheers to Senator Mark Schoesler for submitting an editorial to the Spokesman that spelled out how area school districts now find their money trough near empty. There will be fingerprinting all around without real consequences, and the usual media blitz of sad, difficult decisions in an effort to goad the populace into a tax raising action; i.e., lower the levy threshold for passage. In the adult world, when a household's expenses exceed its income, it usually results in a rearrangement of priorities and a reduction in spending. Let's hope that the school districts can do the same.


Smashed: To the person or persons who broke out the driver's and rear window of the red Ford Escape parked in the North parking lot of the Illinois Bar and Grill. There was nothing to rob and you shattered both windows. The owner is a Vietnam veteran and genuine nice guy who didn't deserve the expense or aggravation. PS: You are on the security camera. Don't come back.

Spokane Driving Morons: Dear driving moron: Just because you want to get into the far left lane on a two lane street with an additional short third turning lane doesn't mean you have the right to do so. When rush hour is occurring in Spokane, there is a lot of traffice on some roads. It's amazing how many times I see a moron cross multiple lanes of traffic on a short stretch of road to get into the turning lane. Also, when you do this and nearly cause a traffic accident, it's your own fault you filthy piece of s—t! So, you can keep your skinny silly middle finger in the down position. Learn to drive defensively morons. Otherwise, a shortened life you will find. Hopefully, only you're killed in the accident and not an innocent victim of your stupidity.

KHQ: Strong signal: Jeers to the engineering geniuses at KHQ TV, who can't seem to figure out how to get their long-ago-dependable over-the-air broadcast signal to reach beyond Hastings Road, barely nine miles north of their downtown HQ's. Time for the FCC to nut up and yank the Cowles family's broadcast license and give it to an organization which actually will craft a concrete commitment to making free-to-viewers over-the-air broadcasting a priory. The Cowles family apparently already has sold their KHQ HQ's building to a Florida entity. Our backwater Hearst-wannabes should just take that next step and sell the whole shebang to someone — preferably not a far-away mega-corporation's mogul — who actually cares about viewers' access to their signal — and, who knows, maybe even someone wo cares about bona fide in-depth local television journalism. As in, more than reporting on parades, traffic accidents, mundane criminal violence, weather and garden variety local college and pro sports. There are people in their 20s and 30s living here who've never, ever seen a real piece of impactful investigative reporting on KHQ — and they probably never will as long as the Cowles keep their broadcast license. And not just because KHQ has a crappy broadcast signal barely strong enough to power the light in your fridge.

Responsibility I work for a lawn maintenance service and occasionally house sit, pet sit. My question is, why don't dog owners clean up their dogs poop? Backyards filled with crap. No place for your beloved companion to walk without having to dodge their own excrement. I don't understand why someone would get an animal and totally neglect basic hygiene. Astounding!

Too Many, Too... 1) Idiots on the road still using their phones while driving, though it is morally and physically dangerous. 2) Road construction crews Coke-ing and smoking on site when they should be working to fix our on-ramps and major arterials in a timely fashion rather than milking their contracts. 3) Local school districts pink-slipping librarians and special ed teachers while hanging to jock coaches and overpaid administrators, further enhancing the Trump-mandated illiteracy of this nation. 4) Religious and New-Age morons placing the public health at risk by not vaccinating their little ones. 5) Spoiled brats at Starbucks. 6). Infiltration of overly-Christianized zealots into high-profile public offices, public protection, and public schools. 7) Irresponsible and complacent adults who should have never parented today's kids... Let's continue the list. Please add to this next week!

RE: Take the money and run: If the money wasn't yours then why claim it? And after you did take it you could've donated it to a local charity and/or to the food bank. You need internet access to post in "Jeers" which means you already have more than others.

RE: Take the money and run: Bonus? You didn't earn that and yet you assume it was a drug dealer who dropped it. Maybe it was a senior!!! Anybody who may have lost it can never get it back because you claimed it as yours!!! Congrats on getting that money and I hope karma screws you over in the long run... I can prejudge also and maybe your just another meth head in need of somebody else money!

Terriers: You don't need to pull your kids away when you see somebody walking their pit bull in your direction; nobody is going to take an aggressive dog for a walk- they could be sued, etc. Stop the ignorance — pit bulls are no more aggressive than Chihuahuas; in fact, research shows little dogs are the most aggressive types of dogs.

Studded tires: Come on, people. It's almost May! Us bicycle riders can hear your studs tearing up the road. We have smart phones. I'm reporting license plates of cars who are STILL running studded tires. Do the right thing. Get them off your car! ♦

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