You Got Me Twisted: I saw you at Wetzel's Pretzels on Friday the 26th. You were grabbing a fresh salted pretzel during their pretzel day promotion. You grabbed me napkins and offered to carry our drinks. You were such a gentleman. That smile and those perfect curls had me smiling too !

Those who read together stick together: I saw you at Giant Nerd Books on Tuesday. You caught my eye while giggling at the contents of the "political nerd section" (as you called it). I was impressed by your style and choice in reading material. I was the nerd reading the volume on cheesemaking, wearing turquoise. Maybe we can meet for another adventure?

Cutie at The Launch: Saw you at the Bernie Organizing launch. You were wearing a suit and everyone knew who you were. I was too shy to flirt with you there but maybe if we both volunteer we could learn more about each other while we encourage others to vote? My email is pineapples_and_pirates@hotmail.com. Bernie 2020!

Helpful lady at Yoke's: checkout line You: Very attractive lady at Cheney Yoke's Thursday April 25 — ballcap, camo jacket, jeans, gray boots and a smile that would light up a dark room. Me: The guy who couldn't find the wine he wanted. Thank you for offering to help — a kind soul, indeed! Your innocent(?) flirtatiousness put a smile on my face that stayed all day. I hope we cross paths again so you can show me where that wine is....


The last honest business? Cheers to my favorite local shop in town! DyD on Garland cares about people over profit and they don't try to cheat customers with gimmicks, misleading signs or overpriced items. I came in looking for a very specific rare item and the girl who was working went out of her way to find it, even going to a back storage room. She even gave me a deal since I found so many other things I had to have. Made me angry to learn people steal from this small family ran business, esp since they give to people in need constantly. Love you guys, you are the heart of the garland district

Thank you for breakfast: Thank you to the two young mothers with the adorable little boy for buying our breakfast on 4/15 at Dave's Bar & Grill.


Weasel who stole my dog's leash: Why? I had just adopted this dog and I left his leash and harness on the porch while I brought him in. I forgot to bring them in, which I guess is where my greatest mistake would lie here, and they were stolen. Right off the porch. Guess we haven't learned in society that what does not belong to you, you leave the hell alone because now I don't have either of those. I do not walk my dog on his collar, that's bad for his neck. The harness was very important to his training, so I can't take him for a walk until I get a new one. So the thief reading this; I hope your dog chews it up so you can't use it.

RE: Too Many, Too... Add this: Why do I pay a certain downtown parking company $12 for "Event Parking" when all I want to do is find a place to park for one hour so I can eat at my favorite restaurant? Corporate greed.

Thieves = scum: Jeers to thieves. Esp the ones who take from small local businesses that are struggling to stay afloat. What makes you feel entitled to free things that the victims you take from worked hard to acquire? No wonder people like you always have bad things happening to you, you cause your life to be sucky. Jeers to the scum who steal from friends or people who are actually trying to help you out. You are the ugliest people and you will have nothing but misery to look forward to.

City of Spokane: Amazon record first quarter profit announced. Maybe if they they paid their fair share of taxes the city wouldn't have to lay off a few hundred school employees. Slave labor subsidized by local taxpayers. I used to work there when I lived in another state. You are not going to like it Spokane.

RE: Terriers: OK, so you'd like to open the debate on pit bulls? That's fine, but why would you scoff at parents that take precautionary measures for their kids' safety? Yes, we DO have to pull our kids away when we see somebody walking their pit bull...or any other known hazard. (It's a large part of parenting.) That's right - in my opinion, a pit bull is a hazard, while a chihuahua is not, mainly due to the fact that the former is notorious for attacking and killing people (kids and babies included), while the latter is not. I'm sure chihuahuas have been responsible for attacks on people, but pit bulls fill the headlines because they are unpredictably aggressive. I read about police having to shoot the dogs, but I've never read about the cops needing to shoot a small dog like a chihuahua. That's the other difference — sheer size. I'd take on a pack of chihuahuas over one pit bull, and maybe grab some Band Aids afterwards. Out of the many breeds of dogs, you specifically chose to own a pit bull for some reason. Many owners like their predisposition, and readily admit it. So please understand that you have an added responsibility with the dog you have chosen to bring into the public, and we parents will maintain our responsibility to assess any threat to our children.

Re: Spokane Driving Morons: Great piece of writing and totally agree w/ you, but the fools you wrote for don't read because they're not intelligent enough to do so. They're intelligence is all wrapped up in their middle finger, an articulation just as dumb as them. The larger question is why waste your time writing anything for the Inlander? Besides us and the silly people who write Cheers & Jeers, I've never known anyone who reads it. Everywhere I go has many unread copies left to pick up & replace with the next ridiculous edition. It's not a real news source. But if you want to laugh, read their marijuana hype section. It's so dumb it's amusing. Spokane news sources aren't exactly like New York or even Seattle, mostly just lame foolish slop from potheads.

Jeers to me sir: To the gentleman in CDA going south on Lincoln merging onto 95 on 4/28 in a black truck with a cap (I was going west on walnut) where we nearly collided and we pulled over for an argument, I owe you an apology, I was in the wrong. I take Walnut Street all the time and it's a nightmare to get across to 95, I'm always so focused on getting across (because I've waited 10+ minutes many many times) I had the yield totally wrong, tunnel vision I guess. I was thinking like the highway where the merging traffic coming down the ramp from the right yields. It's a rare/weird intersection and when you said "you always yield to traffic on the right, you know this" I for some reason did not. Not a good feeling to get out of the car for an argument when you think you're right but end up the party in the wrong. Sorry again, I owe you a beer or coffee or something. If you see me somewhere tap me on the shoulder and I'll get you that beer. ♦

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