Beautiful Valley Ross Attendant: You'll have no idea who I am; but I will never forget meeting you. As I needed a few simple things, our conversation and chit-chat was sadly brief. But oh, how you left an amazingly long-lasting impression on me. Neither simple nor solely beautiful, you are simply beautiful. I wonder, in another place and time would the situation have ended the same? The universe often gives a beautiful soul it's share of eternal happiness. The daydream spun in my own mind tells it's own selfish story. With the level of captivation a five minute interaction has stirred in me, time will only tell what amazing things you will unleash on the world.

Manito fly fishing instructress: I was with a friend and saw you teaching fly casting from afar. I spoke to you about fly fishing for bonefish and cutthroats. You're lovely and an artist of the fly cast. Should we talk? Or just share a half lit canyon with river and trout? Somewhere that nobody goes, except the deer? You are the keeper in these waters. Hope to see you again.

Handsome at the Ramen House: I saw you at King of Ramen on Friday the 3rd. You were wearing maroon and I was wearing yellow and blue. We caught eyes from across the room and you coyly winked. I had to rush through dinner but you seemed to be enjoying every single bite. I hope to live life with the amount of joy you got from that bowl of noodles. Maybe we can grab a bowl together, soon?

Springtime Smiles: I saw you sitting across the table, that smile on your face was lit by the afternoon sun. 70 degrees or hotter, Sunday was one of our warmest days yet - this spring. Your smile was warmer. I was filled with gratitude when I saw how kind you were to no only our shared guests but also the wildlife making themselves present during our lunch hour. The creek sounds, child giggles and your scientific ramblings made up a perfect soundtrack to the weekend. I hope you saw me too — or at least, saw the happiness and appreciation in my eyes.


Friendly Spokane bloomies! Cheers to the awesome encouragers along the Bloomsday route that pass out free Otter Pops and ice! Cheers to Spokane for such a positive community event! Events like this restore my faith in humanity! Go bloomies!

You're Amazing! Cheers to the person who found my emerald bracelet at the entrance to the Spokane Club and turned it into the receptionist. Your honesty is greatly appreciated. It was the first gift my husband gave me so many years ago and means so much to me. Thank you.

To all the moms: Cheers to all the Mom's, especially those who brave the South Hill trader joe's, while juggling children and extremely rude and impatient shoppers. Just wanted to remind you, you're doing a GREAT JOB.

A Big Old Cheers: to Spokane Huge shout out and cheers to the Spokane community, and those tired of reading all the ridiculous and petty jeers (and might I add, full of typos) in the Inlander. As a boomerang Spokanite, I've been overwhelmed by the friendliness and sense of community Spokane has extended as a welcome back. Thank you Spokane!

Pizza joint on Francis: To the nice people who covered my tab at the pizza place, thank you so bad. I was having the worst night and not holding together very well. You guys were a refreshing burst of human kindness. Thank you again, I promise to pay it forward.

Saved me from Doomsday: Thank you to the kind woman who gave $2 to a forgetful dad on Bloomsday so that his exhausted 6 year old daughter could get a cold treat after Doomsday Hill. You were our hilltop hero and kept us going in high spirits!


I said no: I work at 5 am and get coffee at the Zip Trip on NW Blvd every day. On Monday 4/29 I was approached by a women asking for money. I replied sorry I can't help. Then as I'm leaving the store your boyfriend or friend stood by my car calling me a piece of s$%t and to f$%k off since I had a nice car and that I should be able to afford a dollar with what I drive... Seriously!!! Your problem is not my problem!!! I have no issue helping people in need but a simple "no" should never lead to what you two did.

Book by its cover: To the arrogant, judgmental bank teller. If you only knew my long haired, bearded friend as I do, maybe you wouldn't have been so quick to push your way in front of your more professional coworker to refuse to cash his SSI check. This amazing talented man made more money as a musician than you will ever see in your shallow, petty life if that is what means the most to you. He was also very generous to others. Unfortunately health problems make it impossible for him to work now. I hate to wish evil on anyone, but I hope someday you have an accident, illness, injury that prevents you from making a living and requires you to depend on the government and the kindness of other people. May you never have to deal with one like you. And yes I did report you to your manager.

20 MPH and Manito Park on Grand: I am blown away how many of the early morning commuters, 5:30 am-6:00 am M-F, who travel past Manito Park going anywhere from 30 to 50 MPH. WHAT. It's posted 20 MPH and there is a speed sign flashing at you. Perhaps a sting is long past due, just think of all the funds in speed fines could go to fixing our streets.

Law enforcement: Wow. The citizens of Spokane need protection from you. I have not had a good interaction with any of you. City cops, sheriff, state patrol. I have never seen a group of arrogant people as bad as this. I am a law abiding citizen with no record. You all still speak disrespectfully to me like I am a criminal. Example: Walking the roadside rain dance in bare feet on a 100 degree day with my daughters watching from the truck. Being told I am a bad example to my children during a routine traffic stop for which a sheriff pulled me out of my vehicle and scolded me followed by a warning. Being thrown down on my face in a parking lot, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car and accused of being a drug dealer after which they let me go free with no tickets having found no supporting evidence. Three separate examples. Yes we need protection from you. ♦

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