You stole my heart at Outlaw: I saw you at the Outlaw BBQ on Sunday. I couldn't help but be impressed with your ability to carry multiple players with ease and your charismatic demeanor. We both remarked about how amazing the coleslaw was. Maybe we can grab a full meal from there and picnic sometime soon?

You had Fine Written All Over You: I saw you walking near Shadle Library this weekend. The wind caught your brown curls as it picked up highlights from the spring sunlight. You were a vision in gray and blue. I was lucky enough to get a smile from you as I sat under the trees.

Walgreen on Northwest, 8 pm: You pretty, petite blonde, me flannel shirt and flip flops. We talked about the weather and laughed about my attire. You commented on my copper jewelry; I believe that the store clerk called you by your name. You were sweet and kind and full of life. Our conversation was cut short by the checkout employee. Would love to continue, perhaps over coffee?


Thanks to the FICA ushers! Many thanks to the ushers at the First Interstate Center for the Arts for being so accommodating and helpful to us when we went to see "The School of Rock" on Saturday night. I just wanted to do something nice for my 95-year-old mother for Mother's Day, and you really went above and beyond to make it easy for us (especially for Mom) to get around and to be seated in a comfortable place. Thank you!

Anne of Green Gables: Mr. Sixth Grade Teacher in the Rosauers at the Y parking lot May 14, thoroughly and genuinely engrossed in your book — I rolled my window down to ask if you were reading "Anne of Green Gables" and you told me it was the last book of the school year. I ran right over to the library and picked up a copy and just read through chapter 19. (I need to stop for tonight or else I'll stay up too late reading it!) Thank you for the great recommendation! I hope your students are enjoying the book as much as I am! Sincerely, Mr. Another Enthusiastic Reader, who somehow had missed it until now.

Roar: To all the younger women from your older, battle-hardened sisters. We fought hard for the rights that are now being slowly taken away. We marched, we yelled, and we wouldn't back down. Now is the time for you to take over, for this is your fight now. We will be beside you all the way, but it is time for you to take the lead. Do not let them take what we fought so hard for! Do not let them send you back to the bad, dark days! Fight, yell, do not back down... these are your bodies and your rights; fight for them! This is a roar for you, we know you can do it... Lead on!

A Moment: One afternoon shortly before Mother's Day I stopped to pull out of the parking lot of Trader Joe's. In the middle of the street in front of me was a mother duck leading her four ducklings to safety on the other side. Facing my car and waiting to pull into the lot was another woman who had also stopped to let the mother and her babies pass in front of us. We watched the precious sight of this small, vulnerable mother protecting her young amidst the world of concrete and cars. As the ducks reached the opposite curb and our cars passed each other, the other woman and I simultaneously rolled down our windows and slowed to share the moment with each other. My exclamation of "Happy Mother's Day!" was joined by her "Make Way for Ducklings!" as we drove away smiling.


RE: Who Raised: You My heart broke for you reading your Mother's Day experience. In spite of your pain, you thought of others and went to work —that was courageous. Thank you for reminding us that is costs so little to be a bright spot in someone else's day. As I go about my business today, I will definitely make the effort to look people in the eye and give them a smile. I will do this in honor of your mother and your son, and in honor of your courage in the face of your pain. Peace to you!

Disk Golf: Dirty needles and tons of trash at the Downriver disk golf course. I used to disk golf with my dog in the morning and pick up random garbage and then toss it in my own garbage bin but with the amount of RVs and campers down their I can't keep up with the amount of trash that you are tossing out. And then the dirty needles! I can see those but my dog doesn't know what those are... F—-in nasty!!!!

Dumping Yard Waste On The Street: To My Neighbors: The Road Closed sign at the end of our street DOES NOT mean that you can dump rocks, leaves, tree branches and whatever else that comes out of your yard there! There is a trail for people and bikes to use! What gives you the right to discard your shit?! You can drop it off at the dump for free!

USAF harassing civilians: Jeers to the USAF survival instructor that confronted us 5-10-2019 in the Colville National Forest. You were dressed in tactical gear and had a large M9 bayonet on your belt. We were parked at a camping spot I've visited many times in the past. When we were about to leave you came tromping out of the brush and acted like you owned the place. You were deliberately intimidating and unpleasant. Civilians may be an inconvenience for you but the USAF doesn't own the national forest. There's no reason anyone in the USAF should be out there conducting themselves this way. Like an angry cop policing a restricted area. ♦

Stealing My Phone: Thank you... To the very nice young man, who came in to our store to buy some CBD for his fiance, who has very high anxiety. Nice guy. Talked about his construction job and that he moved here from South Carolina because his soon to be father in law got him his dream job! That's just great! OH!!! Can you bring back my phone that you stole... right off our damn counter! Here I am trying to help you and you f*&@*in steal my phone, asshole? We have you on camera, dumb ass! Would you like your face plastered all over social media? That's my next step! Bring my phone back and throw it in our mailbox or something! Thanks so much for being so nice and polite, ass-wipe!

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