Economy parking: You turned to me on the economy shuttle and asked me if I had a good trip. My trip was great, but seeing your smile made it nice to be home. It was my stop, and you were still searching for your yellow truck. All of the sudden, I see yellow trucks everywhere, hoping that one happens to be yours.

To the one that got away: Truth be told I am in love with you. I have tried to discreetly get a hold of you but my messages go unanswered. Don't stop believing. To my sausage fingers, aka CLS.

Trader Joe's on Division: To the pretty Asian woman who was there monday may 20 around 11:30... we ran into each other twice in the store... am still mad at myself for not saying something to you... i will be there every monday same time looking for you...

Pick your Poison: To the beautiful short haired blonde gal at Maverick on Sullivan. It was quite nice to see a friendly face after a slight road rage incident. Instead of confronting the recklessness of another driver, I was rewarded with a kind smile and courteous actions from you. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

Re: Outlaw slaw: Can't remember but I'm always up for a picnic.


Sean at B&B Towing: I was stranded at a gas station and my motorcycle wouldn't start. I had been having a rough week and you were so nice going out of your way to help me. You reminded me that there are good people in the world. I hope the kindness you showed me shines on you when you need it.

Greatly appreciated: To the honest person who found my cell phone and turned it into the service desk at the Hamilton and Mission Safeway: thank you and God bless you!

High Five: To the group who stopped during the morning commute at 37th and Ray to help a stalled motorist. Way to help your fellow citizen out!!

Paying it Forward at Bruchis: I didn't know how to thank the man in the big black truck who paid it forward at Bruchis on Division by buying our $50 lunch. You didn't know it but we had just come back from my sister's ultrasound to find out the gender of her baby and were celebrating with our family. I can't tell you in person but I want to put my thanks out into the universe in hopes that it reaches you.


Red lights: To everyone who leaves multiple car lengths between them and the car ahead of them at stop signs and red lights: WHY?!

Shame on You, Larry Haskell: I was thoroughly disappointed to read that you attended the recent Liberty State fundraising stunt. The whole "movement" is clearly a cynical ploy by Shea to raise money and get attention, and to give his cohorts another opportunity to walk around packing guns and pretending to be some sort of freedom fighters — essentially cosplay for "constitutionalists" — whatever that term means. As the elected prosecutor representing half a million constituents in this county, you ought to have better judgement than to legitimize this ploy. When are you up for re-election?

Scootering while intoxicated: Super shoutout to the couple riding the same Lime scooter on the sidewalk Friday night. You guys had so much fun! I could hear the laughter all the way down the block after you rammed me down, scraping my elbow/knee/face/back tire over my left breast... knocking me out of breath and wondering how somebody could just drive off still giggling... faith in humanity... still lost. Cool reminder. Dick heads...

Abuse of power: This is a big fat jeers to the Spokane Valley cop who decided to be extremely rude to my 20-year-old son, when you pulled him over for going through a yellow light on 5/10/19. I realize that he may have sped up a little to make it through the yellow light, but you didn't have to tell him "Shut your f----- car off now"! Followed by "you dumb f---- driver!" I didn't realize that speeding up a bit to make it through a yellow light was considered reckless driving? If I'm driving and the light changes suddenly from green to yellow, I'm not going to slam on my breaks because I could cause a wreck, I speed up slightly to go through the yellow light, as it means proceed with caution! Or at least that's what I thought it meant? Either way, you had no right to treat him as you have. I will be sure that a complaint is made, even though it might not do anything! I would say smile lady, but you don't deserve that title... I don't know if it is me, but it seems like the women cops have a serious attitude problem for some reason... Hopefully nobody ever treats your son or daughter like you have mine!

$250 damage: My husband parked our Subaru in the parking lot by Ace Hardware on Monroe. He went to Huckleberry's first. He turned to look back at the car when he noticed the older woman next to a dark colored BMW SUV. The woman had an "oh no" expression on her face and my husband, being a "live and let live" type thought nothing of it until I asked him about the door ding on our passenger side door. You drove off knowing you had made a sizable dent, it's going to cost us $250 to fix. Karma is coming for you. ♦

CYT Spokane: Matilda the Musical @ Bing Crosby Theater

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