RE: The one that got away: Feelings are mutual. Let's meet at the Firehouse Subs June 7th at 5:30. CL

Blonde in black Mercedes: I was on my silver bike Saturday, June 1. You drove by as I went out on a ride. Then, saw you again on return home. Same neighborhood, A Street-Lindeke, north side. How about happy hour somewhere? ; )

Catching you: We met at the Dogtown concert. I couldn't stop stealing glances at you in the line. I bought you a shot of the vanilla Sinfire, you bought me tacos. Most fun I've had in years, let's do it again. capnnoirjones@gmail.com. Find me.


Protector of baby ducklings: You were in a red truck driving on Wandermere Road. I was behind you when you suddenly stopped. I was amazed to see that it was because there was a group of ducklings trying to cross the road. They crossed in front of you and then continued to the other side of the road - straight into oncoming traffic. You fiercely waved your arms out the window flagging down the oncoming vehicle just in time for them to stop. Just as I breathed a sigh of relief I watched as you got out of your truck, and then in the same moment as a falcon flew from a nearby tree ready and eager to snatch up its prey. I actually screamed as I watched in horror. You raced across the road and scared the falcon away just in the nick of time! Cheers to you for taking action and making safe decisions on the fly. I hope those ducklings were able to find their mom safely, but they were very lucky to have you in that moment on the road.


Grocery stores and convenience stores:
I'm sure this happens in other cities even if it hasn't been my experience in other cities, but Spokane grocery stores and convenience stores seem to have a problem. Recently, I did some shopping at a local grocery store. After having completed paying for my shopping, I noticed an item on the receipt had the wrong charge. After double checking for accuracy, I asked an employee for help. After waiting for some time as they inquired about it, I was told to get back into (a long) line and ask for the refunded amount. Another time I made a purchase at a deli. The item that was advertised in the deli was only partially available, so I was asked if they could make a substitute. I agreed since it was their suggestion. Then, they charged me an additional amount of money for the item because they hadn't bothered to make the item that was advertised. When I inquired about the extra cost, I received an eyeroll and a poor explanation. Rather than argue, I left the store... forever. I tend to be a very loyal customer for businesses that I like. However, neither of these ones will receive any additional business from me and I'll be sure to pass on to others my poor experience and encourage them to shop elsewhere. In the meantime Spokane shoppers, be sure to check your receipts for accuracy. If you're overcharged and the employee and/or store has a problem with making this right, please don't support them. Rather, support those stores that are honest and have employees that actually seem to care about your business or at least pretend that they do. I'm certain the large chains can survive losing a few customers to other businesses, but if you're a small operation in Spokane, can you say the same?

Gun Fanatics: It is not good enough to have a country awash in guns, assault rifles, bump stocks, armor piercing rounds, expanded ammunition clips etc. No, we need suppressors too. I cannot wait to hear the moronic reasons why suppressors should be legal. If only the screams of the victims and their loved ones could be suppressed. There must be some pro-gun people who still have enough common sense to take sensible action to make our country safer. Like stop paying your NRA dues until they support reasonable efforts to improve the situation. Or form an alternative organization that requires common sense to be a member.

re: red lights why the spaces? To the yahoo who wondered about why people leave 2-3 car lengths between cars it's what you are SUPPOSED TO DO!! This is especially necessary in the winter when there is ice & snow on the ground. Read the WA state driver's handbook or, better yet, ask a police officer. The people you saw were actually obeying the law. I suggest you do the same. It keeps Everyone safe. VZ

re: EBT for redbull: How dare you! So seeing someone use an EBT card to buy a Redbull while having a mobile phone offends you? Since when does being poor mean you can't have luxuries? You know nothing about this person. Maybe they're working two crappy jobs and need energy drinks to get through the day. Maybe the phone predates the EBT card. Maybe the phone is WHY they can work at all. Or maybe they, just like you, you bigoted a*****e want something nice, like a drink, fast food or a movie. If this offends you, stay the hell home.

Thieves: Jeers to the people (I use that term loosely) that stole from artists at ArtFest. What in the world are you going to do with it? "Here Grandma, have a stolen teapot for Christmas" or did your drug dealer decide to take ceramics and photography as payment? The people you stole from work really hard. First they have to make the items to begin with - thus why artists refer to it as "my work," then they have to go out in all kinds of weather and set up a tent and sell it themselves, then pack up and go on to the next show so they can pay the light bill, rent, groceries etc. Oh - I guess that is the same as you having to stay up late, avoid security guards, break into booths (most of them have zippers, why cut up the tent too?) and race back to your car. You suck. While I am here, jeers also to the malcontents that stole the bronze medallions off the Centennial Trail, you also suck. ♦

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