Cute boys in Jeep: Hey, so me and my friends were on Division Street in a tan Honda Accord and you pulled up behind us in your white Jeep. You had a friend in the car. Well we kinda followed you to attempt to get your Snap but we were unsuccessful. We're pretty sure you and your friend are our soulmates so there's three of us but we're hoping you have a friend for our third person. But you should definitely hit us up. We single and you cute.

Hoopfest Sunday @ Boots: While validating your friend's parking choices, it was your smile I wanted to compliment, both times that we saw each other. Lovely! Maybe you'll respond here...

Nerds Unite: I saw you at the Garland Theater last Friday. We both were trying to hit all of the Wizards Unite stops after the Pikachu movie. Nerds unite!! Hope I see you around there soon?

You're a catch: I saw you at the Spokane Indians game on the July 3. I was impressed by your ability to keep cool in the chaos and you looked great in those fancy sunglasses!! I was the one in the Mariners gear who was struggling with the lidless cups. Maybe we can see a game together next time?

*high five* guess you're stuck with me? Thank you for seeing Spiderman with me and sharing in a late night sushi fix. I AM SORRY PART OF THE NIGHT WAS ROUGH but I promise to make up for it forever <3

Atticus Coffee, July 7th: I saw you seeing me, blond hiding behind displays, you tall and tattooed. I'm not good at flirting. Went back but you were gone. Check Craigslist's missed connections if you want to connect.


To all the Ironman Volunteers: Thank you to all the volunteers out on the Ironman course keeping us going! I am always so grateful for their unending energy and words of encouragement. The guy playing bagpipes brought me in those last couple of miles.

To the youth Hoopfest father: We saw you Saturday afternoon addressing your son (we presume) on the north side of the Parkade Plaza. It was apparent to us you were using your chat as a teachable moment because the gist of your conversation was "you're not ever going to do that again and you are going back out there (to the court) and apologize to that kid! Do you understand?" We applaud you for instilling in your son a sense of sportsmanship. All young athletes should have a teachable moment as that!


620pm 22 bus on July 3: Jeers to all the people on the bus that sat and watched a poor man collapse into my arms in the beginning stages of a seizure. I'm no lightweight but this man was bigger and heavier than I am and NOT A SINGLE ONE of you tried to help me lay him on the floor... I had to yell for help and get the bus drivers attention to be able to get him down and still no one else came to help me. It's sad to see so many people that are unwilling to help in a medical emergency. What if that was YOU that needed help? I hope that when you or your loved ones need help, someone like me is there to help them.

Northside bartender needs to go home: I go into a bar for a cocktail and some pleasant conversation. Instead I am forced to listen to how miserable a place Spokane is and how superior life in Florida is. So go back to Florida or adjust your negative attitude

Humanity: Jeers to the dumbest species to ever exist on this planet. Us humans. First we abuse Mother Earth — the only livable planet — to the point of breaking. Then think we can slow down or even reverse climate change. Really? We cannot even solve the litter problem which gets worse every year. Yet requires no more money, no new technology and no coalition of nations to solve. We are doomed by our own arrogance and stupidity. Sorry future generations, our bad.

Bicycle racks: To businesses that stop providing bike racks to customers because there are to many bike thefts. Would you stop providing a car park because there are so any car thefts?

The illiberal's view of Church and State: I wonder if the author of the jeer post titled "Political Proselytes" knows he (or she) is just percolating in intolerance? I'm going to name him (or her) Polly Pro. Polly Pro dictates to Christians "stop inserting your religious beliefs into public policy," and also to "go to church, and go to the polls, but don't confuse them." HA! I'd brand Polly Pro a Liberal, but a true liberal is supposed to be tolerant, fair and educated; one who wants to give every side a fair hearing. Instead he is one of those nuts that they used to call "illiberal," that is someone who is judgmental about others behaviors and hardheaded in their opinions aiming to sensor what people say, and to cut off debate. So if I happen to disagree with abortion, Polly Pro will call me an intolerant, stupid, mindless Christian. Then he (or she) will yell separation of church and state. How convenient! If Polly Pro were less biased and a little more educated he'd know that the Establishment Clause isn't to keep religion or personal beliefs out of politics, READ IT Polly Pro: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." So, I'd like to ask Polly Pro: when's the last time a government representative forced you to convert to Christianity? Probably never, because Polly Pro isn't suffering under religious oppression, he just doesn't believe in free speech. There's a whole lot of things I don't like but have to accept in this world, so Polly Pro, you're just going to have to live with it.

Just trying to live my life: Jeers to the lady with no teeth, sunken cheeks, cigarette smoking, entitled addict who had to audacity to ask me to fill her gas can for her. Only to throw up your arms in disbelief and ask the next poor soul fueling their car after I kindly declined. Is nowhere safe in Spokane? I just want to live my life day to day without being ridiculed for telling a poor meth head "no"? I am not unsympathetic to the hardship of your life and you probably have/had a lot of trauma growing up. I get it, life is hard and meth gives you an escape. Please just leave me alone and seek assistance at the local shelters and organizations that work hard to help you live a life without meth and begging. Sunday is my time. Mon-Fri is your time. There are vouchers if you have therapy appointments, doctor appointments, doing anything to help yourself. I wish you luck and hope you can start the road to recovery soon. ♦

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