Baseball Game Super Glue Accident: I'm sure you saw me. I was the young, blue haired teenager covered in instant nail glue. You were the woman in a tank top trying to enjoy a baseball game. I should have stopped to apologize to you and see if you were okay. I did not do that. I'm so sorry. We were headed to the hospital immediately. I got it in my mouth and throat. You, unfortunately, got a splatter of super glue over your back. I still feel bad. I was trying to assist a friend with fixing her broken fingernail. The tube of glue was jammed, and my brilliant idea to bite the tube and "fix" it bit us both back. I completely understand if you're angry. I would have been too. Just know that kid at that baseball game didn't do it on purpose, and got to explain what happened to several doctors at the ER, who probably agreed I was an idiot. Again, I'm sorry.

Ice cream Encounter: I was you saw you at The Milk Bottle this last Friday and you kept smiling at me from a distance. Your Auburn waves and flashing dimples were the stars of our encounter, followed close by those yummy sundaes and singing and dancing jesters. Perhaps a ice cream soda for two is in order, soon?

Bright Sunny Gal: I see you standing at your bus stop every morning on my commute to work. You're always wearing something bright and colorful! I love it. I even told my husband how happy it makes me to see you just doing your thing. YOU GO GIRL! I just want you to know you bring a smile to a stranger's face, I always look forward to seeing your outfit. Keep doing you, your sunny colors brighten my day and remind me to just be me too.

Walking Your Dog Sat, in Liberty Lake: I was driving my truck down Country Vista in Liberty Lake while you were walking with your dog toward Pavilion Park on Saturday. You looked so happy, I couldn't help giving you a big smile. Your return smile blew me away, really made my day. You caught me catching a second look in my mirror, I should have turned around, oh well probably for the best. Just want to say thanks for making my day in case you read these. It was nice to see someone so obviously full of life and cute to boot.


Batteries Plus fixing my key fob: You guys at the north side batteries plus deserve an applause! I have a 10-year-old car that needs to be kept up and if I would have had to replace the key fobs the price would have been over $200 a piece! I brought both the main one and the backup one and you guys repaired them both for a MUCH more reasonable price. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have earned my respect and a loyal returning customer

I owe you a frostee: Wendy's on Wed, July 10. You helped me push my little toaster car out of the drive thru after it died. Thank you so much! I appreciate you!

Mr. B to Kitten: Wow. Thank You for the cheers (way back in the 3/7 issue). I've taken so long to respond because I wasn't sure that it was you who authored the cheer and because I felt that I may have written enough about my Browne's Addition experience, but here, perhaps, is closure: I wanted to befriend you guys, but, had I done so, I would have written little if any poetry at the Westminster. Indeed, I feel that I must remain alone while stranded in this dim kaleidoscopic plain life. P.S. - What made you realize that I was protecting you? P.P.S. - Have you listened to Loreena McKennitt? P.P.P.S. - Thank You...

Country Homes Blvd. traffic jam: To the woman who stopped traffic in front of my house on Country Homes Boulevard this morning (Tuesday, 7/9)... That you felt it necessary to apologize for stopping traffic while you helped a family of quail cross the street... is telling. That you instructed your own young offspring (I assume) to aid in the endeavor... is reassuring beyond measure. I just wanted to say thank you - that you gave me hope this morning. May you and your family be blessed 1000 times over. :)

Best Baristas: Cheers to the baristas at the new Starbucks on the corner of 3rd and Walnut for being so great! I have been in twice and dealt with three different baristas who have all been so genuinely nice, friendly, and fun. It's normal for customer service workers to put on a smile, but these baristas actually seem like they care and are happy to be there. I don't usually do things like this, but I've come in on two high-stress mornings, and their attitudes and kindness and nice little "have a great day!" notes on my lids actually made my day brighter and lifted my spirits! A little really does go a long way. Also, they make some great coffee! :)


No place for knives: A big boo-hiss to the owner of the laundromat who wouldn't tell the guy with the giant knife to take it somewhere else! 7-9-19. There were kids there! A nice lady in blue told you about him and you did nothing!! A bigger boo-hiss to the man with the knife. Do you think you're gonna get into a samurai fight at the laundry? Rambo called, he wants his knife back!! Shame on you both. Pulled my laundry out early scared stiff.

Obnoxious German Shepherd: Thank you for not caring. I just bought my home and I am trying to work in my backyard. Your dog scares me and anyone that walks by. You have told it to be quiet twice. That's it. Every time we are outside we get barked at. Doesn't matter the time of day. I have a right to be at peace in my own backyard. I own a dog. She doesn't bark at you or anyone else. Way to not train your dog and be a complete jerk.

Spraying Perfume/Cologne on the bus: I get it; it's summer and it reeks on the bus. People either don't use deodorant or don't bathe, or something smells. It's a little hard to stomach sometimes, but please don't spray something. There are people who have serious medical issues that cannot handle someone spraying in such close quarters; imagine minding your own business and someone sprays something fruity behind you. Sure, it smells good to the person spraying it but for the asthmatic sitting in front of you, it's painful. It's like someone poured acid into your lungs and ripped the air out of you. Open a window, or move but please remember that you are not the only person on the bus and some people cannot handle your spray. What makes you mildly comfortable can make someone else literally struggling to breathe. ♦

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