I'm excited for you to come back. I never thought I'd envy the state of California, yet here I am. You're kind, funny, and - dare I say - one of the most attractive people I've ever seen. You were only in Spokane for two days, but you've been in my mind all month. You probably won't see this, but I think you're a really cool guy. When you come back, we're hanging out because I would be happy to have someone like you in my life (even if only as a friend). I hope you're having a good summer!

Benny Hoping to See you Again: I saw you at Ferguson's Cafe on Saturday. You had a hat sitting on the hanger by your table and joyously sang along to the tunes. I admire your respect of the staff and your dual appreciation for and Eggs Benny & Biscuits and gravy. We should go sometime and reenact a movie scene ;)

Winking at Winco: Saw you at Winco up North this past weekend. I thought your consideration for my blue cheese craving was more than sweet. That wink and dimpled smile routine you have is swoon-worthy.

You're a Catch: Were the sunglasses aviators, and did he have two boys? I'm sorry I don't remember the lidless cup, but I recall seeing a pretty girl in a Mariners Jersey. It's too bad the Indians lost that night, 7-6

Brunette on Bike: Last saw you on Saturday, 7/13. I was headed to downtown with a friend. I was leading bike, you were headed towards Petit Dr., on West Point Rd., just off Mission. You don't wear cycling shorts while riding. Second time I've seen you on same street. Are you game for a beverage sometime??


Ground Control to Major Tom: I am devastated that our relationship shipwrecked and I wish that the idea you have of me wasn't tainted by all the people who have purposefully maligned me and spoken lies to you about me and assassinated my character to you for the sole purpose of ruining our friendship and our lives. Their influence on me was extremely toxic and they only pretended to be my friends just so they could abuse me emotionally and I am sorry that I took that pain and anger out on you, that was completely out of character for me and I regret it everyday. Please forgive me and remember me for who I really am and not for how my haters want me to be portrayed as. Shalom.

Never Bored: A father who truly loves his son gives him space. He allows his son to enjoy the fiery and heart pounding moments of his youth, in an unbridled fashion. Moreover, he knows little. The threats of his son are that of his own, yet with faith he prays that his son will learn to problem-solve on his own. Working closely with his wife & building on their good work, an iron fist becomes a steady hand with years of patience. A father picks his battles, and wins by discretion previously exercised. Anchored in love, laughter and life a father confronts the forces of evil with the poison of kindness. A father/husband is the king of his castle, and the quality of that kingdom is reflected by the welfare of his subjects. Tobias Glimmerfors of Sweden once taught me that the key to victory is a lack of failures. Every shout, every hit, every joke that is designed to "toughen" up a man conversely weakens a fellow being's spirt. In the end, it's not the lessons that are passed along; it's actions. I challenge you today — if you are a father, to go to church... talk to the people there, and spend time teaching those around you... just as filially done.

The Arthur to My Molly: I am lucky to have someone to share cheese plates with and to find joy in Harry Potter games, taco nights and stupid Buzzfeed listicles. Being with you makes everything sweeter. I love you.

Kindness Strikes Again: In Spokane We were eating lunch on a patio at a popular restaurant next to an adorable family that we shared a couple of laughs with. They left after eating and couple of minutes later the waiter came back and told us that the family had paid for our meal. We were pleasantly surprised or more like shocked. Wow, Thank You So Much for your kindness! We will always remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Disabled & Stranded (Part I) To Malcolm and Frank who rescued me on 29th when my electric wheelchair went rogue and decided to desert me. You are terribly sweet! You went above and beyond taking a "couple of minutes" to help. I had groceries with me. (My eggs even made it home in tact.) I also am an oxygen user and was running out! They both pushed me for several blocks. (I'm a big woman and those chairs weigh a ton!) I was very afraid they would hurt themselves! The wheels seemed kind of locked on top of it all. We came to a spot that was impassable with the chair acting as it was. So, Malcolm went ALL the way back. He got the truck and helped me into it. Then Frank pushed the chair back the rest of the way! YOU GUYS ARE OUTSTANDING HUMAN BEINGS!


Disabled & Stranded (Part II) To the d**knose who I tearfully asked for help from, and replied, "Nope, not my problem." I hope you think about that every time you are worried about someone you love. That they may be asking for help and someone may be responding as you did. Even as a disabled person I have found small ways to help others. It doesn't take too long and it feels great!

Anti-theft Baffoons: Walked in the Grocery Outlet and immediately was told had to turn over my bag (b/c I LOOKED like a shop lifter?) or leave. When I got my bag back at checkout, surprise, there was a footprint on it. My phone and tablet were in there. Also, there were THREE women in line in front me all with their bags. You think discount grocery thieves wear bright orange bike helmets and $200 messenger bags?! What a way to improve sales!!! Pull entering customers aside and demand they hand over their bags. NEVER shopping there again. The N. Division store is friendlier and much better selection. Oh yeah, I'm a law student.

Bicyclists: Listen up Spokane bicyclists: If you expect vehicles to share the road with you and have the same rights as other motorists, then you better start following the same rules. As a school bus driver, I have never experienced more people breaking the rules than a person on a bicycle. Guess what? When I am coming to a stop and preparing to pick up a child, my overhead amber lights will flash telling motorists, yes, this includes you bicyclists, that I'm getting ready to stop. When I come to a stop, my overhead red lights will flash and the BIG RED stop paddle will come out telling motorists, bicyclists this includes you, that you need to STOP. This does not mean that you can pass me on the right and almost run over a child trying to get on the bus — yeah, it actually happened. If you can't follow the rules and share the road with other motorists, then don't cry about having the same rights. ♦

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