Super cute blonde at Dick’s: You were sitting at one end of the table with a couple of Big Gulps, and headphones in. I walked past to the other end of the table and had a cigarette. You asked me for one, so I walked back to my car and got one for you, then came back with my lighter for you to use. After a quick “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” that was it. What I wish I would have said was “you’re absolutely stunning and I wish I had more time to chill with you.” Hope you get a chance to see this.

Cute biker girl: You were riding a gorgeous blue single speed Schwinn with cute pink bull horns. You are GORGEOUS. I see you every day... sometimes we even ride together... I'm in love. Drinks? Movie? New house? Travel the world together? Rest of our lives together? <3 -toast

Subway Hayhay: I saw you at Subway on Saturday. We both were in awe of the new selections. Thank you for the garlic steak and cheese suggestion. Now I have a new favourite. Maybe I'll see you there again?

Sushi and Smiles: I saw you at Kinja on Friday. We both seemed hella busy, stressed and in need of some sushi self care. How'd you like your asparagus roll? I know I enjoyed the tempura avocado I got after your suggestion. Thanks for suggesting a new place!


I'm lucky: Thank you for putting up with my constant whining and pain complaints. I feel guilty that you have to put up with me. Moments are better, happier and less painful with you in them.

Slainte means "Cheers" in Gaelic: Everytime I think of something funny I wish you were with me so I could laugh with you. But you are not with me so I just laugh to myself and sometimes with me mum but she doesn't always understand my dark sense of humor like you do. I want to laugh with you again about stupid things and stupid people lol. We could just laugh our worries away and make fun of all the stupid people all day long. P.s. you are frickin' hilarious you make me laugh and I need your sense of humor in my life, I am only half human without laughter and the joy that you bring me.

Thanks for Helping at The Red Wagon: Thank you and God bless for the two amazing ladies that helped me when my 3 year old old grandson fell from the top of the Red Wagon in Riverfront Park on July 25th around 5 pm. I was in survival mode and I know I didn't thank you enough for helping me, giving me all of your wet wipes and talking to 911 after I called. My grandson is just fine - no injuries thank goodness - just a few scratches. Spokane is blessed to have two angels like you! Thank you again!

Sacred Heart ER staff 7/22/19: I wanted to give a quick shout out to the ER staff on duty the night of 7/22/19. I felt that the staff of the Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians did an outstanding job at care. I know that the chaos of the ER is highly stressful at times but I am truly grateful for everyone I worked with. Particularly I wanted to note are both the nurse and tech I interacted with. Both were positive, polite, and engaged in active listening and conversation. I hope eventually I can meet more people like you and are happy that all of you get up everyday to do what you do. Thank you so much! I hope to see you around and hope you genuinely love what you do (it shows) thank you again. Maybe we will see each other again under more positive circumstances!

The Good Shoemaritan: Unbeknownst to me, my toddler tossed out his shoes while riding behind my bike in his chariot on the Fish Lake Trail. Three days later, I had a chance to search the trail and found them neatly placed next to each other about 1/2 mile in. Thank you Good Shoemaritan!!!


City Park: Not sure if this is a jeers on me or to the people in a City Park... but what were we supposed to do? So we were having a family BBQ and were approached by two people asking if they could have a plate each of our food. It was very weird but said sorry it's a private party, but what's left over you can have (the young kids were scared of these two). Then they came back again asking the same thing and that's when I had to say, "Same as last time dude (you can have what's left) but since you didnt understand me the first time please leave my family alone because you are making us very uncomfortable; we will help you out but not right now!!!" Then I was called an asshole!!! Why should I help somebody out that calls me that!!... then a group of kids showed up asking for cake!! We said yes, but to the parent who allowed your kids to approach strangers and ask for cake... get your own cake or have mom buy you a treat!!! My point being, when I grew up my parents said 'never talk to strangers and never invite yourself to something that wasn't intended for you.' Life isn't a hand me out.

You Give All Cops a Bad Name: Jeers to the WSP trooper on the motorcycle who ticketed my teenage son over for speeding on EB 1-90 on the morning of June 28. I was in the car with him and he was not speeding. The GPS tracker installed in the vehicle corroborated this fact. You taught my son, on the verge of becoming an adult citizen of this state, that law enforcement officers lie and cannot be trusted. You have tarnished the reputation of the many fine law enforcement officers who perform their duties with the integrity and professionalism demanded of their positions.

Ethical Blackhole: The Republican Party should change their name to the Cleopatra party, since they've become the Queens of Denial.

Mom/lime scooter: Friday afternoon on 7/26/19 on bottom South Hill near ray area. This is to that mom who had her baby strapped in a sling on her back flying downhill on a Lime scooter. The baby appeared to be about 6 months old or little older. I noticed the sling was leaning sideways and his head was hanging out on the side and every time you flew by a sign post, his head almost hit each one. You barely missed one pole by an inch. What bothers me is you may not want to wear protective headgear but that baby should have something on its head. As a medical professional I see head injuries and it is life altering. As a mother, you need to put your child's safety first. Next time you think about hopping that scooter with baby put a helmet on his head. Babies' heads are not completely developed and fragile. I ride bikes and they make helmets for babies. Final word: Please put your child's safety first. ♦

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