It was the Summer of '75: RJG, we were in our teens with days at the lake and touching moments alone. You wore a white and gold bikini you made yourself and were beautiful with dark hair and brown eyes that captured my heart. We fell in love and I remember riding double on your horse in the noon day sun while holding you close. 40 years later I realize why I lost you. You broke my heart, but if I had shown more patience and changed my plans to try a long distance relationship you may not have felt the need to protect your own heart. I know we ended badly. Youth and a broken heart are not a good mix. I have been inundated recently with memories of us. Maybe it's age. I may be being selfish and you're probably married, but I would love to see you, find out what these feelings are. If you know me, I'm on Facebook. Please message me.

Cutie Pi: I saw you at Republic Pi on Friday. You suggested the cheese plate and I couldn't have been happier. Next time I will cheers your rum and Coke with a drink of my own.

KF-See you soon? I saw you during a late night KFC stop. You ordered a cake and two of those "super special Mountain Dews" and were so proud of the deal you scored. I can't get enough of that effortlessly giddy smile.

Missing: Love of my Life: I saw you years ago and knew you were the love of my life. Now, after years of you ignoring me, while claiming that you care, distancing yourself more, making your disdain my problem, and running away, I learned that earning a badge doesn't mean you have any sort of integrity or care for others. I hope you find it in your heart to try again. I'll always still be listening, Lovebug, until the day you come home.


Cheers to 10 years: Cheers to my beautiful wife, happy 10th anniversary! The best is yet to come, I can't wait to share it with you.

The fresh plate market: Big ups to the Fresh Plate Market. Not only does this small/local business offer a variety of organic and non-GMO produce and various goods, but they sell them at low prices. This has made having healthy and fresh organic produce accessible for my family. Not only this, but the shopkeeper Floyd is awesome and always gives my kiddo a piece of fruit to eat while we shop, which makes trying to juggle a toddler and snag groceries much easier. Cheers to everyone at the fresh plate! Thank You for what you do.

Indians Game 6/25/19: I was with my niece and nephew at the baseball game on 6/25/19. We were in the team store and you were the polite gentleman paying for your hat in front of us. My 5-year-old nephew was intrigued with what you were purchasing and was completely in your bubble standing as close as he could to you (he was really excited lol). You looked down, saw him and instead of just saying "hi" you gave him a $20 bill to pay for the items both he and my niece had picked out saying, "you're supposed to have a fun night at the baseball game." I was completely shocked & truly amazed and you made the kids' night. They were so happy and you completely restored my faith in humanity. You didn't have to but you did. I really hope some great karma comes back around to you because you deserve it. Your gesture meant so much and I can't thank you enough! Baseball really is America's favorite pastime.

Indian Eyes: Through the ups and downs you've stuck around and I truly know that you're the one that I plan to build my life around. I love you my beautiful Indian Eyes, may you kiss me goodnight every night. In our lord's name I pray that you will always feel the same. Remember that I got you even when the wheels fall off. Love you my one and only my Indian Eyes.


Thoughts and Prayers: News flash, religious leaders, your prayers are not working. Jesus did much more and even overturned tables. Give your church members a choice. Choose their God or their AR-15.

RE: The Illiberal's View: Just because a person is a liberal doesn't mean they have to be tolerant of you. Separation of church and state means any particular religion does not have the right to dictate and impose their beliefs on those who do not share said beliefs. I think it is pretty intolerant for Christians to stand outside Planned Parenthood yelling and waving huge posters of dead fetuses to young women who may be just trying to get some birth control. Are you going to adopt and raise any babies that may result from unplanned pregnancies? Please practice your religion in the proper place. In your church!

Missing from KuroNekoCON: My daughter bought a plush figure specifically to have it signed by the voice actor. It went missing from her backpack on Friday. I really want her to get it back. Maybe you didn't take it, but not turning it into lost and found is the same as stealing it. Look in lost and found on Spokane Craigslist for email to arrange to return it.

Shadle Park haters: Let's start with a right to live. In America. Not What others yell when sitting on a rock. Human beings or race of color, the hard working people working to make a life. There are homeless people who are houseless just like you. There are every walk of life on the rock... behind McDonald's in Shadle Park. And if you don't agree with what is right or wrong, don't judge us. Don't lie to Facebook on the net about us, there are vets and people who worked and lost their wives and homes because of choices in one's life. Something has to change with the world of working class and haters of Shadle Park about The Right To Live... God judges... not haters of race and color. And don't burn out in front of children walking around the panhandling on the rock of Shadle Park. The Spokane Police and FBI of Spokane knows of the homelessness in Washington state. There are bums... tramps... homeless men and women in Spokane, Washington... Some live in their cars and trucks... yet you don't yell at them like you hate the homelessness in Shadle Park. And quit telling your friends and family about the drama of the homelessness people to make yourself look good... just because you're working now... Your worker friends would be shocked if they knew your past life in Safeway, Rite Aid, McDonald's and Yoke's. Just because your holier than American workforce. God will judge all. ♦

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