Sorry it took so long I saw you two years ago and every day for almost all the next two years. You were the best thing to ever happen to me but I was too blind to notice. I've gone for far too long in a fog and I won't even act like it's okay anymore. I love you to infinity and beyond and wish you the very best.

Love Lost For the past few years I thought nothing would ever break us, and then I broke the one promise I always swore to keep to you. Nothing I could do could ever take that back. My only hope now is that we can at least remain friends. You taught me what love is and what kindness is. I will always love you for the rest of my life. Goodbye my beautiful wife.

Mullet Mystery You were carrying your groceries home and had cute stick-n-pokes on your arms. Your mullet was magnificent. Bleached at the tips. You looked over your shoulder and in that one look I saw intelligence, humour, and realness. Who are you? I crossed the street so I wouldn't be walking behind you, but wish I'd crossed back to say hi.

Kendall yard Cutie I saw you at the Kendall Yard's Night market on Wednesday. You were buying peaches and tossing your brown curls with a hefty smile. The summer fruit has been sweet this season, but not at sweet as you. Hope to see you there again, soon.

Dinner Time Smiles I saw you at Tarascon Empanadas on Tuesday the 13th. You were so kind to the waitstaff and I was impressed by your political insight. I was in the green dress. Too bad half of the items were sold out. Means we need to go back and try them all, right?

thank you cda Angels To the two gal angels who scraped me off Garden Street in CdA on 8 August: Thanks ever so much! You got to see my short flight over the handlebars and the hard landing. You kindly got me out of the street, loaded my bike into your SUV and drove me home. It would have been a long walk with my newly fractured clavicle. Was screwed back together 16 August; now have 8 tight screws in that bone but still an undetermined number of loose ones in my head. Angels, thank you tons for your caring and assistance. To all: Wear your helmets!

Second Chances I wish I could have been stronger for you, I wish I could have been stronger for both us. I wish I could have been there for you in your darkest hour. I am devastated that I let you down and let life sweep me away. Maybe I burned my bridges with you forever but you are still a ray of hope in my heart. You always save me, I am still alive because of you. Life is too short. I love you.

Cheers and Jeers Cheers to KKZX 98.9 classic rock for playing Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few classic rock bands you play. Jeers to KKZX 98.9 iheart radio for playing Billy Joel, Blondie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Georgia Satellites. Just to name a few non CLASSIC ROCK bands you play.

Bicyclists Listen up Spokane bicyclists: If you expect vehicles to share the road with you and have the same rights as other motorists, then you better start following the same rules. As a school bus driver, I have never experienced more people breaking the rules than a person on a bicycle. Guess what? When I am coming to a stop and preparing to pick up a child, my overhead amber lights will flash telling motorists, yes, this includes you bicyclists, that I'm getting ready to stop. When I come to a stop, my overhead red lights will flash and the BIG RED stop paddle will come out telling motorists, bicyclists this includes you, that you need to STOP. This does not mean that you can pass me on the right and almost run over a child trying to get on the bus — yeah, it actually happened. And then don't get all pissy with ME when I catch up to you to tell you that you almost hit someone because you refuse to follow the same rules as other motorists. I really don't care if you "were on a hill and didn't want to lose momentum." If you were a vehicle who didn't want to stop and passed me with the red lights flashing, you potentially could have killed someone. If you can't follow the rules and share the road with other motorists, then don't cry about having the same rights.

Re: illiberal's view First of all, I agree with you that posters of aborted children are in poor taste. However, you can not prevent Christians from holding non-intrusive protests. You are more than welcome to stage a counter-protest in front of a church provided you don't block access. As for the separation of church and state, Thomas Jefferson was making a reference to the Church of England-which dominated Great Britain to the point of intruding into every part of their lives. Any Christian who confines their religion to a church building is, at best, a coward. Jesus spent very little time in the temple. He was usually found right in the midst of crowds. In closing, I will simply state that it is not our intention to impose Christ on you but rather to make an introduction.

Spokane roads and transit Today while driving I thought of the morons at STA, in other cities they turn on their four way flashers before pulling over at a bus stop and leave them on till they pull away. Here they put on one blinker and it's up too you to know if they are stopping or turning. How hard can it be too put on the four way flashers?! Then there is the morons in charge of roads, not just Spokane, but Spokane County as well. If they claim there is no money for road repair then the money is being misused somewhere (fat pockets). Today, going down a road, the road was so bad it started to throw my car sideways into the in coming lane. I will sue you both if it ever causes a accident in my family! Shame on you liars! Time for a big shake up and change in who ever is in charge! BOO SPOKANE! ♦

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