Huckleberry Princess:
A season that some may never see or hear like truth. The most desired of all the berries. A style and beauty that can be intoxifying. The Huckleberry Princess is the most beautiful girl in the world. If I had to pick any berry there is only one I'd choose. Flowers created by God, they're good, and the rose is the prettiest even with the thorns.

Protect & Serve: Any behavior parallel to the gospel always shines a great perspective. Deputy Vaughn demonstrated a perfect act of kindness parallel with the gospel helping one in need. Thank you. You're appreciated and our community is very fortunate to have you serving our public. Hopefully others follow suit. I imagine your kindness and good character is witnessed by many. May God bless you, and your family abundantly. Indeed, peace be with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. This thank you is long overdue by months, stuck on an on ramp at Maverick on Argonne where the speed limit must increase as a driver enters the gas station heading south. It is a dangerous spot to be stalled. Miracles and life saving acts can be very simple the monumental affects caused by these small acts reach all the way to heaven and back. Thank you Deputy Vaughn.

I missed my chance: Francis & Crestline 8/16/19: You were on your bike, I was in my white GMC. I looked over and said "nice," not realizing you were looking and you then pointed to your empty seat. I wish I would have gotten your number. Do you still have that open space for a ride?

You are My Candy Girl: When I wake in the morning, next to me there you lie - I'm reminded of last night, my heart says "My Oh My! - I'd better get to work, I hate to say goodbye - Can't wait to get back home, 'cause you're my girl and I'm your guy.

Making Goo Goo Eyes at the MAC: I saw you at the MAC this Sunday. Your smile and appreciation for the arts peaked my interest. Perhaps we can check out some other local landmarks together?

You're kind of a big dill: I saw you outside of the Garland Sandwich Shoppe last Tuesday. We both got the pickle sandwich. You had such gorgeous eyes and a contagious laugh. Meet up for lunch sometime soon??


Nicest Bus Driver:
Cheers to that guy who drove the 25 bus leaving the plaza at 1:10 pm on Tuesday. No matter what my mornings are like, seeing you smile to all the passengers reminds me that there's a lot to be happy about. I've been riding the bus for 3 years and it makes a huge difference to have a driver say "thank you," as I board. I didn't do anything, but it's nice to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Makayla 8 Months... Say Whaaaaat? Makayla it's been 8 months and you make me the happiest man in the world. You are so incredibly beautiful inside and out. You are the cheese to my macaroni. How did I get so damn lucky? I know I love you, you know I love you, and now anyone who reads this in the Inlander knows I love you! I love you Makayla.

A True Lifesaver and Hero: On Wednesday, Aug. 14 at about 11:00 am I was in the cell parking lot at the airport sitting in the shade with my 18 lb. Maltese mix. Suddenly a very large pitbull attacked my dog. He grabbed her by the neck and began shaking her. I thought he was going to kill my dog, and could not get the pit to release her from his mouth. From out of nowhere, a heroic, kind, compassionate and intelligent gentleman grabbed the dog by the ears, lifted it's two front feet off the ground and said in a low voice, "Let Go." The dog immediately dropped mine. The man stated, "You need to get your dog to a vet right now!" I scooped her up and ran to my car. The gentleman was calm, reassuring and collected enough to ask for my contact information. I did not think to ask for his info or to get any info from the owner of the pitbull. I just drove as fast as I could to the vet's office. Since then, my dog has endured two major surgeries and unmeasurable pain. We weren't sure if she was going to survive. But with competent medical care from the people at Latah Creek Vet Hospital combined with a mountain of love, we believe she will survive this difficult period. This man's wife was also present and very helpful. I hope that the wonderful man who saved my dog's life will see this and know how deeply grateful and appreciative I am for his warm spirit, heroic actions, and willingness to step up to the plate and help a stranger. I will be forever thankful.


College Students New (or Returning) to Our City...
Welcome to Spokane, young friends! Whether you are new to our area or returning to continue your postsecondary education, let's cover a few points to make your tenures worthwhile — and without stressing out us locals in the process: 1) When you shop in the local supermarkets, please do *not* extend your impatient snottiness to people in the checkout lines ahead of you. 2) If you came here because you *really* love basketball, football, law, etc., then play or support your peers! BUT, also perform, and support school and the locals' programs professionally. Do *not* drunkenly speed up and down our arterials (and especially side streets) when my kids are trying to cross. 3) Keep your phones in your pockets when you are driving; your texts can wait until you safely pull over. 3) If you came to further enhance your "collegiate" religious experiences and your fictional "biblical education," then kindly keep those ideals and actions within your private church(es) or classrooms. Do *not* volunteer to protest outside Planned Parenthood (my children don't need to be traumatized by your violent fetus posters), and do *not* come to my door trying to convert my family to your fantasies of perverse divinity. Finally, keep yourselves positive and friendly with us locals, at all costs, because you never know when the high school graduation car that Mommy and Daddy bought for you will suddenly break down, and you are whining for assistance.

Wedge: Neighbor of mine, so sweet of you to leave that note scotch-taped to the inside of the front door of our building telling one and all to leave the wooden wedge in the door at night to keep it propped open. This after twice this month someone has tried to get in the building or lurked outside, strangers have been sleeping on the porch, break-ins in the neighborhood are up and Spokane already has more property crime and assault per capita by far than any other city in the state. You want me to help your complicity in that? Are you so much more important than me and mine that your convenience outweighs our safety? You have a key. Use it. If this gets in the paper I'll frame it and hang it the front hall for irony's sake with this caption contained within: Taping passive aggressive dicta to doors is a sign of impending implosion. Watch your blood sugar. Peace. ♦

Let It Not Happen Again: Lessons of the Japanese American Exclusion

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