Searching for the man on the motorcycle On 8/16 Crestline:
I saw you on Friday 8/16/19 between 5 and 6:00 pm on a nice black motorbike sitting at a gas pump at the Grocery Boys on North Crestline. I was watching you as you were watching me and then you waved and motioned for me to come to you. I did with excitement and said hi. You said "I noticed you don't have a ring on." I said "no, do you?" I would love to meet up and continue the conversation. Blue eyes.

Audi Sun Zip: We locked eyes and shared a wave at the local Zip-Trip. Did the cracked cup work for your Sunflower seeds? Maybe next season we can drive your black Audi to a few baseball games, and spit seeds together!!! sunaudi@aol.com

Thanks but I lost her jacket: Saturday night 8/24 after an amazing concert at the Fox we were dialing up a ride and saw you with your windows down. I offered you $5 for a ride to the the Grand. Risky I know, but you were so gracious and didn't kill us! What killed the night was my lady had left her brown leather jacket in your car. I know it's a long shot but it's one of the first things I got her that she actually liked! Write me at ilostherjacket@yahoo.com if you were the nice young man who tried to help us!


Keeping me rollin: Cheers to the banker of Bank of America that helped me put my spare tire on my van in front of my daughter's daycare Monday morning after I parked and you heard my tire pouring out air. You and your other banker friend were quick to help despite being dressed top notch, it would have taken me forever. That's for letting me know there is still hope for humanity.

Thank you Bowl & Pitcher: Thank you to the kind human at Bowl & Pitcher who found my phone on Saturday 8/31. I was on a 20 mile run and left the phone somewhere between the bathroom a mile or so south on trail 25. Once I noticed, I ran back looking for it but never found it. You must have picked it up. I kept going and chatted with others on the trail - all were kind and told me they'd keep and eye out for me, thank you! I completed my route, and returned to the ranger station at Bowl & Pitcher, asking about lost and found. Low and behold my phone had been turned in! It either fell out of my bag, or left in the bathroom, either way it was my mistake and I am so grateful for kind people like you.


Hood Vandals: We had a deer head taped to the front of my mother's car. It brought her a lot of joy and people smiled at it when they saw it. It made her happy. So the people who broke the ears and antlers off of it, shame on you. You really think you are being funny, but you are just proving the lack of character you have. "It's hilarious to destroy other people's things," says nobody but a bunch of simple minded weasels. May the acts you display in this world come back around to you.

Shame on you! This morning I went to get pictures at JCPenney Portrait Studio in the Northtown Mall. While I was there, the lady whose appointment was after mine, yelled at the photographer and made a big deal because she wanted her appointment to be at 11 instead of 11:30 which she had made it for. The photographer nicely explained and showed the lady that her appointment was for 11:30 and not 11. The lady yelled at the photographer because of the temperature in the room, she yelled at her because she wouldn't move her appointment time to 11 because it was already taken by me and my family, she cussed and made a huge scene in front of not only her kids but mine! if you are that lady, shame on you! That poor girl was nothing but professional with you, just as she was with me. I highly doubt that she goes out of her way to come to your work and make your day worse. Please let this serve as a lesson to all, work is hard enough without people being jerks unnecessarily! No matter what anyone's job is, it is not okay to be nasty and disrespectful! You should be as embarrassed as your husband and children clearly were.

Wasteful Wars: According to Information Clearing House, $4.855 Trillion or $4,855 Billion has been spent on Mideast Wars since 2001 resulting in negative results and a stronger Russia and China. Had this money been split amongst the 3,142 counties, etc in the USA, Spokane County would have received $1,550 Million. Imagine no grubbing around finding money for freeways, schools, roads, medical care, housing, solar/wind... the list goes on and on. Very few presidential candidates are addressing this waste in lives and treasure; one of the few wise ones has the initials TG.

Say what you mean! Jeers Mr Stone. Curing Spokane? Why don't you just say what you really meant, "MAKE SPOKANE GREAT AGAIN"!!!

Fade Into You... I hope that song haunts you for the rest of your life. I'd "cheers" you, but you're a double "fister." Cheers yourself. The best is yet to come, Twirly.

Fire ban: Our neighbor had a fire going in his backyard. So I called the fire department and asked if there was still a burn ban. The fireman that answered said yes there is. Told him about the neighbor and his fire. The fireman said he would come talk too my neighbor if I wanted. How about you just do your job fireman! More useless men and women in uniforms in this moron city of Spokane. Embarrassed to tell people where we are from. Sad sad sad.

You stole prescription sunglasses: To whoever stole two pair of prescription sunglasses from E. 14th Ave out of a white car on the street: really? You can keep the black pair, but please return the other and put it in the mailbox.

Lime sidewalk Crime: Kids on Lime scooters going down sidewalks at top speed, irregardless of people. Unsafe, irresponsible and foolhardy. This happened before, and they were banned. What outside money brought them back? They are a bane! Stop Lime crime!

A good way to get yourself hit: To the idiot crossing against a green light yesterday, 8/27/2019 at the intersection of 37th and Regal. The light turns green for traffic to go and this guy deliberately steps out to cross against the light, knowing that I will not hit him. I honk and all he does he stare at me from the middle of the intersection. People are always so quick to blame the drivers in this town whenever there is a vehicle/pedestrian accident. It's idiots like this who are to blame as well!! ♦

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