Truly Sorry on Argonaut: I was and acted like a BULLY to Shannon B. Who was my BF in grade school. This happened in the mid '70s. I literately kicked you in the behind quite a few times and I don't know why I did that. I saw you in the DMV on Lidgerwood years ago. I was with my gandson and adult daughter (now passed away). I wanted to apologize then but couldn't as she was using and I was worried she would nod. I want you to know I'm so sorry. Sincerely, Kathy N.

Shopping Trip Smiles: You saw me from across the aisle in the Trader Joe's on the South Hill. You came up with a compliment and left me smiling. Not just for that shopping trip but for the rest of the day. Hope you enjoy those peanut butter cups. You really light up everyone you encounter.


Cheers to the Friendly Phlebotomist: Last Friday, I didn't actually see you jab me with the needle, I'd looked away at that moment as I was a bit foggy, no doubt from the fasting (and a minor fear of needles); I did however take note of you before the exsanguination, I saw your charming dark frames, lovely dark locks, and killer smile. Thank you for the friendly and calming chatter; if you were a bartender or barista I'd be back for sure, but I fear I'd be risking anemia becoming a regular at Riverfront for blood draws. I'm dying to know if you'll buy that '80s style one-piece for the ski season; if you're inclined to let a hapless romantic buy you a hot chocolate, drop me a line: ahaplessromanitc@gmail.com

Reply-Stranger @Flying Goat: You are so welcome, it's nice to see a time when people can be themselves. There was a table of us girlfriends. When we saw your daughter we talked about how we couldn't do that in our day and had to hide from family and military. We wished we could have been brave and gone to homecoming. We are glad they had a wonderful evening.

Priest Lake Rescue: Cheers to the volunteer EMT team at Priest Lake who rescued an experienced mountain biker Saturday September 23 after shattering my hip in a freak accident that morning and getting me airlifted to an emergency room. These unsung heros gave up their day from family to assure my safety and potentially life. Their unselfish dedication to community is unmatched and never appreciated enough. Thanks to you all, I may be able to ride again next season. Thank God for your service.

Thank you a thousand times over: To Captain Tracie Meidl of Spokane Police Department for believing in me. Now I am able to be with my family, be the father, husband and friend God made me to be. I am now able to contribute back to the community. Captain Tracie Meidl possesses that essence of genuine kindness that illustrates that even the darkest times can be illuminated by one good deed. That genuine kindheartedness has the miraculous power to heal, transform and inspire. It can also foster forgiveness and a desire to change like it did in me. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate her in being "Woman of the year 2019." Very well deserved. Spokane is very fortunate to have her as our Captain.

Thankful for you Thank you for taking the trek down to Central Washington with me, for putting up with all of the unexpected changes and for always being willing to adapt, learn and remain interested. You keep me smiling.

Thank you for getting me out of harm's way: Thank you to the group of guys who pushed my disabled car through the intersection of Third and Division to the alley behind Fig Tree Home Décor on September 26th. You guys are awesome! Thank you also to the personnel at Fig Tree Home Décor for providing me with a dry and safe place to wait for the tow truck. It made a very bad day much better!


Repurposing Rejected Again x3: Here we go again. After tearing down the Coliseum which could have been repurposed as covered parking as well as semi-outdoor events and tearing down the IMAX which could have been repurposed as a food court, now the powers that be want to tear down Joe Albi Stadium. My idea for Albi (since it has too much(?) capacity) is to simply remove the top half of the seats which would cut it down to ground level... hopefully the new middle school planned for this area could somehow find room for itself on the slightly enlarged ~40 acre footprint still available.

I saw the sign and didn't want it. As someone who believes you should have at least minimal experience in a position you are applying for and a believer of having viable literal plans... I choose to be a supporter Mr. Stuckert and his campaign. To whomever it was from Nadine Woodward's campaign that saw my large prominent Ben Stuckert yard sign and still decided to enter my personal property and literally open my outside door and shove a Nadine Woodward sign IN my screen door, lots of Jeers to you! No respect and obviously no experience in politics... Like your candidate. Please come get your "new" sign... you can find it in my yard with some additional verbiage.

Intoxicated @ Robert Plant: To the obnoxious 70s-something blonde lady with the "I want to speak to a manager" haircut at Robert Plant on Sunday evening - middle of the Orchestra Level Section, row P. When you first stood up we nearly called 911, as we thought you were having some sort of a seizure. Imagine our surprise, then disdain, when it dawned on us your off-beat gyrations and arm waving were an overly alcohol-fueled attempt at "dancing"... It was quite apparent that all of the people behind you who paid very good money ($100+/seat) were none of your concern as you blocked the view to the stage with your pathetic antics. Numerous polite attempts to ask you to sit were met with glaring looks and overly loud fake laughter. I'm sure (in your mind) Mr. Plant heard your slurred shrieks over all others, justifying your actions. *eye roll* Your childish behavior aside, we did manage to enjoy the show, although it could have been tremendously better without you causing a visual barricade and distraction. For future reference, during an ovation it's commonly accepted to stand and applaud the performers. During the show, not so much... Next time be courteous of others, and sit down. Or better yet keep your self-entitled obnoxious a$$ home so TRUE fans can enjoy the performance. ♦

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