Safeway Super Hero: I saw you at the Shadle Safeway on Saturday. Thanks for grabbing the items I couldn't reach. Your help made being the short person in the room a lot less difficult. You have the most amazing smile.

Sushi Smiles: I saw you at Sushi Maru in Friday the 11th. You were wearing a black jacket and helping your friend pick out ramen options. Isn't that new ramen great? I was trying out the new shrimp tacos with my friend. You smiled at me and it took my breath away. I was the blonde in green. Maybe we can visit together soon?

Skywalk Cell Phone Monitoring: I don't need you to make some snide comment EVERY TIME you see me in the skywalk on my phone. Yes, I know someday I will probably run into something or trip and fall. And yes, you can laugh all you want when the time comes as you say you will. But your comments are now bordering on rude and are unwarranted as I barely know you. MYOB.


Spokane Neanderthal(s): Inlander staff, thank you for mentioning the boorish boos at the Robert Plant concert when they played Greta Thunbergs talk about climate change, and how it will impact hers and future generations. If you neanderthals who booed because you don't believe in man's impact on climate despite 99% of the scientific community supporting that, maybe get a clue. Oh, and Inlander, don't worry about losing readership. I'm pretty sure the booers either can't or don't read, and get their news like our moron in chief does-from Fox

Did you smile today? On October 9th morning, when the whole town unexpectedly got snowed in, a simple act of kindness warmed up my very soul. Very nice lady in the black Nissan Rogue in front of me at the Starbucks drive through on Division & Second paid for my whole order with a simple message "Thank you for the smile." You made me tear up. Thank you for your act of kindness!! Smile more, people!

Help at the dump: Thanks to the two young gentlemen in the white pickup truck and trailer at the north transfer station who helped this 50-something lady pull the heavy garden load on my tarp out of the high pickup bed. You guys were a lifesaver and so appreciated! Thanks again!

More & More I Appreciate Amazon: Since I don't have a printer available to print a return Amazon label, I went to the downtown library. Sitting upstairs, after I had been asked for money in the elevator, all set to print when a big man with a loud voice called another man at a computer the most filthy language ever spoken. Of course the other one challenged the big guy to a fight. I was so scared that I shouted "stop it". The computer guy sat back down then and the bigger guy lowered the volume of his voice. However I was so shook up I left crying. So Amazon offered to send a label to me and I don't have to go back to the downtown library. I've seen homeless people on the street but this is only the first time I have seen and heard such a violent outburst. One time I noticed a very tall woman on a corner looking up. Thinking she was looking for a certain address, I asked her if I could help, she looked down on me and gave me the "finger" if you know what I mean. Not doing that again!

Slonina: Love what does it mean? With every passing year I love you more than blueberry ice scream.

Thank you life savers: Last Friday afternoon about 4:20 pm, my wife fell in our garage. Our granddaughter witnessed her fall. She was a victim of cardiac arrest. After I dragged her to our driveway, firefighters from Station 13 performed CPR in an attempt to save her life. Eventually, they were joined by two other fire companies, a crew from AMR, an AMR supervisor and a fire department supervisor. They all worked together performing team CPR until her heart started beating again. She was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital where doctors and nurses went to work to complete the lifesaving process. By Sunday morning, my wife was breathing on her own and talking to me. I will be eternally grateful to these wonderful professionals who saved her life.


Vote for my misspelled candidate! Two weeks in a row in this column we've had people talking about voting for Ben Stuckart, and his name has been misspelled twice! You can't even spell the name of your endorsed candidate, but think everyone else should vote for them? We need intelligence tests for voting.

To My Neighbors: Well, here we go again! All the tree branches that the snow storm broke off in your yard, you dragged to the end of our street. Where it is a DEAD END! Have you no SHAME! The DUMP is OPEN for you to take these branches/limbs to and they are FREE! You should take more PRIDE in where you live and be a GOOD neighbor and clean up the mess YOU made!

Re - Dignity and self respect: Sorry about your hard luck in love, but I don't see how bashing an entire gender is going to help you. People are just people, there are good ones and there are bad ones. As a guy who has had many married women proposition me for sexual encounters, but have never cheated on any of my girls, I find your narrow perspective quite shallow, unfair, disrespectful, tasteless and obviously skewed. If you're looking for a place to lay blame, I'd look towards your own judgement of character and social intelligence and take some responsibility for your actions. Good luck, ciao!

Overachievers: Jeers to the Spokane County Sheriff's Dept/Spokane Police and WSP when it comes to disclosing the names of officers that have killed people. They use social media outlets explaining the incident, and giving long and elaborate details, glorifying every accomplishment, achievement and award they ever received. They paint a good picture of the perfect officer - well done! The deceased on the other hand doesn't have any of their accomplishments, achievements or awards mentioned. I'm sure the events leading up to their death only represented a tiny fraction of someone's life. That day obviously may haven't been the most positive no doubt. Nonetheless, show some respect for those killed.

Slow Down, You Cretins: As a longtime downtown resident, I'm used to Spokane being filled with poorly operated vehicles. I'm an alert and cautious walker. This week, I was almost hit not once, but twice, by cars turning left while I have a walk signal. Just not even sparing a single glance to ensure their 2-ton hunk of metal is steering clear of the many law-abiding pedestrians. It's 2019! What are you even doing driving downtown? Take the bus or walk like a civilized human, especially if you can barely avoid killing people. ♦

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