Seriously Cute Sirius: I saw you at Tony's annual Halloween party, looking Seriously amazing as Sirius Black. The outfit was on point as was your taste in grub. It's no trick that it was a treat spending time with you.

A Cheesy Good Time: I saw you at the Onion on Saturday night. Amidst the crazy, you were calm and collected. That flirtatious grin was pretty great too. Bourbon drinks and cougar gold dip on me next time?

Hey babe: Just wanted to say I love you Gub! <3 since you always look at this section. Love you soooo much baby. You're the man of my dreams and most amazing person ever!!!! XOXO :* -Your loving Fiance <3

Street Quaking Black Hot Rod: I was slowly gliding up to a red stop light in my gray silver bullet Prius. I had black hair, blue eyes. I could hear and feel the engine and muffler on your black hotrod quaking and vibrating the street, the car and even my body. Your hot rod was black. I figured it was an older guy at first since I saw gray hair. Then you turned my way as the light turned green with your cigarette. I was shocked you looked more my age as I quickly went ahead at the green light. I wondered if you were a ghost cruising downtown looking for a race. Who is this mystery man, I asked myself? What's the cool story here? I hope one day to find out your cool story here and or see you downtown again, making the streets come alive. One rarely meets someone who looks like they stepped right out of a movie in real life. Amazing!


Girl in wincos in Vegetable section: Hey didn't catch your name, I was shopping with my fiance and trying to figure out which spaghetti squash was the best to buy and you helped me, just wanted to say thanks a lot!!! Was literally THE BEST thing I've ever tasted!!! Thanks for suggestion. <3 . -Fellow girl shopper :D

Cheers to the Comcast Employee! On Wednesday, Oct. 30th at approximately 1:20 PM, I was waiting at the light at the intersection of Knox and Argonne. To my horror, I saw a young toddler slip away from his caretaker and run towards traffic. A Comcast employee jumped out of his company van and grabbed the child just before he ran into the road! I wish I knew who you were because you deserve the highest praise for your heroic action!

St. Patrick's Day = madcap March! Within 5 minutes of meeting, you pulled me onto the dance floor — and what a metaphor for living fully that will always remain...! From Priest Lake to Sandpoint, from this fair city to yours, from me to you, I will always toast to you, Monsieur Amazing! I will always wonder, too, if you're the story behind the story Doug Block is telling — and will forever miss you, and dream of Paris, and French paintings... with you! Meet me at Limerence Craft Brewing Fellowship for more shenanigans sometime...

Excellent Local Embroidery Business: Thank you for the wonderful experience with my embroidery order! I recently had a hard time finding a company that would take my small order. When I reached out to Royal Threads Embroidery, Spokane Valley, I was met with compassion. My order was handled quickly, the cost was less, and the quality surpassed what I was expecting. I would highly recommend anyone who needs embroidery for personal or professional reasons go and ask for Dave. You won't be disappointed!!


Welcome to Spokane! For those of you newer to Spokane, more than likely due to either your employer or education, here's an introduction or perhaps a challenge! 1. Try to get through any large grocery store without hearing over the intercom the following or similar phrase: "Can we get a security scan on aisles 12, 13, and 14". 2. Try to get through downtown (and increasingly in other areas of the city) without hearing the following or similar question from a complete stranger hanging out on the street: "Hey...do you have a couple bucks so I can get a beer?". 3. Try to make it past most or all box stores without seeing someone who has access to cardboard and good quality permanent black markers holding up a sign asking for money (perhaps for more markers). 4. Try to have a run on trails by the river without seeing multiple tents and garbage piled up outside those tents along it. 5. Try to make it into a grocery store without being asked by someone standing around outside if you don't have any money that you can give them. 6. Try to spot any type of security presence in any of the above mentioned areas. Welcome to Spokane! Be sure to keep plenty of cash on hand. Also, don't go close to the river. It's pretty, but the garbage and needles make the areas hazardous.

Homelessness is NOT an illness: I am a registered nurse, with 40 years experience. I own my home and 2 other properties. Yet 30 years ago after fleeing an abusive marriage I found myself homeless and unable to get a job as I was 7 months pregnant. Thankfully I had family that was able to take me and my two children in. I had been a working member of society since the age of 15. For the first time in my life I was on Welfare and food stamps. It was a harrowing and shameful experience for me. I don't know what I would have done if our city had said "get out" instead of holding us together with the assistance I had to accept. My good friends brother just passed away at age 48 in California. She's a nurse as well and went to be by his side and noticed the staff's judgmental attitude towards him, as he was a recovering alcoholic and homeless just out of rehab. She called a meeting and told them this: "I just want you to know that he matters to us. We are a family of second chances. Second third and fourth chances. However many it takes. It doesn't matter the choices he has made we know his heart and he is part of our family." If Spokane really wants to help out the homeless, provide the much needed warming shelters. It doesn't necessarily mean buying land and building a new facility. There are 2 empty KMART stores that would be perfect location for warming shelters. Churches and charities would be more than willing to provide food and bedding, as well as supply volunteers to man the soup kitchen. until permanent shelter could be assigned. As far as the mentally ill in our town. The problem lies deep within the department of social health services. It is deeply flawed and promotes unemployment for people who are diagnosed with many of the debilitating mental illnesses. They are "signed up" for SSI without any provisions or stipulations to be emerged back into society that would actually help people instead of fearing them and just wanting to get rid of them. Why can't Spokane be the city of second chances instead of ZERO TOLERANCE?

All Can Be forgiven: To whoever is ripping me off. Not understanding the why for stealing my Ryobi Auto-Hammer nailer with 2 new batteries, charger, case and literature and leaving a pair of size 12 Adidas sneakers in the back porch of my house where you stole my equipment. What's the message here? If this is a game I don't want to play it...I need that equipment to help another good soul fix my roof. Lost my wife 5 months ago and have had gas stolen 2 months ago. I'm sort of reaching a point where I can't afford to be as forgiving any more. My neighbors will be watching. Bring back my property and we'll move on... you've been warned. ♦

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