I'm sorry Ma'am: I visited very briefly with you on Nov. 19 in the book section of the UGM Thrift Store on Boone. You shared with me that your husband died earlier this year and that, more painful than your husband's death was the recent death of your daughter from a brain tumor. Please forgive me if I did not share the correct response to comfort you in your grief. The Lord Jesus knows and will comfort you in your grief.

I DO: I saw you on that beautiful fall blue sky 4th day of November... I saw you looking deeply back into my eyes, your eyes filling with happy tears when you said "I DO." It is a moment and memory I won't forget my love. I look forward to spending the rest of our years growing old together... wait I already am old :) Love you from the bottom of my heart. Steph XOXO

First cup: It's been almost 9 years since I made you your first cup of coffee. Not sure if you remember. We both have changed so much, some good, some not so good. Every time I think we might get it right, get on the same page, well, it just doesn't go that way. I made a lot of mistakes, we both did. I love more now than I ever have. I don't want to make you unhappy and I am miserable. I know I put a lot of blame on you. So now, I'm going to look at me. I have done me wrong. I am taking responsibility for me. I am going to get off my butt and stop living in my fears. I am going to change me. Not for you but for me! I love you, with all my heart. If you need to go then I wish you much happiness. I want to be your best friend again. I want to be the one you want. If not, well I guess I won't make you coffee any more. What's it going to be?

Margaritas and Smiles: I saw you at Chilli's on Sunday. You looked so cool with your gray athletic shirt and curly ponytail. I can't get over the magnetism of your smile. $5 margaritas on me next time?

November 8 on Tallman: About 5:30 at night. I started swerving on that dirt road, and ended up pointing in the opposite direction on the right side of the road. You slowed at my window and shouted "Are you OK?" I put my fingertips to the glass and looked out, seeing only the night's reflection. You must have called the ambulance. Thank You. That call saved my life. Thank you to the Deer Park Volunteers and all who came to bring me back from the gone.


There's always one... Cheers, cheers, cheers to Frankie Doodles restaurant! This has always been one of my favorite places to eat, especially because of their super huge cinnamon rolls! The service has always been outstanding, and the owner is just the best person you'll ever meet. That being said, there is always one... Cheers to Frankie doodles! But a big jeers to one of their servers. While everyone else there is super friendly and accommodating, she comes off as rude and cold. My advice... Sit anywhere else that is not her section.

Thank you SPD! Thanks so much to Officer Wells of the Spokane Police Department. I've been having an issue with a neighbor kid and you got back to me, listened, showed up and assisted me with a (hopefully) final solution to the problem. I appreciate all the work you do for our community.


POTUS: We've all been there: had to kiss the ass of a superior. That included doing a "favor" for a special preference. Quid pro quo is: do this, you get a treat. The more valuable the treat, the more demanding the favor. We know you're guilty of a quid pro quo. It's the degree of the favor and treat that really matters. Ask your dog!

Oh what a surprise... That the cohort who turns to entertainers and other celebrities for their political opinions denigrates the people who voted for a former news reporter.

Please Flush... Seems as if leaving your urine in the toilet is fast becoming a new thing. At just about every place we go... the new Costco and Trader Joe's even? I have watched you fancy dressed and "high-class" females leave the stall, and leave your nasty waste for the next girl to flush. You think they all auto-flush (did you hear it flush), or are you too damn special to flush the toilet like real lady?!? That fancy costume doesn't cover the stench your nasty waste.

Honking Idiot: Spokane has a lot of really great people. It also has a lot of morons. Here is a message to a mouth breather who isn't bright enough to understand this message. At noon on Saturday, you honked your horn loudly in front of PetSmart at Northpoint. Upon my comment that the horn was loud, you began to repeatedly honk the horn of your little inferior car. You then uttered a profanity from your silly little mouth. Meanwhile, you had three little kids with you. I hope the mother(s) of those kids know you can't control your temper and use profanity in front of the kids. My guess is she's smarter than you and can actually read and understand this message. Regardless, do your kids a favor and leave them with their mom. You're actually too dumb for them. Oh, and your car and it's horn are both pieces of garbage just like you, dirtbag. So, take your own advice you gave in front of your little kids and just f—- off, you insignificant little man! You really are just a foul mouthed moron with a temper and the mother of your children should keep her kids away from you.

Walking out during Performance: Jeers to the many people who got up and walked out of the Fox Theater during the credits for the Nightmare Before Christmas, while the lights were still down, and while the orchestra was still performing. This was not just a movie that you were watching, but was first and foremost a performance by a group of talented musicians. You should have stayed until the end, and showed your appreciation! ♦

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