Thrift-Shop beauty: To the downtown Value Village babe with the tattooed finger: I'm still smitten. Hoping you know how hot you are. A fleeting glance and you've made my day.

Carousel Cutie: I saw you at the Gesa Carousel of Dreams. You were comically excited about the horses and old school fortune teller and enthusiastically helpful to the staff. Your cheer and liveliness was contagious.

Smiles down the aisle. I saw you at Trader Joe's last Tuesday. I was impressed with your ability to navigate that mess with ease. I loved catching your smile down the aisle. The holiday cheese selection has increased — maybe a cheese plate is in order?


Ride home from Casino: Dear wonderful man waiting for your Uber/Lyft: I was drunk, but awake enough I knew to ask for help from someone who seemed trustworthy. I was in the casino and had lost my friends. The security wouldn't let me charge my phone on any wall... (dirtbags) and I only had an address to give you. You let me ride with you and after we had dropped you off, you let me continue on the journey. I may have left my keys in the car... but I'll never know because the "Uber"/"Lyft" people wont give me info unless it was my ride. If it was you and you know anything about said keys-please email me!!!! If you know nothing about keys, you should still message! Regardless, thank you for good people in this world and especially men. You did a nice thing during a terrible "Me Too" movement. Every second counts... you gave me beautiful and safe many seconds — enough to get home and sleep soundly. Cannot thank you enough. A modern day Prince Charming. Love, Ash

To Brittany: Thanks for being one of my favorite sisters even while being at college. I really think you are great.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous wife: I cannot imagine a world without you in it, and I am so grateful that I don't have to. Thank you for always showering me with love and affection. You are everything a man could ever hope for in a wife. I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.


Mob boss: Jeers to Trump for running his administration like the Corleone family. I wouldn't be surprised if Joe Biden woke up one morning with a severed donkey head in his bed.

Legal and still harassed? I know an older man who is a Vietnam vet and he told me that he's been pulled over twice now for no apparent reason given other then "you have a concealed carry permit" said by Spokane Police meaning they are running your license without you having to break the law. Literally when he asked this last "young police man" "What did I do?" The response given was "you have a concealed carry permit, where is your gun?" I'm not sure if the officer was just concerned about the possibility of a gun while issuing a ticket but there was NO ticket given for either time this man was pulled over. Both times the man did not have a weapon with him and no ticket was issued??? So... Is it Illegal then to have a concealed carry? Because if that is the ONLY reason given for pulling a person over I think the police in this town need to review the laws about proper procedure. If you haven't done anything wrong then they can't pull you over just to check on your weapon or if you actually have one. What is going on in this town? You go through legal channels and you still get harassed. I guess I could mention this is a man of darker skin color, maybe they thought he could be illegal and then they ran his plate and see the license to carry? Still, seems like being harassed in my book. Once again someone with power wasting taxpayer money on harassing innocent people.

To the Inlander: Re: "Readers respond to an Inlander story about mayor-elect Nadine Woodward's biggest challenges when she takes office." Wow. 5/5 snarky comments. She DID win by majority votes. Seems like you could have printed at least one encouraging, kind comment.

$30 Car Tabs: Washington state has put a hold on the $30 car tab stating "We the public were confused with the initiative" Instead of putting it out for a re-vote. A higher source believes to just cancel out our vote. I knew exactly what I was voting for. You see, I used to work for WSDOT in engineering, 25+ yrs. During those 25+ yrs of employment, I was pretty much free to come and go as I please. I wasn't alone. There is no clock to punch, no one watching, no one really cares. Our 15 min breaks were really 30 min or more, it takes more than 15 mins to take a walk around the neighborhood. Our 30 min lunch was really 45 min to an hour No one is watching, no one really cares. Its really hard to go to a restaurant and order a meal, eat a meal and get back to the office all within 30 min. I can remember going shopping at Costco with my supervisor on state time. We ran personal errands quite often. Again, No one is watching, no one really cares. Women styling their hair and putting on makeup at work on state time, instead of at home. They are now so top heavy it is crazy. Friends are promoted vs qualified personnel. Most WSDOT employees would not survive in the private sector as there, they would be held accountable. I won't touch on the harassment and bulling that goes on. That's a different ball game. When WSDOT decides to clean up their own house, it will be much easier to give them more money.

Sorry for your masculinity: Sorry to hurt your masculinity Mr. Sandwich because of the unwarranted d*ck video you sent. Maybe focus on positive dreams and not telling me about your actual ones. P.S. Never in your *dreams* ♦

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