Calm in the Chaos: I was you at Walmart by Shadle in Saturday. While I was panicking, you were calm. I was inspired by your enduring spirit. Hope you holidays are as amazing as you.

Mod Pizza Encounter: Your suggestion for those finishing sauces was really a highlight. Not only are you a pizza genius but your dimples had me smiling from ear to ear. Really lucky I ran into you.

Thank you for your faith. My character was beginning to fade from the emptiness that surrounded me day to day. I began to question the value of virtue and the worth in integrity... Many people have come into my life but none have showed me the generosity and promise that you have. You awaken in me the person I felt I had lost inside. Like a new lease on life filled with laughter, there you are. A friend only heaven could have designed with loyalty that until now I have only ever given, finally I am allowed to receive. Eagles & God. Thank you Rhonda!

Re: Over the Years: Your post "Over the Years" has been gnawing on my mind for years. What really struck a chord was, "your early retirement might change things, maybe missing your kids..." Just in case this might be you, I'd love to reconnect and catch up on things. And, yes, the unfriendliness was only an act. I think you know why. I really do miss you and I'd absolutely love to get that glass of wine! missngu413@gmail.com

Maybe I Should Have Waited: A little over a year ago, I saw you in passing for a quick minute. You started to say something to me, and at the same time another person was right there and started talking to you. It felt awkward to me, so I walked away. I felt more comfortable leaving, but did not intend to be rude. I would have liked to hear what you were going to say.


Date Night Surprise: A huge thank you to the wonderful couple at Twigs on the 19th that surprised my husband and I by picking up our check. We appreciate the gesture more than you know, and will pass on the kindness that you have shared with us. Thank you!

Holiday Rush: Kindness With the line going out the door at the MAC, an older man was buying tickets for his wife and himself after waiting in line for about 10 minutes. A gentleman behind him noticed his "veteran" hat, and interrupted the sale to hand the cashier $20 to cover the admission of the older man and his wife. He asked the older man what branch he served in, and noted that his father had served in the same branch. They wished each other a Merry Christmas and went on their ways. With everyone in a hurry around the holidays, it was nice to see a genuine, generous exchange. Cheers to both of them!

Keep it short! Cheers to the folks on this page who make their point in <30 words. Jeers to the long winded souls. Hey it's not all about you!

Airway Heights Movie Theater: Thank you to Airway Heights Movie Theater for showing, free of charge, all of the WSU Cougar football games! A family friendly atmosphere to cheer on the Cougs on a big screen!

Cheers to Greg! Thank you Greg for making Christmas a reality for my child and I. For allowing me to feel accepted and valued. For being a perfect gentleman. They do exist. Or at least you do.

Cheers to Secure your dogs: To the person who posted about idiots who drove with unsecured dogs in pickups... THANK YOU! Putting your dog in a truck bed without a secured leash that will not let the dog fall or jump is a recipe for disaster. And the leash, or preferably a harness, must be short enough that the dog will not die by hanging or dragging if there is a fall out of the truck bed. And please remember the risk of hypothermia in winter, and of eye injury any time of year, when you carry any animal in an unprotected vehicle space. Thank you again for the person who posted "SECURE YOUR DOGS." We and our beloved dogs appreciate you.


Holiday thieves: Jeers to 2 women at Value Village on Boone Wednesday evening, Dec. 18 who stole the wallet and keys of a kind and honest senior citizen. She was shopping for Christmas gifts with her entire gift budget of $60. You grabbed the wallet and keys, then speed-walked out of the store, straight to Safeway where you used her VISA for $70 of gas for your car before she had time to cancel all her cards. Your selfish holiday theft cost her hundreds, as she had to change the locks on her house and car, as well as having to cancel the fun of buying and giving gifts. Heck, she would have given you the cash as a reward if you'd only left her the cards and keys. Way to go, you two Spokane sleaze-bags. Rob the low-income elderly in a thrift store at Christmastime. You have no conscience or class. May you receive 10 times worse someday.

Cranial-Rectal Fusion Syndrome: A voluntarily contracted, irreversible neurological disorder marked by uncontrollable Caps-Lock usage while ranting — in a public forum or on a bar stool — about real or imagined slights to one's object of worship. Can be mistaken for genuine religious fervor, or excessive alcohol consumption, as the case may be.

Manito Christmas Lights: Monday 12/23 4:30 pm: Was one of 50+ cars of people at the Gaiser Conservatory to see the Christmas lights. Completely DARK. Sign on door says: Open Noon to 3:30 through Dec. 23-31. The prime days for family and out of town visitors. WHY BOTHER? The lights are meant to sparkle AFTER DARK. Kids are on vacation, but most parents get off work after 5 pm. MANY DISAPPOINTED FOLKS, PERPLEXED BY VIEWING TIME. Many hours went into the display! WAY TO GO SPOKANE PARKS DEPT. Al Vorderbrueggen

Re: Box Store Nazis: Word. Spokane is markedly rude. I am a transplant here since 2005 (not from California) and have noticed the gradual worsening of people here. Most everyone seems to be an a$$hole. It's sad. It's reflective in driving and just a general lack of manners or care for a fellow person. I travel a lot and each time I come back I wonder why I live here. So many sucky people.

Get some class! It was dark at 11 on Thursday, so I couldn't tell if you were the kind of troll who'd be excited for any opportunity to be with a non-vinyl girl, or if you were just some loser who didn't have his own place in which to share that private moment. But you were right out there in the alley and audible through my closed window. Forget the prophylactics... next time, get yourself a dictionary. With such a trashily limited vocabulary and your limited endowments pathetically frostbitten, I expect you'll be paying for any future assignations. If you really want a woman's love, get some self-respect first.

The Con Man Cometh: The most disturbing fact isn't about the con man who occupies the White House, it's about the people who give him a 43% approval rating. If this group supports this man now, who might they support down the road? Some other person with dictatorial aspirations? Probably. If he gets reelected, we'd better start flying Old Glory upside down... we all know what that means. ♦

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