Tiny Tiki Tryst: I saw you at the Tiny Tiki on New Year's Eve. You had a Suffering Bastard in a grumpy tiki mug and I ordered something with passionfruit just so I could say the word "passion" with a certain tone of voice and suggestive pout. The lighted pufferfish was better than any disco ball or fireworks show. I am thinking I could try on a grass skirt and set fire to your tiki torch next time we meet. When? You will know it's me when I sign this.... Dinah.

Baby love: It was September of 2008 when we first met. The moment I walked into your family's smoke shop and saw your beautiful smile I knew immediately at that moment you'd be mine someday. You had this smirk on your face everytime I came through the door. I often wondered what was going through that beautiful little head of yours. Your brother had told me to give up because it would never happen. I had to try. Eventually you chased me around until I finally gave in and agreed to go out with you. Going on 11 years later and here we are apart and living completely different lives. The man you're with now doesn't deserve you and you can do so much better. (You had me didn't you?) I often wonder when I see you, as do others about your happiness and if you have any in your life anymore. Never a smile or laughter like you use to. You can tell you painted on the fake look of happiness and excitement when I see you. 10 years together my love, I know all the looks you have and what they mean. I'm ready to go home. Let me put the smile everyone has been missing back on your face and ditch the pig you're with now. We made our house a home together and there should be no reason in hell for another man to be in my place next to you. I made mistakes and you did too. Time to grow up and settle down. Forget the past and look forward to our future. Since the moment I SAW YOU, I knew we were meant to be together. Your beautiful smile, warm caring heart and the love you found for me was everything I've been searching for. You are amazing in every aspect. I still love you with all my heart and then some. Your cookies are what really drove me to you, everything else is what made me love you. Baby love. Time for me to come home. Time to finish what we started. Most of all it's time to grow up and grow old together.

Great Xmas Gift! Kari, Ian and Brice, LOVE the gift you left on my porch. It meant the WORLD to me and I don't even know you! There is significance to each flag flown. Ask and I will let you know! lostpanda0925@gmail.com

Happy New Years! To the incredibly kind stranger who bought my groceries at the Rosauer's on New Year's Eve, thank you for your act of kindness. It made my day and helped show my three children selfless generosity.

Thank your STA drivers! Big shoutout to all the people driving busses over the holidays season. Special shoutout to the bus 4 driver on New Year's who held the door for me when I was running late. Your patience and work is greatly appreciated! For everyone who takes public transit, be sure to thank your drivers this year.

Skinny Girls Rock: The oversized trucks parked on either side of our Ford Flex after our breakfast out in Dolly's parking lot on New Year's Day presented us with a true dilemma: We could not f*cking get into our car! We each tried unceremoniously to pretzel our bodies in from the passenger side but that was just unsightly, unsuccessful and quite painful. Cheers to the young woman, no bigger than a minute, who agreed to squeeze into the driver's seat and back our car out for us. We seriously appreciated your help in what was a ridiculous situation!


Flying: Cheers to the considerate ones who remember to brush ALL the snow off your rigs before taking off on the highway. It's absolutely wrong to allow snow and ice to fly off YOUR rig into the path of other drivers. It's hazardous and should be illegal! Also, when you pass slower/safer drivers please give space and not spray the snow burm all over their windshield! One more thing... If you have a storm drain in front of your home, it IS your responsibility to clear it. People aren't taught these basic things anymore?!?

Batman at Church: Cheers to the kid who wore the Nolan-era Batman mask to Catholic church. You are my hero of the day, reminding me how much God/our higher power/the Universe loves and appreciates us for being our weirdliest weird under any mask, our truest selves expressed, our inner child; the human, being.


Educate yourself: There is more to this world then Spokane. Get out a map and look. Better yet travel We have a lady at work from Germany. A customer asked her what was her accent. She said Spanish being funny. The customer said totally serious. That she had a cool accent and they visited Mexico this summer. Really? We have a guy from Switzerland. A customer asked him where that was. He said South America by Chili. They asked if it was tropical there! Come on Spokane people

Jeers X2: #1 Jeers to all of the political posts that pit one against another. "They" win when the divide and conquer scheme is working, not you, not me, not "they". #2 Jeers to all of the D-bags in the area both male and female. There are A LOT of you. I am not sure what has put you into the mental state that you are in, but courtesy to your fellow man means a better life for all of us. Stop cheating, stop lying, stop being rude, stop being selfish, stop being disrespectful and for god's sake, stop enabling the users, abusers, druggies, losers and a-holes out there. I moved here thinking that this was a kinder place with a sense of community, but Spokane County you have proved me wrong. Not the government of SC, but the people that reside within.

Not Now!! Dec. 28, just 3 days after Christmas, I went into a large retail store. (Target). I was shocked to find Valentine's Day Cards and merchandise already on display. Checking out, I mentioned this to the clerk and the lady behind me in line. All three of us agreed that this was a bit much and we weren't ready for another holiday just yet. Marketing moguls have only one purpose and that is to reach into our wallets and squeeze out another fistfull of hard earned cash. This is nothing but an act of boldness and shamelessness on the part of merchandisers! Enough is enough!

Mortgage non-ethics: Jeers to the local mortgage company that uses the image of Bernie Sanders on their flyers. Why would anyone trust you with their mortgage when you don't even have basic ethics in your advertising?

Unleashed dogs in public parks: The time was 2:45 pm on Jan. 5. A young man in a white SUV was letting his large dog run loose in Friendship Park. I was there to walk my small, leashed dog. When I reminded him —politely — that he needed to put his dog on a leash he rudely told me to mind my own business. Apparently he didn't think that the law pertained to him. I had to pick up my little dog and put her back in the car. No walk for either of us that day. And I wasn't the only one. Another couple walking their small dog left because of this guy, also. Everyone needs to remember that the leash laws are there for a reason. ♦

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