Swayze's Roadhouse: You were working, but I wasn't in your section. I wasn't looking for anything, or checking you out; but when our eyes met, I was overcome with a feeling I've never felt before. Never believed in "love at first sight," and nothing could ever happen (as my mother impeccably pointed out your ring when finally gaining the chance to speak with you), just finding an outlet to let it out!

My Lunch Lady: I saw you at the school - In your apron strings so tight, serving us our lunch - Wow what a beautiful sight. Your hair a golden blonde - Your eyes so green and bright, I want to return for seconds - To satisfy my appetite. But now I must go to class - My feelings I must fight, Tomorrow I'll return for "Hot Lunch" - For now I'll say Good night.

Scrunchie Babe: I saw you from across the way at the Northtown food court. You and your friend got pizza. I was picking up Subway with mine. I really love a guy with enough confidence to wear a scrunchie and enough cheer in his smile to fill the whole area. Maybe we can go somewhere more fancy together soon?


Cheers to the Studs: A big freeways constant-construction cheers to those that cling to their inability to learn how to drive by continuing to use studded tires for their "two days of winter driving fears" which creates that groovy double-trough lane in our local freeways. Your driving ineptitude is appreciated by all those that are employed in road construction!

GOOD KARMA HEADED YOUR WAY: I was at the Dollar Store in the Valley and my purchase came to $42... I had to split the payment up between my Samsung pay and my debit card. It still wasn't enough. Then out of nowhere an unfamiliar voice..." I've got $20 towards her purchase!" I looked back and there you were with a cart full of stuff, smiling. You had your hand with a $20 bill reached out to the clerk. I said "Thank you so much! There aren't too many people left in the world like you." A second clerk opened the register next to the one everyone was standing at and called you over to ring you up quicker. He finished ringing you up before my checker with me, and you walked over smiling. My daughter Laraine was standing next to me and a reached out my hand and said "thank you so much, you are a good lady, my name is Marisa and this is my daughter Laraine...what's your name?" And you replied " Nancy" still smiling. The joy it had brought you to bring to another was overwhelming and you truly do wear your heart on your sleeve. You are a diamond in the rough Nancy. Good Karma is on it's way to you in one form or another! A big shout out to you and others like you...Thank You!!!!!

My Saviour at the Salon: On Saturday, you came to my aid without question when I ran into some issues following a salon visit. I was helpless and embarrassed and you were poised, politely concerned and agile in a way that was necessary and compassionate. Thank you for being so amazing.

Kindness beyond measure: Going out anywhere can be a "minefield" when one's child is autistic. I'm not always sure what his reaction will be. Anxiety is the most common reaction I get from my son. The other day I took him to fast food when he started to get very upset and frustrated. At that point he will ask for something one minute then push it away the next. To the well reasoned person it all looks illogical. But to someone like you: the kind young woman who came to our aid when everyone else was staring at us, it made perfect sense. You took the time to see that my son struggles verbally expressing himself. You handed him back the object he threw. You also shared your experience that made you understanding of a child like mine. You exemplify "kindness beyond measure." The world surely needs more people like yourself, and I'm truly thankful to have met you!

Shopping: I would like to shout out a Cheers to Autumn that works at Value Village. I got to the store a little before closing and she stopped what she was doing and took time to help me pick out an outfit for an interview. Autumn, you are a very polite, helpful, kind person, I really appreciate you for taking the time to help me find the perfect outfit. You are an awesome person I hope your employer appreciates you as much as this customer does.


Stay out of the road: Stop walking into the middle of the road at night wearing dark clothing people. Cars cannot see you, and the last thing anyone wants to see is someone get hit because you came out of nowhere. You, as a human being, are not faster than a car and while the driver is supposed to watch where they are going nobody is a super human and sees you in all dark clothing, crossing at the last second. I get it, you have somewhere to go, but no place is so important that you have to endanger not only yourself but other people to get there. Wait until the cars have passed, go to an intersection with a crosswalk or one of those crosswalk places. It's not worth endangering people to cross right then and there, wait until it's safe to do so.

Taco Bell! Jeers to TACO BELL. You have cheated me out of my tomatoes on my tacos at least a half dozen times! Last time you did it I didn't say anything as usual, I didn't check before I left and I was hungry. This time, after waiting behind 5 or 6 cars, I checked before leaving the parking lot and TWO TIMES IN A ROW! You cheated me out of my tomatoes again! So I walked up to the window and asked for my tomatoes and you told me to get to the back of the line and when I told you there was another six or so cars in line already, you shut the window and turned around and left me staring at you back! You think that because it's late and there's a big line you can just cheat your customers! I will NEVER buy anything from you again! If anyone else has been cheated by you I hope they will do the same. You do not deserve their business. BIG LOUSY JERKS!!! I hope this makes you lose a lot of business!!!

Freebie Parking: Jeers to the students, and prof's, who park in front of homeowners houses, to avoid the parking fees at SCC. Happens every single day, except weekends. Very bad for the home owners, especially with the snow. I dig out my spot, go to work, store, come back home, no parking spot. Lived here for over 30 years, and never has it been this bad. Just venting, sigh.

Young witch flying her station wagon: I was behind your Subaru station wagon on Sunday, 1/26, driving along Dishman Mica. You had two cute dogs (retrievers?) with their heads out of the window and I was trying to catch up to you so my dog could say hi to yours. I thought it was cute, until you flipped off my kids when we finally did get close enough to you, not once but THREE times. Wow - Now I know why your dogs seemed so excited... they were hoping you'd roll your window down far enough so they could escape. I hope your day got better for you and I double hope your sweet little pups find a new mommy soon. Thankfully you looked too young for children - although mine said it was hard to tell with all that makeup on your face. Cheers! I mean, jeers!

Thanks for Nothing Local Radio Stations: There use to be a time when you could listen to your local radio station and know news, weather and other important items. The night of the big snow I drove an hour and a half on what is usually a 10 minute drive to get home. Going up the South Hill Freya was closed due to an accident and Thor/Ray was backed up because of stupid drivers. Neither of these roads are visible from the freeway so you don't know the situation until you are in the middle of it. The entire drive I had a local radio station on and not once was anything said about any roads. Is it asking too much to help the community out but just mentioning situations like this so drivers can find alternate routes? The couple of days a year when this situation happens, and it does every year, just a mention would be nice. Believe it or not we really don't care about your guest comedians when all we want to do is get home and we can't. If something had been said I could have made the drive in less than half an hour. ♦

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