Mootsy's Show-Goer: Hey, red beanie boy at the Bad Motivator show. I told you I almost didn't go to the show and you said you were glad I did. Thanks for that! I just had the absolute worst week of my life and went to the show so I would be anywhere other than sad and alone at home. And guess what? I DID have a good night. Thanks for asking.

MY KING OF HEARTS: Mr. B, It is your dancing kitty. I may be leaving the area soon. If we are meant to be you must come quickly. I love you forever and for always. QUEEN OF HEARTS

Ninja: I saw you, almost 8 years ago across a field. My heart skipped three beats and I knew you're mine. All the bad days are so worth the good. Thank you for being my best friend until the end. Love your lotus.

31 Flavours Flirt: I saw you at Baskin Robbins on Wednesday. Your comment jokingly mocking those of us that get cups when there are perfect edible and less trash creating ice-cream carriers left me thinking AND laughing. I got a scoop of "Date Night" but I'd love a date night with you. I promise I'll get a cone next time.

Long haired blonde guy: I was panicking because my first bus was late. You were standing with friends and said I was "really pretty." I turned around, said thank you then rushed off. After I calmed down and pulled myself together in the restroom I came back to give you my # but you were gone. If you see this, I think you're really pretty too! Haha


Thank you on 29th: Last Saturday I was driving down 29th between Brown and Grand, and I saw a cat get brutally run over. I don't know if the driver didn't see or didn't care, but I looked in my rear view mirror and he was struggling to get up with a clearly broken body. I went around the block to see if I could rescue him, but two ladies were trying to get the body out of the street. They were clearly horribly saddened and uncomfortable, but their compassion was overwhelming. I wanted to thank both of you for stopping, fighting through your discomfort and sadness, and moving him from the street. Blessed are those who stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves!

Cheers for Local Beers: When I was a young whippersnapper, I would walk into a bar and get four choices for beer: Bud, Bud Light, Coors, and Coors Light. Now, Spokane has tons of excellent craft breweries. My faves are Humble Abode and NoLi. To the reader who complained about Spokane microbrews, saying Seattle's are better: Why drive four hours to Seattle, be stuck in traffic for an hour, pay $10 for parking, and save a few dimes on Seattle microbrews when you can patronize local businesses, your friends and neighbors who operate local breweries? Buy local, and support Spokane.

SuperMan in the Madness: Thank you for helping me navigate the massive crowds out shopping this weekend. Particularly the busy parking lots and the spills. You make all of it worthwhile.

Autumn Beauty: I'm hoping the lovely assistant at Value Village reads this: Your pretty smile and warm energy made my day last week and the week before. You really should be employee of the month.

Outstanding health care: CHAS Market Street: Daniel T., P.A., Carrie L., & Jennifer W. provide outstanding medical-health care. All three are friendly, competent, compassionate, with good senses of humor, good listeners & professional. Thank you from a grateful patient. Mann-Grandstaff VAMC: Vicki, R.N., PACT Team 10, provides outstanding medical-health care. She is kind, friendly,compassionate,with a good sense of humor, good listener, & professional.


Jeers to the Jeers for Beers: guy Who pulled your tap handle? Quit your bitching and move back to whatever Beer Nirvana you think you came from. Local breweries from Airway Heights to the Silver Valley offer a wonderful variety of excellent beers. If you've had a bad experience in our area I would guess it's because nobody would want to sit and enjoy a brew with an asshat like you. Cheers!

The Customer is Wrong: at My Shop For years I used an auto shop on Division for my oil changes on our three vehicles. Not too long ago I noticed that the plastic portion of my window washer had been broken off during an oil change - by accident I am sure. When I approached the owner he absolutely refused to accept responsibility in spite of his Assistant Manager's promise to repair it. When I told him that I would not be using his services again (I had an appointment that day to have my oil changed) after this appointment he refused to change my oil! My advice: Think twice about using the services of a shop that will not own up to its mistakes and who feels a "$10" part is worth more than years of a loyal patron.

Pooper scooper! Now that the Mount Spokane Nordic ski trails have increased access to skijoring (skiing with your dog in a harness), I have enjoyed seeing the frisky puppies along the trails as I ski. However, my appreciation for the canines came to an end on Thursday February 20th. While skiing at a good clip in the well groomed classic ski tracks on a beautiful day, my ski partner saw what she thought was a pine cone or other tree debris in the track. As usual, she skied over it without concern. Imagine her surprise when she saw a long brown schmear on the sides and bottom of her ski! Someone had neglected to clean up after their dog. Remember, access to the groomed trails for skijoring is a recently granted privilege which may be revoked if incidents like this occur frequently! So for everyone's benefit, please pick up after your dog!

Another Spokane deal: Another round of "we need more from the department of can't say No." Now we have an underfunded, in the red sports complex. New schools being built, promises made by yet another fiscally not going to answer any more questions, I'm out of here superintendent. We have become a city of either middle end or end of their careers, administrators cashing their paycheck while waiting for a better offer. Have we forgotten about old blue elbows? Our tax load on a paid for house will now top $400 per month, just in taxes. Many of us are on a fixed income, the "new ESD 101" needs a fixed income. Everyone works hard, has issues with wage disparity, economizes to attain their dreams, and makes cuts with expectations based on income, ESD 101. They just go to ballot box where, a majority of the active voters are employed directly and indirectly by the district, so raises in funding by voter approval becomes a formality. Whatever concept they can justify to meet the needs of any and all is fair game. We have layers and layers of educational inertia built into every program they offer, redundant supervision, entire departments to deal with self-created paperwork, all required by district to insure compatibility and compliance to the very constraints they built into the project. When do you stop looking for another levy, when the last taxpayer can't afford to eat? ♦

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