Hi-Co Dave It's been about 12 years but I think about you daily. I couldn't wait for you to stop in every morning for your red bull and newspaper... I usually had them both ready so I could get a hug from you and have your smell on me all day. Then out the door you went to sell cars. We had many many good times together and I'd like to see if there is more out there for us. We use to go down to the park and sit on the picnic tables...if you see or read this Dave meet me at our park let's try again. Saturday @11.

Quarantine Cutie I saw you from the across the room... In our house, because we are in self quarantine. But you always make it fun, easier and more Comfortable. I really am so lucky I did see you from across the room almost 3 years ago. Your smile still lights any room up.

OH SEXY MEXY Why do you run from the dancing kitty? You will always have a place in my heart. Te quiero mi amore.

North Indian Trail Neighborhood 1 day after a dine-in ban, our little neighborhood beer bar was broken into. The support that we have received from neighbors and surrounding Spokane friends has been unbelieveable. Even in a scary time of uncertainty for local business, people have really pulled through for us. Cheers, North Indian Trail and Spokane. You really are the best place to call home.

Kali Bali You are my true purpose for living. If you did not help me I'd surely die. Your kind gentle heart shows me everyday that life is worth living. I must have done something right to be so blessed to be with you.

Cheers to COCHINITO ! Big cheers to Cochinito and everyone there. In this crazy time they're still cool and kind as ever, helping feed kids and joining a local coalition of restaurants to help keep everyone's head up. And the tacos are for real. #chochinitotaqueria #chefmade

PEACE AMONG CHAOS In light of all the bad things happening in the world today I would like to spread some positive vibes. Thank you to all the people maintaining the order in such chaos. Such as, Law Enforcement, Medics, Firefighters, School Personnel, Government Officials, State Officials and the list goes on and so does the beat. We are praying. God bless us all. Peace be with you.

EARTH ANGELS I would like to give a shout out to law enforcement and first responders. The other day my 8 year old son is out being a kid and riding his scooter and some dude asks him if he wants lollipop? I called crime check and after I hung up with the very efficient female officer I swear it seemed like maybe 15 minutes and an officer arrived to question my son about what had happened. Then another officer arrived. First responders are up against so much and without them it would be far more worse of a nightmare.

Stop begging!! Jeers to the small local breweries and restaurants begging for people to order takeaway during the coronavirus shut down. Will the local shops crying for business help out the local every day person that's out of a job pay for their rent not month?? I don't think so.

Spokane Hoarders Well, Spokane isn't special and neither are it's people. Just like other stupid people in mid-size or larger cities, the toiler paper and cleaning supplies are in short supply. Isn't it amazing how selfish you are? Rather than leaving some cleaning supplies and toilet paper for others, you stockpile it so that only your selfish needs are met. You can also tell why people in Spokane are so fat. While there is an abundance of "fresh" fruits and vegetables at the grocery, the packaged and canned garbage is cleaned out. Oh, wait. I know what you'll say. You only got those canned goods because the "fresh" food would spoil. Sure! Go ahead and believe that and continue to stuff yourselves fatties! Here's hoping that the garbage food and toilet paper clogs your toilets, fatsos!

People: The Real Virus In the past few days I've seen the absolute worst of the human race I've ever seen. I've worked retail for ten years, and in the past week I've seen my coworkers screamed at, harassed, and nearly physically assaulted. I work at well known local supermarket, just the other day one of our customers used a really offensive racial word towards a young black man that was helping her out. You should be ashamed of yourself lady, insulting anyone is not tolerable, insulting someone because of their skin color is WRONG and will not be justified in any situation. This is just one example of how disrespectful people have been. I've never witnessed anything like this in my life. And why? Y'all will kill each other over a loaf a bread or a roll of toilet paper. I know people are scared but god damn, so are we. My coworkers and I are working like we never have before. So if you are a retail worker, or anyone working through this difficult time, I want to personally thank you. I'm struggling through it too. So next time you're at a grocery store please acknowledge your cashier or the person frantically stocking the shelves or the person serving your food in the deli, ask them how are they doing , smile, and say thank you. We're people too.

COVID County I am deeply disappointed that the county continues to keeps its doors open and requiring employees to come to work. Top prosecutor Larry Haskell has the power to allow those who have a need to work remotely, but all requests are being denied —immunocompromised and even pregnant ladies are still being required to come to work, in a space that sees hundred of people coming through the doors. It's simply not safe and in a state where the testing is lacking, the health of these civil servants should be first. If the Spokane police are willing to slow arrests down, going to remote work is more than possible.

Collector of feathers Your name is Angel but it's just a facade. Your selfish vengeful spirit overlays every action. When you see anyone that could threaten your reign you systematically overturn the situation and use your sexual promiscuity to control simple men. You are seen for exactly what you are, a cold hearted snake. Plucking feathers from every Angel you can find... hoping to collect enough to cover your dark selfish heart. Enjoy your communicable diseases. Your nothing but an empty pit. Whatever enters is returned as trash. ♦

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