Where did you go sexy guy in big white truck I see you drive by nearly everyday. You, in a nicely lifted white Ford truck. You are so hot!! Maybe you have been quarantined? I sure miss watching you drive by. I hope to see you again my hottie in his whitey ; )

2 years 9 months Cheers to my Grandson! You will be 12 in a few weeks, I know you don't get to celebrate like we used to so I say Happy Birthday to the last picture I have of you. A day does not go by that I don't wonder how you are, and miss and love you. It's been almost 3 years since I saw you at playday in 3rd grade. Are you doing well in school? Are you scared because of Covid19? I so wish I could see you and calm your fears, give you a big hug and reassure you that we will get through this trying time. It is not the beginning of the end, it is a virus and we will get it under control. I love you more every day and hold my breath waiting for the day we see each other. Happy almost birthday, Z. Gramma loves you dearly. We fly together in my dreams. Until I see you again know that I love you and miss you with all my heart.

Cheers and Jeers Cheers to those that are not rude jerks. Jeers to the rest of you!! I have a severely compromised immune system. I have been wearing a mask, if I must go outside my home, for the past month now. Shame on those rude jerks at the grocery store, every time I went to get some groceries, whom thought it was hilarious to mock me, put me down and make fun of me for wearing a mask. Didn't you ever learn any manners you immature idiotic jerks?? Even a few different couples, I could hear them cracking up and making fun of me for wearing a mask! Really?! The worst was when one of them went right in my face and fake coughed less than a 12" from my face!! Then him and his friends were laughing hysterically saying " now you have coronavirus"!! Really, these were 19, 20, 21 year olds. I guess the reality of our ever changing, unknown world we now live in hasn't quite sunk in to some!! Please note: A compromised immune system means you could have very little or no symptoms at all, but, give me the same thing and it could mean a hospital stay, possibly ICU or worse for me!! Have some respect Spokane!! To those of you who stay home, and /or cover your face, or respect social distancing I applaud you, keep up the good work. Shame on all the naive idiots out there they think they are invisible to catching and spreading sickness or maybe you just don't give a fu*k?!

Karma Kids Joyriding, discharging, and abandoning electric shopping carts for the disabled is begging the universe to leave you disabled and waiting at customer service for a discharged abandoned shopping cart in turn. That's betting one heck of a lot that karma isn't real, kids.

Trash Collector Yeah! To the person in Browne's Addition who is picking up trash as they go on their daily "corona" walk. Thank you, you are making a difference. Maybe we all can do a little bit as we're getting our exercise and fresh air. Clean up for Spring!

Big city Spokane is afraid of becoming another Seattle. Sorry Spokane, you are worse than Seattle! Higher crime rate, full of a#%hole rednecks that don't like change or anything else! Not friendly! We have been here almost eight years, long enough too realize we need out of here.

Workplace Distancing Policy Jeers to the package delivery company that is not distancing inside the warehouse. So you made a show of distancing with signs at the secured entrance, and from the Wellness Team? But we are still going into trailers to load them, two of us together in the back of a trailer within inches of each other, every day we go into work. It is clear that no impression has been made on the loader supervisors that the virus is airborne, or that this pandemic is not just hype.

Respect I saw you in my mind's eye, standing, shattered as you left those beautiful roses on the pavement before the locked gate of the Fort Wright Cemetery while Old Glory twisted and flying from one grommet like an old windsock above all.

You know why Jeers to Donald J. Trump.

You throw around STDs better than your Disc! Jeers to Jeremy. Not only did you forget to mention your 6-year STD status to me, but to the multiple women you've had unprotected sex with both before and during me! Guess you've been busy with more than just your business. You can hide but the truth will most certainly come back to bite you much like that nasty rash you've been hiding. Years of lies I'll never get back and personal items of mine you've apparently been using on more than just me? Disgusting! Rot in HELL. You never deserved me.

Re: Spokane Hoarders The last several weeks of messages about hoarders & the coronavirus have been outstanding. Although lots of great data (real science) and information has been presented, I'd like to add additional data. Recent estimates are that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans may die from infection. Even if this projection ends up being true (it's only speculative at this point), why is this the headline of every news story? Granted, I have zero interest in any more deaths from this virus. I would love total success with an antiviral. Nevertheless, about 150,000 Americans will die this year from lung cancer, primarily due to smoking. An additional 30,000 plus will die from auto accidents. As I walk into grocery stores maintaining "social distance" (a stupid term) to purchase my goods, I walk into the exhaled smoke of multiple smokers. If the states can mandate stay at home orders to try and limit deaths due to this virus, shouldn't they also illegalize all smoking to prevent those deaths too? Perhaps driving should also be illegalized to prevent deaths due to car accidents. I would also urge people to remember this period of time and how businesses responded. Many grocery stores have been outstanding in protecting customers and employees both while continuing to maintain excellent customer service. Others have resorted to treating customers poorly, using this current period as an excuse to treat customers even more rudely. Although this may be true for other places also, the most offensive so far has been a place I was unaware of until recently. The prices and customer service are better at grocery stores like Yokes and Rosauers so why not go there instead? I know I won't go back to that other place and just hope they close their doors permanently. Cheers! ♦

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