Doll It didn't take long to realize that you never really loved me. I've made my peace with it. I wish you well and I hope your family continues to find the strength to push through this difficult time. Take care of the boy, give him all the kisses I can't. I hope you've found happiness. And while I will say that I don't hate you, I truly wish I'd never met you. To the other half of my tattooed heart. - the one you never loved.

"Here Without You" 3 Doors Down's smash song, one of the last I played for you, has over 570 million views on YouTube — and I would give anything to hear your voice again... I have no idea if you'll ever even see this, especially if you're still a Luddite, hunkered-down at that. It's been double-digit years that we last saw each other at GEG, where I couldn't stop sobbing, and I wondered just last week if you were crying, too, as you walked away... and in this National Poetry Month, do you remember the poem I wrote for and read to you...? J.S., it occurred to me last year that maybe I don't need closure — maybe I just need answers to this handful of questions... and a log cabin to live out my days, Here Without You... Spirit puts intense reminders of you at my feet, and in my hands every day, and they're so sweet and uplifting and promising that perhaps you still think of me, too... I pray for you, and still dream of finally going to Priest Lake with you, of being reunited with you, and never letting go... and of the song we'd dance to at our wedding... and that line in the Goo Goo Dolls song you played for me: "the walls will fall before we do... I'll stay with you..." O, if I could only hear your voice on the phone, or see you, or dance with you like we did the night we met, a lifetime ago... because "you're still with me in my dreams..."

Gold Pick-Up To the person driving the giant gold pick-up with the patriotic plate, drifting into my lane on Riverside downtown without any signal when you noticed the left lane only turned left. I layed into my horn for like 3 or 4 seconds as if you were putting me into horrible danger. But really you weren't, we were going like 15 mph and I realize now I was being an a******. It was a beautiful day and I had just gotten free cookies from Subway. I could have just let you in and I felt really bad afterwards. The world doesn't need anymore negativity right now. Plus downtown streets can be hard to navigate. I'm really sorry, I hope someone else made you smile that day.

Thanks A Lot, But... Many times when I am on my bicycle waiting at a stop sign for traffic to pass a motorist will stop to let me cross the street. I know that they are motivated by courtesy and kindness, and respect, but I always must wave them to pass, since when I am cycling I am a moving vehicle and I am obliged to obey the traffic laws governing cars, trucks, and bicycles. I will always wave and smile and say "thank you", but I can't accept their offer to let me cross when I don't have the right-of-way. I feel badly about rebuffing a kind gesture, but for my safety and the safety of motorists I cannot cross an arterial in front of motorists who have the absolute legal right to proceed down the road. So to all who demonstrate courtesy thank you, but please keep on truckin'.

Thank You Guy Leaving Bags Of Food Wow. So that was a very nice surprise to my afternoon. Had a knock at the door and a guy in a dark blue truck had stopped and left some bags of food on my doorstep! Thank you very much you are much appreciated kind sir! God bless !

Happy Birthday My Fennec Fox Zane, Happy 9th Birthday. We love you.

Angels In Uniform The other day at my apartment complex in the Valley. The police arrived because someone had called them because some dude slashed some tires on a car. The handling of the situation was very very impressive. The dude did that because some lowlife stole his friends car and he was trying to get it back for his friend. Me and my friends were so impressed by the handling of the situation by Law Enforcement that it compelled me to write this. Thank you all who protect and serve us. You should get paid more for what you do. God bless.

Finally Cheers to the retail community for rationing paper and cleaning products in short supply. My only question is "What took so long?"

Cheers and Jeers Cheers to those that are not rude jerks. Jeers to the rest of you!! I have a severely compromised immune system. I have been wearing a mask, if I must go outside my home, for the past month now. Shame on those rude jerks at the grocery store, every time I went to get some groceries, whom thought it was hilarious to mock me, put me down and make fun of me for wearing a mask. Didn't you ever learn any manners you immature idiotic jerks?? Even a few different couples, I could hear them cracking up and making fun of me for wearing a mask! Really?! The worst was when one of them went right in my face and fake coughed less than a 12" from my face!! Then him and his friends were laughing hysterically saying " now you have coronavirus"!! Really, these were 19, 20, 21 year olds. I guess the reality of our ever changing, unknown world we now live in hasn't quite sunk in to some!! Please note: A compromised immune system means you could have very little or no symptoms at all, but, give me the same thing and it could mean a hospital stay, possibly ICU or worse for me!! Have some respect Spokane!! To those of you who stay home, and /or cover your face, or respect social distancing I applaud you, keep up the good work. Shame on all the naive idiots out there they think they are invisible to catching and spreading sickness or maybe you just don't give a f—-?!

Shelley Lake House Fire 4/8/20 Jeers to all you ""lookey-loos"" who snarled traffic and caused a traffic jam on Rotchford Road leading to first responder delays. Shame on you! These times are hard enough without ""vultures"" like you feeding on others misery. Hope the same does not happen to you if you need help.

Bicyclers Out Of Control Cheers to Spokane for having such a great resource as the Centennial Trail. I am thankful to have access during these times of COVID-19 closures. It was great to see most people being respectful of keeping a healthly distance from others, showing community spirit while sharing this great resource on a recent sunny day. JEERS, unfortunately when actions of others turn what was a joyous outing into an outing which left me feeling threatened. I have grown to ignore the road bikers who selfishly use the Trail as their personal race track, although I do wish they would respect the 15 mph limit. BUT, twice in the last two weeks, I have now been on the receiving end of SPITTING, once by a mountain biker rudely entering the trail making me have to swerve and once by a passing speeding road biker. What gives? Just this week, law enforcement has proclaimed that coughing in personal space is felony assault. Please reconsider your actions, we are all trying to find ways to seek respite from the threat of COVID. Everyone is entitled to enjoy a bit of recreation in a safe environment. ♦

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