Baptized on Good Friday: I had the pleasure of my ol man baptizing on Good Friday. I saw you really for the first time. So here's my I saw you to our lord Jesus Christ. It was the most magical meeting I have ever encountered.

Common sense save lives! I saw you in People's Park last week laying face down on the bike path on the far side (North) of the bridge. At first I thought you were just taking a sunny nap on a beautiful spring day catching some rays. It looked casual because a few people had just walked past you and your useless friend. Lucky for you that i'm not as useless as your buddy and not so scared of the Corona that I would just walk/ride around your broken head traumatized body (throwing up, seizing, heaving breathing) in fear of only having a 99 percent chance of surviving the virus if I caught it from you. So let me get this straight, the moral/ ethical high ground is practicing social distancing rather than helping a kid who has life threatening injuries? Take off your masks Spokane, make the 911 call and stick your Corona fearing virtue signaling heads up your own candy asses.P.S Cheers to Spokane fire and their super fast response. The two good Samaritans (lady and pitbull walker)Kid- I really hope this just end up being fun story for you to tell. Hope the adults in your life are solid and you are being taken care of and well advised.

High Bridge Park ATV Rider 4-15-20: Things are changing so rapidly theses days but I'm sure High Bridge Park has not become an ORV park. We saw you taking advantage of the current lock-down to enjoy a Quad ride through the park. I am however not shocked, Spokane has the highest population of people with " I am the most important person in the world" syndrome of any U.S. city. Now is the time to unite as a society, it is not the time to pick and choose which laws to follow.


Every day heroes: To the man in front of me at n.foothills yokes on 4/18 around 510 pm you offered to pay the $49 the people in front of you were short, it's people like you that are gonna get us threw this craziness so Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity

Garbage Clean-up Cheers AND Jeers: Yay to the city for all they do to help the downtrodden! They do a lot. Thank you. However, for years I have been asking for garbage cans in areas around Peaceful Valley, like the Cedar Street stairs and at the east end of Red Band Park (also known as Glover Field), but to no avail. These areas are constantly trashed. We need garbage cans in these areas. How hard is that to do? Though some people will not use a garbage can, even if it is in front of them, others will. At least give them the opportunity. And some of the neighbors who use these areas are happy to pick up the trash when they pass through, if they have some place convenient to put it. If I was mayor I would want a clean city - not just for some, but for all neighborhoods. You know where the trash accumulates. Do the right thing! Our city is too beautiful to leave trashed. City Hall, please pay attention!!!

Red Mini Cooper 4/20: Gonzaga Starbucks drive thru. I was in no hurry so i waved for you to go ahead of me and you graciously paid for my order! I, like many others, lost both my jobs and then had someone side swipe my car and flee. You made my week if not month! Thanks for reminding me that not everything is bad.

Gold Pick-Up: To the person driving the giant gold pick-up with the patriotic plate, drifting into my lane on Riverside downtown without any signal when you noticed the left lane only turned left. I layed into my horn for like 3 or 4 seconds as if you were putting me into horrible danger. But really you weren't, we were going like 15 mph and I realize now I was being an a******. It was a beautiful day and I had just gotten free cookies from Subway. I could have just let you in and I felt really bad afterwards. The world doesn't need anymore negativity right now. Plus downtown streets can be hard to navigate. I'm really sorry, I hope someone else made you smile that day.

Angels In Uniform: The other day at my apartment complex in the Valley. The police arrived because someone had called them because some dude slashed some tires on a car. The handling of the situation was very very impressive. The dude did that because some lowlife stole his friends car and he was trying to get it back for his friend. Me and my friends were so impressed by the handling of the situation by Law Enforcement that it compelled me to write this. Thank you all who protect and serve us. You should get paid more for what you do. God bless.

To All The Nurses and Doctors: A big cheers to you all. You are doing the best job in helping us stay healthy all while putting your own health on the line. Thank you all so much! God Bless you all for being so selfless & having such big hearts. You are all truly Angels on this Earth.


Compromised Complainer: Sweetie, it's not that people don't give a f*@k, it's just that you would always find something to complain about. COVID is just your convenient scape goat currently. I'm sure at "19, 20 21" you weren't doing much better. I can't say you're setting the best example victimizing yourself and trying to make others feel small. Turns out virus or not, being a control freak still doesn't work.

Outrageous Water Bills: We live in a 3bd 2 bth house in the city and our PUD WSG averages $250 a month and we don't even drink it. We buy 40 gallons of drinking / cooking water from refilling stations. We don't have a yard or a pool and we don't wash our cars at home. Is this normal?"

Tactless Bikers: Gonzaga may be closed, but the Logan neighborhood is still here. Several essential businesses are still open, several more are trying to make a living online. On Sunday morning when you were blasting past, at least three churches' online services were interrupted by your excessively loud motorbikes. During the work week, several of us are trying to participate in meetings from home. We can hear the roar of your sexual insecurity from inside our homes with all the windows closed. Please go advertise the inadequacy of your masculinity on some other street than Hamilton. ♦

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