Turn that frown upside down 05/07: Chad you are my knight in shining armor! You are the great and powerful vein whisperer. I was your last patient that night. Seemed like you were having a bad day even though you wouldn't admit it. Is there anything I can do to put a smile on ur face? Once the chaos subsides, maybe you would be interested in meeting for a drink? Mmc8765309@gmail.com

Probably a mistake: I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable (or myself either). You know I have a loyal companion and maybe you do too. It was simply an attempt o see if we might have anything in common. And maybe it doesn't matter. You seem very perceptive. It was an attempt to reach out to a stranger. Nothing ulterior, it just wasn't the path of non-action which I try to follow. Sincerely me.


COSTCO has SPUNK!! To a company that takes care of their own, more then worrying about the money! Way to go Costco! Not only do they supply masks and safety equipment to their employees. But they do for their own customers! Above and beyond in hard times, and taking care of everyone! WOW! That has alot to say about how much they honor their Spokane Valley members!!! Cheers!!!

KOM smasher: To the two mountain bikers in the grey 4 runner on upriver drive on 3/9/20. Thanks for the pull!


Public Education is dying and you are killing it: Jeers to all of you feckless mooks who do not support our public education system. You are the equivalent of an abusive dog owner who complains when the dog becomes violent. The parents who would rather sue the school than offer help. The politicians who con us into voting for them, then turn around and buy yachts on the Puget Sound. The tax payer who is too short-sighted to see the direct benefits of an educated populace. The entitled adolescents who'd rather be illiterate slugs than improve themselves. The teachers who care more about being "cool" than educating. The administrators who think they know more about school operations than the people who actually work there. So, you want to know why our public education system sucks? Look in the mirror.

Covid unsafe: I'm sorry but some hardware stores are not being safe enough. I had to go to go for a furnace filter. Aside from their ridiculous rearrangement, filters require a ladder to get. As I waited to find help, several people walked right by me within personal space. No one seemed to care. Used to love this place. Not going back now. Come on people, be sensible so we can get this crap over with! Our new chant should be "Not Again!"

Caduceus: Maybe you are too much of a juvenile to recognize that flirting with a married man is destructive and unethical. Maybe you don't care. You have ripped apart a family, destroyed the self esteem of a wife and mother, and broken a father and husband. Granted, you are not the only one to blame in this whole twisted mess — but for educational purposes so that you don't wreck any more lives — flirting with married men is not a good idea.

Re: Bloomies Blunder: So you are mad at a news station for reporting on a news story in Spokane? That's what they do. KHQ was hardly the only outlet to do so. Why single them out? You are mad at runners for running? I run every single Sunday for more years than I even know. It's what I do. I am sure I speak for countless runners. It's what we do. Are you mad because we happened to run on the first Sunday in May? For over 40 years, that's what thousands of people do. Me running by myself down Riverside did not put you or anyone else at risk. Calm down. Better yet, lace up. Complain about how hard it is to run up Doomsday Hill, not people enjoying themselves.

They Deserve a Break Today: Hey all you rude and impatient people who have the audacity to complain that it is taking too long to get your fast food: You realize staff is limited due to COVID, right? Also extra tasks have to be performed repeatedly throughout the day to keep everyone safe. These workers are mostly kids getting paid minimum wage, generally no tips, no hazard pay. And they have been working their asses off for the last 2 months. Next time you drive through and order NINETY DOLLARS worth of fast food, instead of complaining, consider leaving more than a 20 cent tip. You know who you are.

Stop Messing With Wildlife: Some of our local parks have ducks, geese and turtles. Just because they are there, doesn't mean we have to chase, catch or net them. Giving your child a net to catch turtles is not cute. Chasing after these birds and causing them stress isn't something to laugh at. Just because we have the ability to do this, doesn't mean we should. Be respectful.

(S)preading (T)ransmittable (A)ilments: While I appreciate STA trying to minimize a reduction of service, with decreased riders... The Bus readerboard claiming "Essential rides ONLY" is a joke... I ride the bus to/from work during the week. I surmise 80-90% are mooching a FREE ride, for NON-essential purposes, including a large percentage of "transients"... Also, 70-80% of riders are NOT wearing masks. I have seen STA workers sanitizing the buses at the Plaza downtown. However, this does NOT prevent NON-mask wearing passengers from breathing/coughing/sneezing on other riders hair/clothes/belongings... Perhaps STA should change the bus readerboards to "MASKS REQUIRED TO RIDE"... With the NEW influx of "shady" people mooching free rides on the bus, I will NOT allow my kids to ride STA, until we get through this coronavirus dilemna. Unfortunately, I have to ride STA, as they are my only option to get to work... STA, PLEASE bring back the $2 fare, with facemasks REQUIRED... It seems like this whole "free-ride" policy was just a PR move, to appease the voters for the next bond in the future, and maybe 'fudge' their ridership numbers for the 'Feds'. However, I think it has backfired... STA's regular "tax" paying/registered voter riders are either quarantined at home, or AFRAID to ride the bus, with all the NON-mask wearing transients and shady characters mooching a free ride across town... STA- (S)pokane (T)ransient (A)ssistance helping (S)pread (T)ransmittable (A)ilments among the community.... :( ♦

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