SELF QUARANTINE DUDE: Hey there. Why don't you stop by and say hi? Take care.The Dancing Kitty.

Sparky: It sure was a surprise to see you stop by in the '65! It had been a minute. Your Soul Still Screams My Name.

Pundemic Pals: You approached me at the N. Foothills Yokes parking lot on Thursday the 14th. You really liked my pun bumper sticker. I really liked your mask/Discover Pass/science-and-the-environment-are-important-to-me vibe. I pun-der if this is the beginning of a great friendship? NataliePortmanteau2020@gmail.com


Trees: Cheers for standing up for the trees. We all need to do more of this. So sad that progress takes precedence over 200+ year old forests. They did this to Mt. Spokane too and displaced much wildlife... where are they all going to go now? Yep, our back yards, and then fish and game will come euthanize the poor things. A little forethought and compassion and we could live along with nature rather than tearing it all down... Idiots are making these decisions...

Blooming Days! Cheers to the folks who are not letting FEAR guide them. Who are not falling in line with the PANIC encited by the media. There Is NO reason to be wearing a mask while OUTSIDE excerising in the sunshine, or driving in your vehicle. You are all suffocating slowly... this is getting out of hand... and you know it's not good to breathe recycled air! I was happy to see folks out for Bloomsday who were keeping their distance from eachother, but not afraid to live. Also grateful for the news reporting it, and the wonderful city we live in!!! All that disinfecting and germ killing will only create worse germs as we were ALREADY warned about decades ago! Wake up, wake up, wake up, my fellow humans... Wake UP and think for yourselves!

Pro Plus Valley Auto Glass - You ROCK!... in a heart-shaped kinda way! Many thanks, Jeff and Kara Wilcox, for ALWAYS being there when we need you! SOLID and strong. You are a blessing. We are grateful.

THANK YOU BIG BROTHER: I would like to thank the federal government for the stimulus check. We the people thank you. God bless.

Thanks For Calling the Cops on Me On Memorial Day 2010: I was arrested for a DUI after you dialed 911 due to my erratic driving through the construction zone on Hwy 2 north of the Y. Weeks earlier I began making major changes in my life including taking my drinking from a daily drunk to drinking once a week. I drove down to Spokane to visit friends and patted myself on the back for my positive changes. I met up lastly with someone who didn't have my best interests in mind, he fed me cocktails and I continued to drink myself into oblivion until I decided to head home to Newport. I don't remember most of the evening or the arrest. Calling the police on me not only saved the lives of anyone I could have collided with that night, but your actions positively changed my life as well. In the midst of a very long, expensive, and embarrassing court/legal proceeding, I threw myself into backpacking, unleashed my suppressed creativity which was held back by years of drinking, and spent six months in hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, walking from Mexico to Canada. In other words, I was able to turn my life in a better direction by positively dealing with the terrible situation I put myself in, but it's all directly connected to your actions. So... Thank you. You did the right thing, and I'm very appreciative of your decision to do so.

This Week's Playlist: Don't need no splainin' in this household. Jason Isbell is a wordsmith that you need to introduce yourself to if you haven't already. Caught him the other night on Trevor Noah's Daily Social Distancing show. Jason and Amanda almost brought me to tears with the lyrics and musicianship they displayed. Looking for something to get you through these hard times? You could do worse than picking up Reunion.

Ride home: Cheers to the new owner of the City Fuel convenience store on Northwest Blvd. Thank you so much for giving me a ride home after walking to your store when I got caught in the thunder storm on sunday.


Snitches: There was a time when being a tattle tale was a sign of shame. The recent revelation that many citizens of our state had their private information made public who had turned in our neighbors, family and friends for illegally opening their business violating Governor Inslee's order to close. I have zero sympathy for these people. I imagine they see themselves as heroes. These are probably the same people who sit in their underwear in the middle of the night hacking websites. You have no idea who you harmed by "Doing what our governor asked us to." The Brownshirts of Nazi Germany said the same thing when they turned in Jews. These are people trying to feed their families and keep their businesses alive. My parents would say "Mind your own business." Hopefully you've learned your lesson and please don't do it again.

Nodding off father... You got out of jail after 6 months and jumped head first into the world of heroin. You got your stimulus check but forgot to pay your child support. You are still homeless, jobless and now you are breaking my heart again, nodding out on my kitchen table after coming over uninvited. Your daughter defends you, "he is just tired mom" as your eyes roll back in your head and your sunken eyes look so hollow, so slate. No glimmer no shine just dull emptiness. Now I am going to be the bad guy again. This is so unfair! Quit killing yourself. It's killing us too.

Just... ....because you deny it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Your Nose Smells: I used to tell my students that opinions are like noses; we all have one and they all smell. To all you ranting and raving loonies out there, quit thinking your opinions even begin to represent "the truth."

Spring walkers: The "must have" accessory for all Spokane dog walkers this year must be a hot, steaming bag of dog waste tied to your wrist. Nothing like having your morning cup of coffee, looking out your window and watching the local dog worshipper wrestling with scruffy's morning bowel movement... yuk.

Theft: I have moved to Spokane from Colorado and have been super disheartened by the rate of theft. My wallet was stolen from my professional office, my car window was bashed in by the climbing gym and my tax prep ready to mail was stolen along with my dogs medicines, and continuing education that took hours to complete and isn't cheap. Now in the chaos of covid I set my wallet on my car at the veterinarian's office while trying to reload my doggies who are anxious and drove off forgetting the wallet in the chaos (my fault). Didn't realize until I was home (30 minutes away) that I didn't have my wallet upon calling no wallet was recovered, re drove to the route, nothing (it would have fallen onto the road and been obvious). I am losing faith in humanity in this town, it was not turned in and would have been simple with my ID, which links to my professional work number with a quick google search of my name. So disappointed in this town, know there has to be honest people here... but geese... theft gets old. Please be kind, be honest, be extra nice with everyone who is hurting and stressed with the current times, if you find something lost try to return it!!!

Trump 2020: Couldn't beat him at the polls. Couldn't impeach him. But the Red States can continue to be closed which creates many issues which then makes Trump look like the worst President in American history. Sorry but Coronavirus is God's way of controlling the world population.

Clementia: I am sincerely sorry. I am on my healing path now and I am learning as much as I can from my mistakes. I wish you and your family the very best. ♦

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