Cutie Patootie Congressman Armi:
I saw you giving a speech at the BLM protest last weekend and you wore a Vets Against Police Brutality shirt. I thought you were very polished, passionate and poised. My favorite part was the megaphone chants you led in the crowds. Will you be at the next protest? Shutup and take my vote!

Don't stop believing: I, sitting at the airport in Phoenix thinking about the way things have been left between us. I need you to know when I come back I am cutting all the toxic bread crumbing people out of my life. Yes bread crumbing, that's what I imagine what you have been doing as. I know you've played a good game, but I'm the queen and I can't lose my awesome over someone that doesn't want to choose me to run the kingdom. So, if you want me make that call or email. No more excuses will be taken. It's do it or forever be gone. See you in August. Love ME...on a midnight flight to nowhere it's not a train from the late '70s but hey life's a journey right

Make America Great, It Is Not Too Late! "He wanted to make America great! They didn't like him so they state. Let us make him look really bad, That would make us very glad. It didn't work, I tore up my plan. They thought, they thought, what can we do? I know, I know, let us go after you. You put him there, this does include you. Creating a fate destroys the great. No Jobs, no Health, no travel plans. They couldn't get him, so they went after you."

Asplundh Workers:
Cheers to the Asplundh workers in the Perry District this past week. My son has special needs, and when he showed an interest in your trucks and equipment parked outside our house, you took time at the end of your workday to safely show him your gear and machinery. That made his day!

Intense Eyes at Atticus: I want to say cheers to you because you made me feel the summer heat with your intense eyes. I was worried when I was at Atticus on Friday the 19th of June, I was staring at you too much. You were sitting by the glass door on the cafe side. With Covid19 and everything flirting just got weird, and I was wearing a mask, so I wanted to let you know, it's because you are a hot guy. I had steamy thoughts about you since and want you to know you made me very happy it's summer, and therefore you were wearing shorts. You had medium length grayish hair swept over to one side. Cheers to a grrrrrrrrrreaat summer ye shaggy man beast mrowrrrr.

Made My Father's Day: Sorry we don't have your last name, but we cannot begin to thank you enough. Sunday afternoon, while on her way to Sacheen Lake, our daughter hit a moose. A lady stopped to see if she was alright (three other cars passed by before this one). Fortunately, our daughter was not injured. The good Samaritan phoned her father, a mechanic who lived not far away, to check out the car to be sure it was still drivable. He drove to the scene and looked it over and said mechanically the car was O.K. She was able to continue on her way. I hope you see this, Russell. God bless you real good, buddy!

CMR is a Crazy Mother Rucker:
Jeers to the Cathy Karen's of the world. This lady thinks she can tell me what to do with my body? Go Trump Off.

What exactly does SPD do? A derelict motorhome on my block is a hub of drug and theft activity with lowlife coming and going. I live in a school zone across from a park. Cars show up without license plates and all their garbage spills out into the street and sidewalk. I called CrimeCheck and 9-1-1 and so did my neighbors. Not one cop showed up. The criminals are blatant because police do NOTHING! I'm putting the drug and crime problem on the police. They enable this to happen. Where is our tough-on-crime mayor Woodward? Where are my tax dollars going?

re: ARMED CITIZENS: Wrong... what these fools represent is a pathetic group of little men that are unable to keep and satisfy their girlfriends so they compensate with their loud radios, blaster mufflers and their "LONG GUNS." They are always loners and have this need to be seen as some kind of macho man. The business owners do NOT want them downtown parading around with all their military paraphernalia and neither do the patrons of these businesses. That's why we have a police department, sheriff's department and W.S.P. Now....all these morons got their 5 minutes on T.V. and I'm sure they all believe they are superheroes. Tell them to go home and quit intimidating everyone downtown before one of them actually shoots his LONG GUN and someone gets hurt or killed.

RE: "The Least Generation" on 6/18/20: "Vote intelligently and hold those you help elect responsible to fight for the changes you want." That's rich coming from generations of Americans who haven't held a politician accountable since Nixon resigned in disgrace almost fifty years ago. It definitely makes sense to blame people who were either under the legal voting age or not even born yet when Reagan completely dismantled collective bargaining power for the working class, when Clinton outsourced huge swaths of our economy to be replaced with cheap foreign labor through NAFTA, or when George W. Bush spent his entire presidency privatizing and deregulating essential functions of the government so that private businesses get carte blanche access to taxpayer money with no accountability. Voting will solve everything! Especially when only one elected president in the past twenty years has won the popular vote. The number of ballots that were voided in the Washington state presidential primary this year was larger than the margin of victory between Biden and Sanders even with increased voter turnout amongst the younger demographic – oops! At least aspiring local politicians, who are running on the very inspiring and important single-issue platforms of getting rid of sex education in schools, will save the day! How could any young person lose faith in a system like this and resort to civil disobedience? I am willing to bet that anyone telling people to stop complaining and vote doesn't support measures like Election Day becoming a federal holiday and/or mail-in voting because low turnout and voter suppression are needed to maintain the status quo. As long as the electoral college and the two party system exist in this country voting is simply not enough to make the changes we so desperately need.

Blue Lives Matter!! Thank you to all of my fellow patriots in Spokane who are willing to set the record straight and condemn these protesters. I'm glad that some people are brave enough to point out the hypocrisy that when hundreds of instances of unprovoked police brutality against unarmed citizens are recorded on video it is somehow representative of all police officers, but when a handful of people break into our precious Nike store, to steal overpriced shoes made in sweatshops overseas, it's only "a few bad apples." The police deserve our unquestioning submission for their sacrifice and being able to run the fifteen minute mile necessary to become a police officer. I simply cannot believe some people really think that these protesters, who are merely getting brutalized for practicing their first amendment rights, are braver than our countrymen who strapped on their bulletproof vests, grabbed their rifles, and went downtown to defend the local Zip's franchise and Wells Fargo ATM from the very real, and very dangerous, ANTIFA. These protesters dare to insult our laws by saying that they are applied in an extremely discretionary and subjective manner. Who are these triggered snowflakes going to call the next time someone commits a crime against them? They'll be singing a different tune when a hero walking the thin blue line shows up two hours after the fact, shoots a dog because of their trigger-happy victim complex, and goes home to mercilessly beat their spouse. THANK YOU, COPS! ♦

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