Reflection: Reflection. Now is the time that people everywhere take that one opportunity to look up, dig deep, and reflect. "If we are not committed to ensuring that each of us stands as a part of G-d's plan, then: First, they will come for Black people, and some will do nothing because they are not Black. Then they will come for the Latinos, and again some will do nothing because they are not Latino. Soon they will come for Asians, and once more, some will not speak up because they are not Asian. Then they will come for Caucasians, and others will not speak up. Then they will come for indigenous people, the Keepers of the Earth, and once more, some will not speak up because they are not the Keepers of the Earth. Then those who are left will be asked the question. Where is your brother? We are all our brother's keeper. B.L.A.C.K. Lives Matter. When they come for one of us, "HE" has provided the reason we all must speak up." - Dg Garcia

RE: Made My Father's Day: We were right behind your daughter when this happened! We turned around as soon as we could, but luckily 2 other cars stopped already and she was walking around. Glad that she is OK! It was scary to witness, I can't imagine how it was for her.

Last dance: You, a blonde, me a guy in a mask. You came up to me and asked to dance. I responded with I'm not a really good dancer to which you responded with "neither am I just go with it." After the dance you gave me a hug and told me to not forget my worth and then you walked out the door. I am not sure if you realize how much I needed to hear that and I hope you continue to be a beautiful human like that.

SPD - 6/27: I saw you pull up responding to a complaint about a tweeker with 2 minivans overloaded with detritus. A conversation ensued, after which at least one unmarked car and one marked police car rolled up. Six-ish officers confronted said tweeker, whose obeisance was apparently sufficient for you all to leave. After which HE DEALT METH AND OPIODS OUT OF THOSE MINIVANS TO AT LEAST FIVE PEOPLE. One punched a gas station customer's vehicle. A couple ranted at passerby. At least 6 ended up darkening adjacent doorsteps on this otherwise lovely day. How did you not see what was going on?! Was it just a case of no one wanting to deal with those nasty minivans? Didn't care cause it was a white guy? Good work team...

No distance whatsoever: Jeers to all the idiots at Northpoint Walmart early Saturday 6-27-20. Most notably in the pharmacy department. There was a couple in maroon shirts with no masks on touching all the vitamins. Blocking the aisle. I was waiting patiently to enter the aisle at the proper distance. Another guy tried to crowd in with a cowboy bandana and I said loudly that I was waiting for the touchy Feely couple to move on. Cue the clueless old man in a white shirt dark pants on a motor scooter who I thought was trying to pass behind me. Nope-he barged right through nearly running me over!! "Oh I can make it" is what he said. NO YOU CAN'T!! No one should do that. Here's how it's supposed to go. If someone is halfway down the aisle you want you have to wait at the beginning or go get other stuff in other aisles and come back. People in the middle of the aisle when more people show up at the same row as you hurry up and pick what you want so others can file through. Make a list you can even do it on your phone. Don't run people over on motor scooters and don't crowd. WEAR your damned masks!!!! Harvard and Johns Hopkins and a bunch of other prestigious medical places know what they are talking about when they say masks will help stop the spread. VZ

Corona-Wanna-bees: Damn all you Non Mask Wearers. You know who you are! Wearing a mask is not a political nor state government issue. We have a deadly virus amongst us. Disregard your self-centered mentality, or your all about me attitude! Especially the 20-40 yr old idiots. Think about your parents, grandparents and your community, who you can infect with this virus and potentially kill them, due to some knucklehead reason. It's time for businesses to refuse entry or service to selfish, inconsiderate people. Perhaps mask wearers should take pics of the knuckleheads, post them to a shame page. After all they already have signage that's states "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" let's add "No Mask, No Service." Let's keep Spokane healthy.

Why ignore major traffic congestion: Jeers to Spokane traffic planning. Why, why are there no left turn signals at the intersections of Hamilton at Mission and Indiana??? It's always a mess and cars always finally getting to turn when the light turns red. Of course no one ever stops after the light turns yellow. You can also see the countdown on the pedestrian signals. I find it just amazing and crazy.

Costco Friends: To the two unmasked women who paraded around the Valley Costco during the afternoon of June 24th, smirking at the rest of us wearing masks, proudly prancing around: you folks are the reason Spokane County is not moving into Stage 3. If you truly cared about Spokane businesses and helping those out of work get jobs, you'd stop thinking about what you and your buddies call your "civil rights," (which by the way do not cover the right to refuse to wear a mask during a pandemic) and start thinking more about what you can do for your country, county, and city. I'm as healthy as you seem to think you are, but I wear a mask (which I don't find very enjoyable, FYI) because I support the right of everyone to be able to go out into the community and public without the fear of getting sick and I want our economy to go back to normal. I know masks alone won't solve the problem, but it's one small thing I can do to help those most vulnerable not get ill, help the unemployed get back to work, and help businesses reopen to full capacity.

To those who judge: Who gave you the right to judge? YOU cant possibly know the reason why a person is not wearing a face mask in public. For you to judge and just DECIDE they are being selfish is totally arrogant on your part! Do you really believe a mask decides whether you will get a virus, or not? There a some things in life that we DONT control and that is one of them. Next time you see me at Fred Meyer try not to laugh. I will be wearing my Darth Vader mask because that will protect me best of all... and dont judge!

Anti-Maskers: Jeers to the anti-maskers, with their ignorance and arrogance, the gun toting guys with their fragile masculinity and the smug adolescents with their selfish indifference. If C-19 sent only young people to hospitals and cemeteries you can bet their parents and grandparents would gladly mask up to save them. And don't forget the precious well tended Karens who don't want to mess up their makeup. The late comedian Bill Hicks called humans "a virus with legs." These pathetic people are literally giving legs to the Coronavirus. ♦

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